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Monday, August 30, 2010

Martyn's Deal or No Deal Game Report 30/08/10

Noel welcomes to the start of a brand new week, and he says he is still thinking about how long people wait to actually play on the show, and he says at the moment the current contestants have waited a total of over 30 years to play on the show!

Martyn has box 19 today. Martyn is from Wales, and has a few Welsh supporters in the audience today, he has his dad in the audience for support today. Noel says that the Banker hates anyone from South Wales, and also Martyn also works in a bank. We get to see a picture of Martyn's gran, mum and 2 sisters, another is of Martyn's friends, and Noel spots a chap in the picture who looks like current contestant Ian!

Round 1
15 - £15,000 Jayne
1 - £1 Balbina
Newbie Jeff next and he reveals he is practising hypnotherapy at the moment
20 - £250 Newbie Jeff
9 - £50 Justin
6 - 1p Letty

Banker time
What a round says Noel. The Banker says that the Welsh always do this to him and he hates the Welsh He says Martyn is the Welsh Russel Crowe and he always has a problem with Welsh birds

Banker's offer:

Martyn says that is a respectable offer

Martyn says

Round 2
3 - £100 Daphne
21 - £3,000 Rachel
10 - £500 Stephen

Banker time
You are running out of blues says Noel. The Banker says his real problem with the Welsh is they are brave.

Banker's offer:

That is a lot of Money says Martyn, but adds that the board is amazing.

Martyn says

Round 3
12 - £1,000 Caroline
This is magical says Noel
17 - £5 Paul
Martyn offers to rub noses with Noel and at first Noel doesn't want to, but then agrees
5 - £75,000 Dan

Banker time
The Banker says that was Martyn's first big hit and is giving him a lifeline now!

Banker's offer:

Martyn says he wants to ask his dad, but he owes him some money so he doesn't want to His dad says DEAL as that covers what Martyn owes him

Martyn says

Round 4
2 - 50p Max
That is fantastic says Noel.
22 - £35,000 Janet
16 - £20,000 Kenny

Banker time
The Banker says the £250,000 is still there and he has nightmares about the Welsh having that still in play.

Banker's offer:

Martyn says he has been standing on the wings for 22 shows and he has known what to do on every offer that has been made, but it is different now. He talks about how many games he has seen go wrong, but he has also seen some great games. He wonders what the chances are of him taking out his top 3 amounts in one round.

Martyn says

Round 5
7 - £250,000 James
Martyn says he is absolutely gutted now.
11 - £10,000 Allan
14 - £10 Jade

Banker time
The Banker thought Martyn was brave to turn down the last offer, but has shown he is courageous. Martyn points out that there are more reds than blues on the board

Banker's offer:

Noel says that is a very clever offer from the Banker. Martyn says he was once in a bookies and won £100 and that was massive, so he can't believe he turned down £22,000 just now! He goes to his dad for some advice. The Banker calls back and tells Martyn to go home with £18,000 and he will soon forget he turned down £22,000, but go home with a blue and he will never forget!

Martyn says

Round 6 - Proveout round
4 - £750 Mary
Who clapped shouts Noel
13 - £50,000 Ian
8 - 10p Sue

Banker time with £5,000 and £100,000 remaining

Is this going to be one of those classic irony situations says Noel

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Martyn's box 19 and reveals £5,000

Box 18 with Andy contains the £100,000

What a game says Martyn, and Martyn's dad says he will enjoy all the money

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