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Monday, December 04, 2006

Ned's Game Report

Now the £250,000 has finally made it to the 'Pound table' will Noel still waffle on about it? I expect he will today after the early deal from Ingerlise yesterday and will talk about the courage the contestants need in order to win it.

Noel welcomes us to another show and does indeed talk about Ingerlise's game and says it had ruined his weekend!! He also talks about the coincidence of Debbie's game when the £250,000 last appeared and her going away with £15,000 as well!

It's Ned's turn to take the 'Walk of Wealth' today and he does so with box 9, Ned has his partner Becky in the audience with him today for support. It's quite a short intro, which could mean an interesting game today!

Round 1
8 - £20,000 It's OK says Ned
19 - £1 cheers for the first blue of the game
12 - £50
1 - £10
21 - £100 Newbie Jenny

Ned says that is a fantastic opening round as the power 5 is still intact, and Noel says 'Let battle commence'!

The banker says that Ned has been the best offer predictor of all time, and is a formidable foe, he is going to tell Noel the opening offer and if Ned gets it right he will DOUBLE it!!! He is going to give Ned £1,000 leeway either side to get it right. Ned goes to Becky for her advice and she says £13,000 - Ned predicts £14,000! Noel reveals that the banker offered £12,000! So the offer doesn't get doubled, Ned says NO DEAL.

Round 2
15 - £100,000
5 - £250,000 Disaster as the 2 top power 5 go!!!!
13 - £3,000

It's a horrible round for Ned and he says he has re-adjusted now and is aiming at the £75,000. The banker says if the £250,000 was still there he thinks Ned would have gone all the way, he is still playing with Ned and makes the same offer of allowing Ned to guess and he will double if he gets it right. Ned guesses £6,000 this time and is spot on, the offer is now doubled to £12,000, Ned says NO DEAL.

Round 3
14 - £500
3 - 10p
20 - £15,000 It's OK says Ned

Noel says that Ned is hitting his safety net, but to remain positive. The banker makes the same offer again to Ned in predicting the offer and having the chance to double it, Noel shows us the banker's offer he wrote in the book which is £8,200 - Ned has to get within £500 of this for it to double up, Ned guesses £9,000 and misses out by £300! The offer therefore remains at £8,200, Ned says NO DEAL.

Round 4
2 - £750
11 - £35,000 Groans for the lowest of the power 5
4 - £50,000 'Ouch' says Noel and Ned says it was a killer

It's another horrible round for Ned who says it's all or nothing now as the £75,00 is very isolated. The banker calls and changes the rules of his little sub-game with Ned, if Ned gets this guess wrong by over £500 the banker will offer NO MONEY and only the chance of a box SWAP with another remaining box!!! Ned predicts £5,200, Noel reveals the banker's offer was £7,500, Ned was wrong and doesn't get a money offer now, but the chance to swap his box 9 with any remaining box in play! Ned takes the chance to swap his box and chooses box 22 as his box now.

Round 5
Noel now wonders when Ned will take out box 9 his original box
6 - £5,000
7 - £10,000
Ned decides on 9 now!!!
9 - £250 The studio goes wild!!

Noel tells everyone to calm down as it's not all over yet and that Ned could have swapped for the 1p! The banker says that his offer is massive in the circumstances, he now makes Ned the offer of guessing correctly within £500 and then in the next round Ned will get an offer after EVERY BOX is opened! This is a first for the UK show and takes a similar format to the US version where later on in the game the contestants get an offer after EVERY box rather than having to wait until 3 have been opened. Ned predicts £15,000 which is SPOT ON!!! He now has the decision to DEAL for the £15,000, or take a chance and get an offer after EVERY box in the next round. Ned goes to Becky for advice on whether to deal for the £15,000, she says YES deal, although Ned appears to want to go on, Ned asks if she is sure a few times more before finally saying DEAL.

We get the proveout round now with offers after EVERY box!!!

Round 6 - Proveout round
16 - £5 The offer would have been £19,000
17 - 50p The offer would have been £25,000
10 - 1p

Ned would have produced the perfect round had he played on and would have left a final 2 of £1,000 and £75,000, the banker would have offered £37,000, Ned says he would have said DEAL at that point.

Noel opens Ned's box 22 and it contains £75,000! Ned had made a perfect swap when given the opportunity in the game, which stuns the whole studio... Box 18 contains the £1,000

This game gave us a very unique and entertaining show with a few interesting twists, the mini prediction game provided an added element to Ned's game and threw up further twists along the way. The twist at the end of a banker's offer after every box was an interesting concept following other international versions of Deal or No Deal, although I'm not sure that it would be a good idea to use the format too often in the UK game.

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