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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Adie's Game Report

Noel introduces today's game from a very festive dream factory, the whole studio has got its Christmas decorations up. There are Christmas trees around the studio, and the wings are trimmed in holly, and the boxes are dressed up as presents with ribbons and bows. Noel talks about the special game of Lynsey's on Friday with the marriage proposal and the courageous decision to go all the way and win £20,000.

It's Adie's turn to take the walk of wealth today and he does so with box 5, he has his wife Barbara in the audience with him for support today.

Round 1
2 - £10,000
1 - £250
20 - £100
22 - £250,000 Total silence in the studio
3 - £50

Noel says he had a great Saturday and was very naughty!!! The banker didn't like the weekend as he was seeing all the Christmas decorations going up!! He then offers £7,100, Adie says it's a good offer but NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - 50p Big cheers all around
19 - 1p Bigger cheers
Noel says that Adie can go in the hall of fame for taking out the 3 lowest values in one round, but he or his stats people forget about Melanie who took out all the penny values in one round!
21 - £5 Big cheers

Adie gets a nice all blue round and Noel says the banker should be concerned now. The banker wants to know Donna's thoughts on the game so far, she says it's in Adie's favour and Noel has a pop at her lack of in depth analysis!! The banker then offers
£16,100, WOW says Adie, Wrighty says it's a great offer as well, as does Danny. Adie says NO DEAL.

Round 3
6 - 10p Big cheers for the lowest remaining blue
Adie goes to the baby faced assassin next - Joey!! Noel is a little worried
8 - £3,000 It's alright says Noel as Joey delivers a low red
17 - £750 Big cheers for yet another blue

Adie says he is enjoying it now, Noel asks can Adie produce another great round and HE forgets how to count to 3!!! Who's going to write on Noel's hand? The banker calls and asks to speak to Adie and tells him to write 1,2,3 on his hand!! He then offers £23,100.

The banker is worried about the group of tightly packed reds, Adie says WOW again. Adie goes to his wife who says that Adie knows what he has to do. GK tells Adie that he thinks he should go for a sweep, he does and Donna gets picked out again for her opinions!! Most say it's a fantastic offer, but it's also a fantastic board. Adie says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Noel says we now have to open 3 boxes!!
18 - £100,000 BIG groans all around
7 - £35,000 another of the power 5 goes!
13 - £1 BIG cheers for the blue

Noel says we are all comfortable apart from the banker, the banker says he's comfortable as he saw the fire in Adie's eye go when the £100,000 went. The banker now sees Adie as a player and is taking him seriously, he offers £15,000. Adie goes to Jim for advice, he says he doesn't want to see him crash and burn, Simon says it's a great offer and the blues are going to be harder to find from now on, Donna says don't ask me! Adie says DEAL.

Noel asks Adie if that surprised him, he says it did, the camera pans to Adie's wife who is very emotional so that seemed to mean a lot to her. Noel does the chicken impression!!!! And wonders if it was a round too soon!

Round 5 - Proveout round
9 - £75,000 Big applause as the highest amount goes
14 - £15,000
12 - £50,000 BIG CHEERS

It's almost the perfect proveout round and Noel says that was an amazing round, the banker would have offered £1,500. Adie says he would have been in tears at that point but would have played on.

Round 6 - Proveout round
16 - £10
10 - £1,000
15 - £500

That round would have been a good recovery round leaving a final 2 values of £20,000 and £5,000. The banker calls and would have offered £10,000, Adie says he would have played on there.

Noel opens Adie's box 5 and reveals £20,000! There was a shout of yes there from a confused pilgrim! Box 11 contains the £5,000. The game ended with a rather flat atmosphere in the studio as yet again the £20,000 appears on the pound table!

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