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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Maggie's Game Report

Another day in the dream factory, will the banker have any more surprises for us today after all the twists and turns in Ned's game yesterday? Noel introduces the show and runs through Ned's unique game yesterday and the fun and games the banker played.

It's Maggie's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today and she has box 9, she has her husband Tommy in the audience for support. Maggie has been the Mc. Mummy for the contestants and has been the supplier of numerous Mc Cuddles for the contestants throughout her stay on the show. We learn a little about Maggie's family's bakery business.

Round 1
Maggie says it looks HUGE from here! Referring to the board!!
4 - £3,000
2 - £100
19 - £1,000
7 - £10 Maggie is loving this start and we get loads of 'woooows'
13 - 1p BIG SHOUTS AND SCREAMS from Maggie!

It's a brilliant start says Noel, the banker comments about box 9 being on the table for 3 days in a row and £15,000 being won the previous times, he says Maggie will also go away with £15,000 today. He makes an opening offer of £12,500. Maggie is very impressed with the offer, Noel talks about facial hair and Maggie says that Tommy used to have hair like Noel in the 70's!! Noel pretends to be offended by the comment and retorts with 'take the offer and clear off!!!' Maggie says NO DEAL

Round 2
18 - £750 more screams of joy from Maggie
8 - £5,000
12 - £1

WOW says Maggie as the board looks fantastic with a block of 8 nice reds grouped together. The banker notices that Maggie claps silently and we learn that it's because Maggie broke her wrist in the summer, he then offers £15,000. The banker makes the offer of £15,000 as the last 2 shows have produced £15,000 winners with box 9, Maggie says NO DEAL.

Noel starts to jinx the next round by saying historically after a NO DEAL it all starts to go wrong, but all the contestants stop him before he can finish!

Round 3
11 - 50p
The banker calls and tries to jinx the round by saying it will be amazing if Maggie produces an all blue round!!
15 - £35,000 BANKER!!!
1 - £50,000 Newbie GK

Noel blames the banker for jinxing the round, the banker is convinced the game is turning now and offers £13,500, Maggie says NO DEAL.

Round 4
3 - £20,000 a few gasps for yet another high red
10 - £75,000 Oh NO!! says Maggie
The banker calls mid-round again! And says wouldn't it be awful if the next box was the £250,000! Noel gets Maggie to cover her ears while he tells us this!
14 - 10p The banker doesn't manage to jinx the round!

A nice finish to the round and it's stopped the rot says Noel, just as Maggie starts to say 'I'll have....' Noel shouts NOOOOOO and stops Maggie almost picking another box! The banker calls and mentions GK as the goalkeeper, he then offers £12,500. Maggie has a little chat with hubbie Tom, he tells Maggie that he thinks there is another deal in the board and everyone agrees, Maggie says NO DEAL.

Round 5
22 - £100,000 OH NO!!!! says Maggie and the studio falls silent....
16 - £50 BIG CHEERS for the blue
20 - £250,000 GASPS all around

It's horrible round for Maggie, and with the £15,000 still remaining can this game go the same way as the previous 2? Now that would be spooky if the same box three days in a row produced the same win three days in a row! The banker calls and offers £1,999, Maggie says she is going for the £15,000 now and NO DEAL.

Round 6
6 - £10,000 The backup goes.....
21 - £250
5 - £15,000 A total crash and burn says Noel!

It's time for the banker with £500 and £5 remaining on the board, the banker calls and makes a final offer of £100, Maggie says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Maggie the chance to swap her box 9 with the remaining box 17, Maggie says she has always said she would never swap, but hubbie says swap. Maggie takes the offer of the swap and now has box 17 sat in front of her. Noel opens box 17 and reveals the £500, box 9 has the £5.

Maggie says she is disappointed with the result, but at least the £500 will buy everyone a drink.

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