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Friday, December 08, 2006

Lynsey's Game Report

A rather cheeky intro from Noel today, and a loud purple/blue shirt to compliment it as well!! Noel talks about Mike's emotional game from yesterday, and his great swap and win over the banker.

It's Lynsey's turn at the 'Pound Table' today and she has box 14, Lynsey says she had a bit of trouble taking the walk of wealth as she had her slippery shoes on! Lynsey has her partner Martin in the audience with her today for support and we learn that she would like to put a deposit on a house, so there is a possible financial target.

Noel asks Martin to join Lynsey at the table for a chat, and then makes a special announcement and PROPOSES to Lynsey, Noel asks Lynsey if it's a DEAL or NO DEAL!! Lynsey says DEAL. Another first for the show, congratulations Lynsey and Martin.

Round 1
1 - £1,000
11 - £100 Cheers for Danny's low box and Noel says he could be a pageboy at the wedding!
15 - £10 Great intro to the newbie Neil
3 - £5
7 - £1

Noel says it's a great opening round and then the banker calls and says that one in 3 marriages end in divorce!! He then makes an opening offer of £15,000. Noel asks would it be a good idea to quit now with a strong opening offer? Lynsey says NO DEAL.

Round 2
18 - £500
16 - 50p
4 - £250,000 OH NO!!!

The fairy tale ends says Noel, the banker says he doesn't want to be a killjoy all the time and has a gift for Lynsey and Martin - It's a bottle of Champagne on ice, Lynsey says she is going to save the champagne for when she opens box 14 at the end. The banker offers £11,500, Lynsey says it's a good offer and Simon agrees, he also says that more reds are going to be hit now, Wrighty says it's a good offer as well and Noel picks on him for being miserable!!! Lynsey says NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - £250
10 - 1p Big cheers for the 1p, that's better says Lynsey
12 - £35,000 mixed reaction for the lowest of the power 5

Noel says it's still an amazing board, the banker wants to know how many guests will be at the wedding, Martin says it depends on how much he offers! He then offers £17,500, the offer receives applause and Martin says it's a very good offer, and that Lynsey could start hitting lots of reds now. Lynsey turns to the pilgrims who shout NO DEAL. Lynsey says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Martin says that it will be very unlucky now to hit the entire top 3, and Noel says he has been told off for saying that in the past, he then takes Martin outside of the studio for jinxing the round!!!

Lynsey wants a quickie while Martin is outside!!!!
13 - £3,000
6 - £15,000
19 - £5,000

Noel says the board is looking very healthy at the moment and Lynsey says she is very happy with the board as well. The banker has been looking at his stats again and the average wedding costs £12,000 and the average honeymoon £5,000. He offers £22,000, Lynsey says it's a fantastic offer but there are big sums still on the board and loads of back-up as well. Martin says sat at home that is a NO DEAL, but it looks different sat in front the board, but he still thinks it's a strong board though, Lynsey says NO DEAL. Noel says that was a very brave decision.

Round 5
17 - £50,000 groans for that one
21 - £50
8 - £100,000 OH NO!! says Noel

The banker says he enjoyed that round and then offers £751, then Noel adds with £11,000 in front!!! So it's £11,751, Noel says it's at the point now where you have to decide if you are going all the way, Lynsey says NO DEAL.

Round 6
20 - 10p
9 - £75,000 the highest value goes and Martin says he wanted to keep that box after it was opened!!!
5 - £10,000

That round leaves a final 2 amounts of £750 and £20,000. It's all or peanuts now says Noel, although he also says that the banker will be cruel with where he pitches this offer. The banker calls and makes a final round offer of £5,000, Lynsey says NO DEAL.

Noel opens Lynsey's box 14 and reveals £20,000, the whole studio goes wild with delight as the amount is revealed, box 22 contains the £750.

This was another great game with another first for the show of a marriage proposal.

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