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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Mike's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory, and says he is looking for a courageous player today who can play the game giving us the chance of a £250,000 win.

It's Mike's turn in the crazy chair today and he has box 2, he used to be a butcher but is unemployed at the moment.

Noel asks about Mike's tingly wingly feelings that he gets from the boxes! Noel says he has feelings as well, like he knows when the phone is going to ring!!!! We see a pic of Mike with this partner, and he also has a couple of lucky charms from his family.

Round 1
19 - £10
12 - £35,000 Newbie Wendy gets a welcome before receiving groans for the lowest power 5
20 - 50p BIG cheers for the low blue
15 - £1,000 Joey the baby faced assassin produces a lower value
1 - £3,000

Noel says this could be interesting as the banker is confident this week, the banker is complaining that he hasn't had a kiss all year, although he did go out on a date last night and his date is still in the shower!!! The banker doesn't offer Mike any money for the first offer, instead he is giving Mike the chance to test out his Tingly Wingly feelings by having the chance to swap his box 2 with any remaining box in play. Mike agrees to take offer of a swap and uses his Tingly Wingly powers to check every box to see if he can get a feeling off any box, Mike wants to swap for box 11. Noel swaps box 2 for box 11

Round 2
Mike picks box 2 straight away and it gets a great reception
2 - 1p What a fantastic swap
Noel says that is one his favourite moments in the whole shows history!
18 - £750 Cheers and a C'mon from Mike
17 - £250 more cheers

A wonderful all blue round for Mike and the banker is beginning to believe in Mike's Tingly Wingly powers, he is now shaken!! He makes his money offer of the game with £22,000. The offer receives gasps from the pilgrims and Mike says it is a very respectable offer, Simon says that is a very serious offer but Mike is having a great game, Mike says NO DEAL.

Round 3
16 - 10p
8 - £75,000 Groans for another of the power 5
5 - £1

The banker says Mike is a remarkable man, and he feels more worried from Simon's comment now, he makes an offer of £26,500. Mike again thanks the banker for another great offer and goes to Brian for some advice, Brian tells Mike to think carefully about the offer and what the money can do for him at the moment. Mike tells everyone that it's really hard when sat in the Crazy Chair before telling Noel DEAL.

Mike apologises for backing out but he couldn't risk it, Noel asks Mike if he would like to share his reasons but Mike gets very emotional so Noel calls a break for Mike to compose himself. After the break Noel talks about the emotional game that Mike has produced, and Mike tells us what the win means for him, it will allow him to put a deposit on a house so his boy can have his own bedroom and also buy him some gifts.

Round 4 - Proveout round
10 - £500
13 - £15,000
21 - £50,000

The banker would have offered £21,000.

Round 5 - Proveout round
22 - £10,000
6 - £5
4 - £250,000 BIG CHEERS all around

The banker would have offered £11,000 and it starts to look as though Mike has made the perfect deal.

Round 6 - Proveout round
9 - £100,000 Fantastic
14 - £5,000
3 - £100

It's time for the banker with £20,000 and £50 remaining, he would have offered £6,500, Mike says he would have dealt there.

Noel opens mike's box 11 and reveals £20,000, box 7 contains £50.

Mike makes the perfect deal at the perfect time and beats the banker in another exciting and entertaining game, it also proved to be an emotional game, which Noel clearly didn't expect at the start when Mike was picked. It was also interesting how compassionately Noel was in this game with the early deal as opposed to the way he reacted in Ingelise's game with a similar early deal...

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