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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sharron's Game Report

Sharron steps up to the 'pound table' today, hoping to make it three big wins over the banker in a row. Noel greets her in another very bright summer shirt!! We find out that Sharron is a double-glazing salesperson and swiftly informs her he doesn't need any!!! Sharron has box 10 today and her husband is in the audience to give support.

Round 1
Sharron informs Noel she will use her lottery numbers to help select her boxes today

7 - £15,000 New player Billy opens his box to groans from the audience
9 - £250 cheers for that one
14 - £50,000 'oooohhss' all round - Noel says the audience need to sort out their noises and Sharron decides to drop her lottery number strategy
11 - £100,000 Even bigger 'oooohhhsss'
12 - £10,000

Not a great start there and the banker phones and says he enjoyed that round before Noel interrupts and mentions the 'pasting' that he took over the past few days. The banker offers Sharron £870 which is a play on Lance's win yesterday of £87,000. Sharron surprisingly calls her husband down to consult on the decision and then declares NO DEAL.

Round 2
2 - £5,000
19 - £100 the blue is met with great cheers
4 - £35,000 more groans from the audience
Sharron cannot seem to stop hitting a large number in each round.

Noel tells the banker that Sharron has fantastic timing in that she has avoided numerous disasters around the world while travelling, the banker offers £4,500 and informs Sharron to use her timing skills to leave now with that offer. Sharron asks the audience for some advice and one attractive young lady pipes up DEAL, Noel singles her out and the banker phones back to ask for her phone number, Noel says that he wouldn't mind her number either... Sharron decides to NO DEAL

Round 3
18 - £5
21 - £3,000
20 - £250,000

Banker makes an offer of £1,313 based on Sharron's run of bad luck in the game. Noel goes back to the young lady in the audience for advice again, this time she says to NO DEAL - Sharron agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Sharron asks her husband to pick a box this time as she is having no luck
17 - 10p her husband delivers
1 - £50
Sharron asks the contestants if they feel they have a blue number in their box, there is not a lot of response apart from one who says he thinks his is blue'ish... Noel returns to the young lady in the audience yet again for advice and she says to go with box 22, he then gives her a slip of paper to which she asks is it Noel's phone number. Noel retorts back that does she think he would give out his phone number to her on a TV and asks her to read it out, it reads 'It's time for a break'

After the break Sharron goes with the audience member’s choice of
22 - 50p

Sharron comments that the board is starting to even up now, Noel makes a similar comment to the banker who in turn offers £3,131 which is the last offer with the numbers flipped. Sharron very quickly says NO DEAL.

Round 5
16 - £1,000 Spookily Ashley predicts an almost blue which is what Noel calls the £1,000
3 - £500
Sharron again lets her husband choose the next box.
6 - £75,000 her husband apologises

The banker phones very quickly and offers £950, Noel asks all the contestants for their opinions and it's NO DEAL all round. Sharron agrees and says NO DEAL.

Round 6
5 - £750
8 - £10 greeted with cheers and whistles from the audience
15 - £1 Big cheers again

With 1p and £20,000 left Sharron says she doesn't mind what she wins as she can't really loose now, she will either walk away with £20,000 or be famous in the 1p club.

The Banker calls and offers £3,000, this relates to a comment Sharron made earlier in the show where she said she hadn't come along to go away with £3,000.

Sharron gives a little speech to the audience saying she will be happy with whatever the outcome is of the game and not to be unhappy for her if she wins the 1p.

Sharron tells Noel NO DEAL

The banker phones and Sharron asks if she can take the call, she does and before the banker can say anything she quickly says 'No I don't want the swap thankyou' and hangs up on him!!!!

Noel opens box 10 to reveal 1p, and Sharron becomes the 8th member of the 1p club which is becoming not so exclusive now.....

Box 13 is opened to reveal £20,000, in an unlucky game the box with an unlucky number would have given a lucky outcome!!!

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