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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lance's Game Report

After the superb game from Nick yesterday we hope for a repeat or even better result today. Noel greets us to the dream factory wearing another of his summer shirt collection and mentions Nick's great win of yesterday before discovering that today's contestant is Lance. Lance makes his way down the walk of wealth but drops his photos on the way, which are rescued by Noel. Lance was a novelty producer and produces a 'fart machine' much to Noels amusement - this is set to be a hilarious game, hopefully also a wealthy game for Lance. During the introduction Noel disappears off set and reappears with a bowler hat!!! With the lucky that was produced on Mondays show could be a theme that will run through the whole series.

Round 1
17 - 1p great start gets a big cheer all around
5 - £750
3 - 10p
14 - £15,000 mixed reactions on this box
8 - £10,000 produces an 'OUCH' from Lance

The banker mentions that Lance is his doppelganger and wonders if Lance will be able to second-guess him, Lance wonders if the banker is actually an old school friend of his!! After much banter and Noel being creased up in hysterics the Banker makes an offer of £10,000 to which Lance says 'Right see ya' in a fake 'Deal', after a little banter he says NO DEAL.

Round 2
6 - £3,000
9 - £100
16 - £5

The banker makes an offer of £25,000 which is received with much applause from the audience and 'Splendid offer' from Lance. Lance ponders for a while before saying NO DEAL.

Round 3
15 - £250,000
12 - £5,000
2 - £500

The banker offers £12,500 which is almost immediately NO Dealed

Round 4
1 - £35,000
13 - £10
19 - £50,000 Ouch - Lance chose box 18 before this, but changed his mind after the break - hopefully it won't come back to haunt him.....

The banker makes an offer of £9,600 which Lance doesn't even consider and chooses his next box before Noel pulls him up and says he needs to answer the question first!! Lance replies NO DEAL...

Round 5
18 - £20,000 greeted with groans....
10 - 50p
20 - £1,000

Noel answers the banker wearing the bowler hat and receives some wolf whistles from the audience. The banker makes an offer of £17,500 to which Noel says that with him wearing the lucky bowler hat and Lance having a sniff of the lucky teabag that was used in earlier shows he could go onto wonderous things. Lance ponders on this for a while and then says he 'is feeling lucky' followed by 'NO DEAL'.

Round 6
21 - £250 cheers all round
11 - £50 even more cheers and Lance says it's now getting exciting!!!
4 - £1 produces an incredible response from the whole studio

Lance produces an incredible all-blue round and leaves the £100,000 and £75,000 on the board.

The Banker makes an offer of £87,000. Noel asks Lance if he is 'loaded', he replies he used to be but has lost some significant amounts in the past and both the amounts on the board are huge amounts of money as is the offer. After mentioning that the money would help his daughters get onto the property ladder he announces that he will DEAL for £87,000.

Noel opens Lance's box 22 to reveal the £100,000, so Lance sells his box short but produces an amazing and VERY entertaining game. I am sure there will be debates that rage on for a long as to whether Lance should have taken the gamble on the last offer as it was almost in the middle of the two large amounts left, but Lance provided fantastic entertainment and I don't think many will disagree with that.


Wendwill said...

Thank heaven for this site. I only discovered it after desparately searching to find out what was in Lance's box after my video cut out just as Noel was about to lift the lid!

Phil Reynolds said...

Lance was very entertaining to watch and came out with some great (and only just broadcastable at teatime) one-liners. My favourite was when Lance at a tense moment(and after some earlier comment about 'the smell of fear') said, "Smell it? I'm sitting in it!"

leo said...

Fabulous,courageous,entertaining game. Congratulations Lance.

Anonymous said...

Whats his second name? Someone please tell me....

Anonymous said...

Is there a video link to this, It sounds good.