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Monday, August 28, 2006

Lindsay's Game Report

Well we are finally back after the summer break for a new series of Deal or No Deal. Sorry for the very late game summary today, but I ran into some nice Bank Holiday motorway traffic which totally upset the plans for the whole day, tomorrows game summary should be put up at a far more respectable time.......

Noel welcomes us back with a quick recap of series one with Jennifer's £120,000 win and the seven members of the 1p club.

Lindsay plays the first game of series 2 and comes to the 'pound table' with box number 3.

Lindsay shows her pics of her mum, dad and son - we are also introduced to her friend in the audience.

Well here we go...

Round 1
20 - £5
15 - £100
19 - £250,000
22 - £20,000
21 - 1p

Not a great start to series 2 with the £250,000 going in the first round, how will the banker start the new series?

Banker informs Noel that his files on the contestants have been damaged in a flood and the only surviving part of Lindsay's file is 'Lindsay is very s....'

The banker then makes an opening offer of £5,000

Lindsay says 'No Deal'

Round 2
13 - £5,000
8 - £1

Lindsay calls the Ad break

Back from the break and the final box before the banker is...

10 - £35,000

Banker informs us the 's' stood for sarcastic in Lindsays's file and makes an offer of 1p!!!!

He then phones back and makes the real offer of £8,500

Lindsay says 'No Deal'

Round 3
17 - £10,000
7 - 10p
16 - £50

Banker's offer - £12,500

After asking the audience for advice Lindsay says 'No Deal'

Round 4
2 - £50,000
6 - £1,000

Lindsay chooses box 12 next, but a break is called before we can see the contents

Back from the break and Lindsay has changed her mind and now want s box 1, it contains 50p.

Banker sticks with his previous offer of £12,500.....

All the contestants on the wings say there is one more deal on the board and Noel then does a first for the show and takes Lindsay OUTSIDE of the studio to ask a member of the public what Lindsay should do!!!

Noel has spoken in previous interviews that he would love to take a contestant outside of the studio and stop a bus to ask what the contestant should do, well he has now achieved this ambition and escorts Lindsay through the studio car park and out onto a main road. He flags down a passing cyclist and explains the situation of the gameboard and the offer made by the banker, the cyclist weighs up the situation and says that Lindsay should No Deal. Noel thanks the cyclist and then makes his way back into the studio with Lindsay, on the way back he stops to ask on of the studio security guards their opinion as well... They also say No Deal

Lindsay takes everyones advice and says 'No Deal'

Round 5
13 - £75,000
4 - £250
14 - £15,000

The banker phones and says that he went outside and asked a passing cyclist what his offer should be and they said £7,000, so that's what he offers.....

Lindsay says No Deal and we have an 'all or nothing' game now....

Round 6
5 - £100,000 Oh dear......
11 - £3,000
12 - £750

We are now treated to a new feature for the new series and all the previous offers are shown on the screen, this would be a great feature if was done for all the previous rounds.

Banker offers - £200

Lindsay says No Deal and opens her box number 3 and reveals £500

Box 9 has the £10

Not a great start winnings wise for the new series, but a couple of 'interesting' features in the first show with Noel taking the contestant outside the studio and the previous offers captions. We will have to watch tomorrow to see if there are any other subtle changes.

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