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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mally Welburn's Biography

Ex-contestant Mally Welburn has written his first book of a trilogy detailing his life, this biographical account tells the story of a boy who survived a childhood of neglect and abuse. Mally is a well-known West Hull character who last year won £54,000 on Deal Or No Deal

Mally has written a brief outline of his biography below

Visit Mally's website to find out more and also to order your own copy of the book.

Well over 3 years ago when I was at the lowest point of my life when I thought I had lost everything business wise, I sat in a derelict building, lost everything, living in there really made me think what's it all about and what and were are you going, what road do you take and what went wrong, and were are you from and whys it all go wrong.

So you sit at an out of date computer and with one finger start tapping away well I started with, were am I from. Am one of 8 lads also am a twin, they say my father should of breed rabbits in the end he did, also my mother could not cope with the loss of her only daughter in a fire at the age of 2, Susan would have been the 3rd oldest, well you can imagine what life must of being like in the 50's your mother and father trying for that other child to be a girl, even when mother was expecting twins you would of thought one of them would have been a girl.
Well no first of the twins was me Mally and that was over 48 years ago, and to this day my father as never once put his arms round me or give me that support he did my twin the only thing I got off him were severe beatings, and also witness the beatings he gave to my loving mother.

It all started when he would come home from sea as a deep-sea trawler man, my father was a big big man he was feared by most grown men and when he said drink that half a bottle of rum from an early age 7 if not you got a clout and when you got that clout of me dad you soon got the bounce back ability (of the walls then stand up straight and stop frowning what's frowning when your 7 years of age well mother could not cope and I followed my other 5 brothers in to children's homes, approve schools, borstal, detention centres, and finally prison all through alcohol yes booze, who do you blame?

Well I have been down them wrong roads all through fighting when in drink, well at the age of forty I decided to do something about my life and I stopped drinking that was over 8 years ago now.

I started a business with a £1 in my pocket and in my book will tell you all the brick walls I've faced in business, people you thought you could trust, one minute your up the next your down, there is always someone out there trying to have yer pants down, then you go for big brother you get to the very last stages. I tell you all about that in me book, but the most life changing thing that happened to me was when I got the call to say your on Deal or No Deal Mally, well the rest as they say is £54 grand I tell you all about deal or no deal and all the great people along the way, I also was a fisherman for 15 years of my life. The book will tell you how this outcast as fought adversity and I mean adversity to the point I was living among the rats.

I hope the book can inspire others because believe I don't like blowing my own trumpet this is not a book I want to climb to the top of the mountain and shout about, it speaks for its self and others do the speaking for you. It is the fastest selling book in the history of browns book shop in hull please check it out.

It could not of being possible without the win on deal or no deal, I have paid for it all myself and I give a £1 to NSPCC FROM every book sold through my website with the help of Paul and John not forgetting Lisa,so we can help others hopefully don't have to suffer like I did.

Am sorry if I've gone on a bit but I hope you get the chance to read it then you can give me your comments like hundreds have up to now and its not being out 3 weeks.

Visit Mally's website here

You can also order a copy of his book from his website

where £2 from every order goes to NSPCC


Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry if this sounds crass, but this is vanity publishing of the worst kind. Not even this suffices, however: he has to stretch his memoir over three whole volumes.

The complete non-notability of the putative author is such that he needs to explain the content in huge detail (15 words!) on the cover. Thus, the inside can't possibly contain any surprises, and he has even put DOND and his picture on the front because nobody would care otherwise.

I'm sorry Mally's had a hard life, I'm sure he's a nice bloke and I'm glad he's got some happiness now, but from the overkill on the various DOND sites, anyone would swear this was the world's first or greatest book.

Real authors, writing real books, get knocked back all the time. The difference is that they don't usually have £50k to self-publish.

leo said...

I can understand why you'd want to remain anonymous...good luck to you,mally,and may your book and your chosen cause do very well.

Iain said...

I find the best stories are told by those who have lived them, and as for self-publicising: at least 2 million people watched Mally on Deal or No Deal - and he was absolutely 'notable', believe me!

Even someone with half a brain could see that Mally had a story to tell (like so many who have gone on that show) But to me what is most remarkable is that he was so driven to tell this story that he sat at a computer and tapped it out with two fingers knowing full well that it would not be in good English, just hoping that people could see through the fog.

In WWII thousands of people gave their lives for freedom of speech, I just don't think they had the wanker at the top of this comments list in mind.

Steve said...

As an unpublished novelist, I think I have a degree of sympathy with the views at the top, although maybe they're a bit strong.

There have been a lot of "please love me, I've had a hard life" books since Dave Pelzer started it all off. Lots of them have been written by presenters, actors or singers who are familiar to the public. To be honest I can't disagree that game show contestants aren't in the same league. I certainly wouldn't try to sell my first novel because I've been on a quiz show.

I'm sorry that Mally's had a hard life too, but to be honest I wouldn't really want to read about it either. And I do accept that lots of people write good books which never see the light of day because the publishing industry is dominated by trivial (auto)biographies about people who aren't famous or who've only been post-pubescent for five minutes and can't possibly have anything interesting to say (Sharon Osborne, Wayne Rooney etc.). For flip's sake, it took Joseph Conrad seven whole years to write Catch 22 yet he's still below Jade Goody's Lardyarse Workout (or whatever the flip she's vomited up now) in the bestseller lists.

I don't know if it's vanity publishing or not, but my friend Helen (who reviews books for a national broadsheet) gets sent hundreds of vanity books every year by people who see her byline and want a review in print. I've read some of the books, many of which are hilariously bad. Hilarious or not, almost all of them stink which - surprise! - is why nobody else will publish them.

That said, people are free to do what they like with their shekels. They can get something published, or even buy Mally's book if they want to.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mally talks about Noel Edmonds in the book and his unnaturally tight jeans. When is Mr Blobbys bio due out? Can't wait.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mally touches on the issue of Noel Edmonds and his unnaturally tight jeans in the book. Should be interesting to get an insiders view. When is Mr Blobby's bio due out? Can't wait!

Mally's No.1 Fan said...

I've read Mally's book and I love him. I have a Mally room in my house, and have made myself Mally t-shirts, mugs and mouse mats. Me and my friend Ricky suggested we have a special 'Mally Day' at our work, but we got sacked before it took off. If Mally asked if he could come to tea at my house, I would say 'Deal' without hesitation! Go Mally!!

Karen said...

Big up Mally! To have survived that kind of life let alone write about it takes guts in the extreme. Winning that money was the icing on a well overdue cake.

Beryl Urquhart said...

Since these comments were published, Mally, my No.1 best loved and trusted friend has more than demonstrated his guts and determination to succeed. His second book is nearing completion, and I for one cannot wait for him to achieve all the success he will so richly deserve in his sales.

Beryl said...

Since these comments were posted, my No. 1. best loved and trusted friend, Mally has more than demonstrated his guts and determination to succeed in all his endeavours. If there are the odd knock-backs, he copes, picks himself up, dusts himself down and gets on with life. The second book is eagerly anticipated and not long to wait now. I know he has a great fan club out there, and so he should !

Anonymous said...

Can't blame anyone for wanting to better themselves. If people are interested in his story, and it's evident they are, then Mally should make the most of it.

Beverly said...

I have just finished watching Mally on the Weakest Link he seems like a really nice guy, anyone that has lived through abuse and come out the other side with a sense of humour deserves all the luck in the world. I will certainly be buying Mally's books.