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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mark's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/03/12

Mark has Box 19 today. Mark Coleman is from Derby, and is a former bin-man who now sells inflatables, such as bouncy castles and slides, for hire. He has a photo of his daughter, and has his mum and step-dad in the audience for support.

Round 1
Box 1 with Lucy - £50
Box 2 with Becky - £15,000
That's all right, says Mark.
Box 20 with Jan - £5
Noel randomly asks Mark if he blows the inflatables up himself.
Box 18 with Phyl - £1,000
Box 8 with Antonia - 10p

Banker time...
The Banker says he and Mark are polar opposites. He says the difference between DOND and a bouncy castle is you take your shoes off before you go on a bouncy castle!

Banker's offer:

Mark says:

Noel says Mark has trained a parrot to say NO DEAL!

Round 2
Box 7 with Joan - £100,000
First big hit, says Noel. Mark tells of how his grandmother passed away, but then forgets the rest of the story!
Box 10 with Wade - £35,000
Not another game like this, says Noel.
Box 16 with Niko - £500

Banker time...
The Banker says he is roaring with laughter after Mark forgot his grandmother's name!

Banker's offer:

Mark finally remembers his grandmother's name! The Banker ups the offer!

Banker's offer:

The Banker says he needs the toilet, so would Mark please hurry up!

Mark says:

Round 3
Noel starts breathing heavily, imitating Mark, and Mark gets put off!
Box 11 with Kelly - £10
Noel says it's ironic that Mark is breathing heavily, as he sells inflatables. The Banker calls and says the tortoise's head is peeping out! Noel starts laughing uncontrollably!
Box 17 with Sam - £100
Box 6 with Kev - £250

Banker time...
Mark says it's his day. The Banker says he just dropped the kids off at the pool!

Banker's offer:

Mark goes to his mum for advice, who says his board is good. Carl says he thinks there's another round in it.

Mark says:

Round 4
Box 13 with Carl - £5,000
Find the penny, says Noel.
Box 9 with Maria - £750
Box 14 with Dan - £75,000

Banker time...
Mark said he had a nervous feeling about that box. Now, says the Banker, Mark has a board that can change in one box.

Banker's offer:

Mark says he'd of instantly asked for the question if he hadn't lost the 75k. He gets some advice from the wings. The Banker says Mark is good at spotting when the offer should stick. He says it is an out-and-out gamble. Dan says the offer will crash if he takes one of the reds. Mark says he'd feel more confident if we'd not had the recent run of bad luck.

Mark says:

Round 5 - proveout round
Mark says he needs the toilet now!
Box 4 with Donna - £1
Box 12 with Craig - 50p
Oh no, says Noel. Don't find the penny, he says.
Box 21 with Martin - £10,000

Banker time...
Not good enough, says Noel. He says Mark was influenced by the games he's seen. The Banker says he could have offered in the high 30s, but the penny drags it down.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout round
Box 5 with Eugenia - £250,000
Eugenia continues her run, says Noel. Mark says she's evil!
Box 22 with Dave - £20,000
Box 15 with Al - £50,000

Banker time with 1p and £3,000 remaining.

The Banker is very cross with Eugenia!

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel reveals 1p in Mark's Box 19!

Box 3 with newbie Bob contains £3,000.

Mark says he feels incredible, and then announces that he is about to become a dad for a second time!

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