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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dan's Deal or No Deal Game Report 22/03/12

Dan has box 5 today. Daniel Adams, from York, has a ludicrously long-winded job title. He works for Leeds Council, supporting people with mental health to gain confidence through physical activity. He eats 5-6 meals per day, apparently, and spends an awful long time at the gym too. "Clearly you're fit, and I mean that in the physical exercise sense," Noel says, before flirting with Dan's significant other!

We see a photo of him shirtless with his partner on holiday, and the Banker phones up right away to jokingly say that he only bought the pic so we could all see his pecs! Also with him - a child's shoe, his first shoe apparently when he was a baby. He's been involved in two house fires, and this is one of the very few things he has left from his childhood, so that's his lucky charm for the game.

Round 1
Dan says he will keep 22 to the end as it's a significant number in his life. 18 and 12 are also to be kept late to the game.
11 - £3,000 Craig
Dan considers Eugenia with 17. He then applies Mally Logic to ask who had the £250k yesterday.
17 - 50p Eugenia
Dan jokes that Wade looks like Tom Daley on steroids! Noel wants this to be the 1p!
1 - £10,000 Wade
8 - £75,000 Bob
16 - 10p Becky

Banker time...
The Banker's first remarks: "Well, at least he kept his top on!" His partner is likened to Nicole Scherzinger, and there's an awful joke about how if she could sing sitting down she'd be Nicole Chairsinger!

More pertinently, the Banker thinks Dan is an excellent board reader, and thinks that there would be an inquiry if he had the £250k after today's introduction!!

Banker's offer:

Dan says that a five-figure offer is always a tempter.

Dan says

Round 2
4 - £750 Paula
3 - £250,000 Kev
Noel jokes at least this means the show will air tomorrow!
20 - £500 Phyl

Banker time...
Noel talks about the run of low amounts on the table. The Banker talks about how Phyl takes a newspaper into the toilet at the hotel! She can't believe anyone was watching her!!

The Banker says the £250k going makes the £75k hit in round 1 more significant.

Banker's offer:

Tutting all round at the offer. Dan points to the mid-red block and suggests that there's "got" to be more than £5,000 at the table (9/14 chance you're wrong, Dan! )

Dan says

Round 3
Dan has an odd anecdote about taking someone's teeth out accidentally with an ironing board! Dave talks up the prospect of a Power 5 on the table, and Noel compares his stance to a vulture!
13 - £15,000 Dave
6 - £20,000 Joan
12 - £5 - newbie Gemma

Banker time
Noel says that one meant a lot to Dan. The Banker thinks this might be taken...

Banker's offer:

Dan says it's very difficult to take the first offer. He sees round 4 as pivotal. Ellie (his girlfriend) says "there's eight blues", then clarifies saying there's "eight low ones" (£1k and £5k count as disposable). Dan considers the possibilities for the next round and the edit is making look like he's given this some thought. Despite having turned down more earlier, he's calling this "the biggest gamble I've ever made".

Dan says

Round 4
19 - £5,000 Niko
Dodgy camera shot meant we only saw the red at first, not the number!
2 - £100 Kelly
21 and 7 are being considered next. Noel suggests that players haven't been confident lately.
21 - £35,000 Antonia

Banker time
Noel describes the 8-box board as "frightening" given the 5-3 colour balance towards the blues. The Banker's interpretation is that Dan's ethos is "feel the fear and do it anyway".

Banker's offer:

Noel muses over the very small drop. Dan wonders if a stick or near-stick suggests it's time to Deal. Maria makes a neutral contribution, and Gemma talks about the regret balance. Dan says he does like to gamble, though of course that's not for these stakes!

Dan says

Round 5 (proveout)
7 - 1p Maria
Dan seems at least as annoyed that he'd have got a much better offer picking that in round 4! Dan thinks the offer might have been £13k - the Banker confirms as much.
14 - £1 Jan
9 - £10 Al

Banker time...
Noel can hardly believe that, and takes several seconds of shocked reaction before he can even approach a guilt trip...

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6
10 - £250 Bastian
15 - £50,000 Alan
Dan says he could deal with taking £7,810 when it could have been £20k, but not if there was a possible £40k.
18 - £100,000 Martin

Banker time with £50 and £1,000 remaining...

The Banker is now annoyed...

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Dan's box 5 to reveal £50

Box 22 with Nichola has £1,000

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