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Monday, March 12, 2012

Keith's Deal or No Deal Game Report 12/03/12

Keith has Box 4 today. Some music accompanies Keith as he takes the Walk of Wealth!

Keith Duffus is from Swindon; he came over from Jamaica, following his wife. He says he likes Swindon, as you can go anywhere else in Britain from it! He has his wife in the audience; Noel talks about their kitchen, and what they do with it. Keith has a photo of his family; he says he wants money to go visit his family in Florida.

Round 1
Box 11 with Dave - £15,000
Al next, and Noel gets him to show his tongue!
Box 14 with Al - £10
Box 19 with Dan - £3,000
Box 9 with Carl - £10,000
15 with Jackie - £1

Banker time...
The Banker says Kirsty's game was irritating, as he went to high too early. He says he won't make that mistake today.

Banker's offer:

Boos for that! Keith calls a vote on whether he should deal or not!

Keith says:

Round 2
Keith starts a chant!
Box 16 with Kelly - £250
Carly next, and Noel chats with her about her dress!
Box 18 with Carly - £5
Keith says he's looking for the 1p!
Box 13 with Joan - £50

Banker time...
Noel says Keith is unreal! The Banker thinks Keith could be an early dealer. Keith ignores him, and does a little dance!

Banker's offer:

Carlos says he thinks Keith has another round in it.

Keith says:

Round 3
The chanting starts again! Keith does a robot dance! Noel talks to Keith about his former job as a college cleaner. Keith does some more dancing as if he was cleaning!
Box 21 with newbie Maria - £5,000
Box 7 with Eugenia - £50,000
Noel says Keith thinks the Banker is not a horrible person, and he sounds like he doesn't have any front teeth!
Box 20 with Sam - £100

Banker time...
The Banker says he does have front teeth, he just doesn't wear them all the time! Keith says he can make shoes! Interesting board, says the Banker. He says he thinks Keith is a cautious player.

Banker's offer:

That's real money, says Keith. His wife is not impressed! Al tells him to weigh it up. Phyl says he should go on, as she wants to have the 1p kiss, because she's never kissed a man with a moustache! The Banker tells Keith not to go on, as we've seen the game go wrong several times.

Keith tells a story of how he tried to bring a chicken home, and it flew out the window! (A reference to Gabbie's game). He says he's trying to find it now! The Banker says Keith's cheese has slid off the cracker! He ups the offer.

Banker's offer:

Keith says:

Round 4
Box 5 with Phyl - £35,000
We don't want two more of those, says Noel.
Box 6 with Niko - 1p
Music plays as Niko comes out for the 1p kiss! Both men drag it out!
Box 17 with Mark - £250,000

Banker time...
Oh no, says Noel. The Banker says that was extremely unlucky. He says he might have offered 20k if that last box had been a blue. However, he now knows he can't get Keith cheap.

Banker's offer:

Keith says he appreciates that. The Banker says no more extra money for the chicken! He ups the offer again.

Banker's offer:

The pilgrims advise Keith to go on. The wingers say they don't want to see Keith win a blue, and that 7k is real money.

Keith says:

Noel points out that Keith dealt after the Banker upped the offer.

Round 5 - proveout round
Box 2 with Martin - 10p
Perfect start, says Noel. Keith picks Craig, but then says he wouldn't have gone there in live play, so Noel makes him change his mind.
Box 8 with Lucy - £500
Box 3 with Donna - £20,000

Banker time...

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout round
Box 12 with Carlos - £75,000
Box 10 with Jan - £750
Box 1 with Kev - £100,000

Banker time with 50p and £1,000 remaining.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel reveals £1,000 in Keith's Box 4.

Box 22 with Craig contains 50p.

Noel says he knows the money will do a lot for Keith.

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