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Friday, June 22, 2007

Violet's Deal or No Deal Game Report

It's 494 says Noel - show 494... He goes over to the wings and has a chat with Brian and asks him how long he's been married, he replies 53 years... He then talks about Mac's disappointing game yesterday, and hopes the luck will change for today's player.

It’s Violet today, and she races down the walk of wealth with box 5! She tells Noel her husband is in the audience, and they have been married for 56 years. Noel says he has his sympathy!!!! Violet's husband says it's been 5 life sentences!!! Violet tells Noel that her husband stays at home and cooks, while she is out at work all day, and his speciality is roast beef and 2 veg!! Violet tells Noel that when she was younger she would have loved to be in the Air Force and marched banging one of the big drums! She then gives Noel a demonstration of how she would have done it!

Round 1
18 - 10p Big cheers
3 - £5 Violet marches up and down going "boom boom"
21 - £50,000 Joanne has the £50,000 again
14 - £750 Big cheers
11 - £1,000

Noel answers the phone and says "Violet's residence"! The Banker talks about Joanne doing his work again! He then offers £1,009… But it's a topsy turvy offer says Noel and she needs to turn it upside down!! Violet gets a little confused on how to do that, and the banker calls back and says oh just make it £10,000… Violet says NO DEAL

Round 2
22 - £35,000 It's an "eurrrghhh" says Violet
15 - £3,000
9 - £10 Big cheers

We get another little march from Violet and she nearly picks another box, before Noel stops her with one of his coughs!! The Banker offers £13,500… Violet goes to Steve, who tells her it's 2-2 at the moment, but to do what she wants to do... Violet says NO DEAL

Round 3
19 - £75,000
4 - £100
13 - £10,000

Violet has a chat with the banker, and she says she thought he was just on the other end putting money in the till!! Noel asks what was said, and what was the offer - She replies she doesn't know what the offer was! The offer is £8,500… Violet says NO DEAL

Round 4
16 - £500 Newbie Alan
8 - £15,000 A few groans for that, but Violet says it's ok as it's in the top half
Noel puts all the pressure on Annie now to not ruin the round!!
6 - £50

A big Boom, Boom says Violet! The banker is not happy! He finds this type of board difficult to judge for offers... He then offers £18,500… Violet goes to her husband, who replies it's still a good board. Violet says what happens if I take out the 2 top amounts? He replies well don't take them out… Violet says NO DEAL

Round 5
2 - £20,000 The safety net is gone, but the big 2 are still there says Noel.
10 - £1 Big cheers
The good thing is now that you can't take out both top amounts says Noel
17 - £5,000 The studio goes wild

Noel says the banker is worried now... The banker is begging Violet to sell her box now, and offers £28,500… What a lovely offer says Violet, she then says if I take out the 1p, the 50p and the £250, then it's very good. Violet is ready quite quickly and doesn't want any advice... Violet says DEAL

We get a big march from violet as she salutes everyone...

Round 6 - Proveout round
7 - £250 It would have been a good start says Noel
12 - 50p Gasps from everyone
Noel points out that Violet could not take out both top amounts now...
1 - £250,000 Big cheers

It’s time for The Banker with 1p and £100,000 remaining… Violet thinks she has the 1p, and The Banker would have offered £22,500

Noel opens Violet’s box 5 and reveals £100,000
Box 20 contains the 1p

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