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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Pauline's Deal or No Deal Game Report

A big welcome from Noel to the dream factory, and he runs through last week and how he thought the game was starting to turn good for the contestants. But Paul's game changed that when he had a unique offer from the banker of Paul's dream to play at Old Trafford, but then he turned it down and things went very wrong then.

It’s Pauline’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 19. Pauline has the shakes and is very excited about being on the show. Pauline used to work for a football souvenir company, but she never liked football! We get to see a family pic, and also Pauline's daughter is in the audience for support. She also has a lucky penny from Penny last week, and some salt for luck.

Round 1
4 - £1 Big cheers for the blue start
1 - £20,000 Groans for that one
Noel thinks that Adam has £50 in his box, but won't bet on it
7 - £5,000
15 - £250
20 - £100,000 Newbie Mark gets groans for that one...

Noel asks if Pauline would like to sprinkle some of her salt over the phone to ward off evil spirits, as the banker one of the most evil people around!! The banker is not happy about the evil tag, until Noel points out that he called himself evil earlier in the year... The Banker offers £500, and Pauline thinks the offer should have been a bit more... Pauline says NO DEAL

Round 2
Pauline already has her cuppa, but it's tea, and she hates tea!!! Noel gets them to change the tea for water.... Pauline asks Rodney to trot a blue out...
6 - £500 Noel says we are Reliant on Rodney
2 - £10 Michelle starts to lose her Killer tag!!
Noel gets a coffee delivered to Pauline's daughter and offers coffee to the pilgrims as well!!!
3 - £1,000

It's not too bad at the moment says Pauline... Noel tells the banker we are feeling confident at the moment. The Banker offers £8,500… We are now motoring and picking up speed says Noel, and Pauline says she would like a new car. Rodney offers her a business card, as he is a car salesman… Pauline says NO DEAL

Round 3
8 - £5
Noel asks for the 1p next
18 - 1p Kathleen delivers
Jon really wants to rub some salt in the banker's underwear!!!
9 - £250,000

Noel hopes we are not returning to the era where the third box was always the killer box. The banker tells Noel that should teach Jon to not try and be witty!!! He then offers £5,000… Pauline goes to Steve for advice, and he replies that there are 3 higher than the offer and she knows what to do. Adam advises her to play on as well.... Pauline says NO DEAL

Round 4
Pauline wants a quickie... Someone shouts out Come On Noel
14 - £35,000
22 - £15,000
17 - £50,000

A horrible quickie round!!! That was a terrible round says Noel, and he doesn't think anyone will do another quickie round for a while. The banker says that was one his WOW rounds, and he reminds everyone that his ears are everywhere, and he's heard around the hotel that Pauline is one of the warmest people around. He then offers £2,500… The offer receives groans, and Pauline calls her daughter down to the pound table. She tells Pauline that she chose her birthday box, and that contained the £250,000!! Pauline goes to Mac, and he tells her there is only one thing she can do, and that is to be brave and go for it... Pauline says NO DEAL

Round 5
11 - 50p
5 - £75,000 Groans as the highest value goes...
21 - £100

Lets be really positive here says Noel and aim for the £10,000. The Banker offers £1,600… That's a real tester says Noel. Steve gives Pauline a reality check and tells her to think about this offer carefully. Eric tells Pauline she might as well play right to the end now... Pauline says DEAL

Pauline says she is not having the luck today, and it's not going her way and she is not leaving with nothing…

Round 6 - Proveout round
12 - 10p
16 - £750
13 - £50
It would have been the perfect round!!!!

It’s time for The Banker with £3,000 and £10,000 remaining, and he would have offered £5,500

Noel opens Pauline’s box 19 and reveals £3,000

Box 10 contains the £10,000

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