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Friday, June 15, 2007

Adam's Deal or No Deal Game Report

The mood in the dream factory is combative, and courageous says Noel, as he talks about Rodney, Sam, Dave and Pippa's games this week. He says with the cash wave that has happened this week, today's game should be a big win...

It’s Adam’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 7. We get a shout of C'mon from Adam... Noel says you are pumped up, and Adam apologises if he scared Noel! We get to see some of Adam's pics and find out his brother is in the audience for support. He also has a watch given to him by his grandfather for luck.

Adam has a shopping list, which Noel makes a note of, grand piano (white), all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas for all his family, and a new car... Noel says that comes to about £100,000...

Round 1
21 - £500 Big cheers
Adam is not sure when to use box 19, as it's his birthday...
1 - £75,000 Groans for that one
3 - £100,000 OHHHH goes Noel
14 - £5,000
4 - £15,000

Noel asks what sort of music Adam plays on the piano, and he replies Jazz and a bit of blues, Noel replies he thought by looking at the board he didn't like the blues!! The banker thinks Adam could be the next banker as his advice is always good, although he is far too nice, and the banker would have to beat that out of him!! He offers £1,000… Wow, are you sure that is right says Adam, as he expected more... Adam says NO DEAL

Round 2
11 - £3,000
16 - £250 Big cheers for the second blue...
Adam asks who had the £250,000 yesterday and Mark says he had it... Adam decides to go with him and Noel asks is he sure as he could BREAK the game! And we get the Infamous did I say break line…
Adam is stuck between Kay and Mark now!! So he goes with Jackee!!
9 - £20,000

There are a lot of blues there says Adam... The banker says that Adam is a chip of the old block, and he thinks the same as he does... He then offers £10,000… That is mega says Adam... He says if he were standing on the wings he would have thought about £3,000, so that is a great offer… Adam says NO DEAL

Round 3
Adam wants an all blue round now and shouts out C'mon
2 - £100 Big cheers
10 - £50 More cheers
6 - £35,000 Groans for that

That is not the end of the world says Adam, and Noel points out that the banker's power 5 are still intact. Noel then asks if Adam likes confetti, and he replies he does, especially at the end of a show falling from the roof!! The Banker offers £12,000… Noel was playing around with Adam and he says its £16,000… He then changes it to £18,000… Adam can't believe this and Noel says no I was joking it is really £20,000

Everyone tells Adam to take this offer really seriously as it's a great offer for the board… Noel tells Adam he is being rewarded for the solid advice he has given while on the wings. Adam's brother tells him this is the make or break decision now, as if he plays on he will probably go all the way now. Eric tells him this is the possible crash and burn round now... Adam says NO DEAL

Round 4
22 - 50p Big cheers
15 - £250,000 Big groans all around the studio
5 - £750

Noel says it's amazing that Adam has only hit one of the banker's power 5... The banker says that Adam is courageous, and offers £1,500… Adam says he thought that Noel was going to say £15,000 then.... Adam says NO DEAL

Round 5
Joanne next and Noel says she cannot possibly have the £50,000 3 times in a row!!
17 - £50,000 She does!!!
19 - £1,000 More groans as only the £10,000 remains in the reds
20 - 10p

Adam says the 1p is haunting him... Noel says the banker is laughing now... The Banker offers £500… Adam says that is not bad for the board... Adam says NO DEAL

Round 6
8 - £5
13 - £1 Big cheers
You have got to find the 1p now says Noel
12 - £10 Big cheers

It’s time for The Banker with 1p and £10,000 remaining…

Adam says he is so happy now, and wonders if the banker will offer him the £20,000 again!! The banker says he is now putting Adam's photo in the frame to join the 1p club!!! The banker asks to speak to Adam, and Adam tells him he doesn't want to go home with the 1p and asks for a good offer.... Adam tells Noel that the banker offered him £9,000 and it’s a deal!! Adam says no it's really £2,000, followed by no not really its £4,000... Noel has no idea what the offer is now... But Adam does confirm it is really £2,000

Adam goes to Eric, who says he knows what Adam is going to do and he totally agrees with him! Adam says he was always going to go home with a large amount or nothing… Adam says NO DEAL

Noel opens Adam’s box 7 and reveals 1p
Box 18 contains the £10,000

It wasn't meant to be says Adam and he is gutted...

Noel runs through all of Adam's dreams and Adam replies that each one is not going to happen...

Adam becomes the 11th member of the ever growing 1p club

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