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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Peter's Game Report

Noel produces yet another amazing shirt from his immense wardrobe! He runs through Paul's game yesterday and his beating of the banker, he tells the contestants that it proves that you shouldn't get too greedy if you have a target. The £250,000 gets it's now familiar build up......

It's Peter's turn to take the walk of wealth and he has box 15 today, he says he's a little nervous although he has his wife in the audience for support. We see a few of Peter's pics, and learn that he used to work in The Royal Mint, hopefully he can make a LOT of money today!

Round 1
14 - £100 Peter likes the opening box and gives out a cheer
12 - £10
6 - £75,000 groans for that one....
2 - £50,000 more groans......
16 - £250,000 Another show where it evades the table!

Noel calls it a destructive opening round, but Peter remains confident as the £100,000 is still in play. Noel says the banker may give Peter a bit of a kicking, the banker says he is in a very foul mood today! And offers £62.50! Noel tries to work out if the offer means anything, but can't think of anything, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - £1,000
13 - £750
9 - 1p

A better round for Peter and Noel says the game is still alive, he tells the banker we are on our way back. The banker offers £4,062.50, Peter says that's better and is now going in the right direction but NO DEAL.

Round 3
19 - £250
22 - £20,000 silence..... Peter says at least the board looks tidy
21 - £35,000 groans

Peter asks for the pilgrims support as a BIG hole appears in the reds and the £100,000 is very isolated. The banker asks what shape you see if you stare at the board, the banker sees a victory flag waving in the breeze!! He then offers £5,000. Peter goes to Steve who says that he expected a lower offer, Ned says that there is still more in the game, he then goes to his wife who says just go for it, so Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 4
17 - £5,000 mixed reaction for that one, Peter doesn't like it
Peter goes to Dawn next and Tony thinks he has been called!!!! Lucky he didn't remove the seal from the box!!!!
11 - £100,000
20 - £1

Peter says it's incredible and there are twice as many blues as reds, the banker recommends that Peter sits down for his offer, which is £1,000. Noel goes to Steve who says to go one more round and possibly to the end, all the other contestants agree, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 5
1 - 50p
7 - £50
8 - £10,000

Peter says he can't believe this, and Noel talks up the possibility of the £15,000 being in Peter's box. The banker calls and offers £1,300, Noel asks how much a gambler is Peter, Peter says NO DEAL.

Round 6
3 - £5
10 - £3,000
5 - £15,000 Disaster strikes!

That is a horrible round for Peter and leaves a final two amounts of £500 and 10p. The banker calls and offers £162.50, Noel asks if Peter wants a sweep or perhaps go outside and ask someone on a bike! Peter says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers Peter the chance to swap boxes, Peter says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Peter's box 15 and reveals £500, box 18 contains 10p.

It was a horrible game for Peter and one of those that never really got going as large values kept being hit in every round, meaning the offers stayed low all throughout the game almost forcing Peter to play on until the end of the game.

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