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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nalini's Game Report

Will this horrible run of games end today? Will Noel wear a subtle shirt?!! Noel appears on the screen and answers one of those questions straight away, the shirt hasn't improved!!

Noel talks about the mystery of the wave of wealth in the show and how the games seem to go through waves of high and low wins, and how we are in a low at the moment. He then talks about how tomorrow’s show is the 300th, and as a bonus for us the viewers the viewers competition prize money has been increased tomorrow to £10,000, £20,000 and £30,000.

It's Nalini's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and she has box 9 today, she stands at the wrong side of the table as Noel points out!! Noel says Nalini smells nice today, but shouldn't she have only put a little bit on!! We learn that Nalini has a dream of wanting to have lots of money to give to the poor and needy and she has a particular family that she wants to help, Noel points out that she has now personalised the game which could make the decisions difficult later in the game.

Round 1
7 - 1p the perfect start
10 - 10p still the perfect start
4 - £250,000 It's in box 4 for the second day in a row!
5 - £100,000 Unbelievable!!! the top and bottom 2 taken out!!
1 - 50p

Noel says to the banker that it was an amazing opening round, the banker says that Nalini is a remarkable lady, his only regret is that he doesn't have smelly vision!! He then offers £6,040, the £40 relates to the sum of money that Nalini's husband gave to her when she came to England to look for him. Nalini says NO DEAL.

Round 2
Nalini says she has gone funny! Helen offers her loads of support and whips up the pilgrims to support her as well.
19 - £10
6 - £250
17 - £3,000

Nearly an all blue round, and Noel says it was very good as the £3,000 is almost blue. Nalini says she wanted to creep to the banker if she was on the wings today, the banker says that she can be his first lady anytime, and offers £6,040. He sticks because Nalini has said that if the banker ever sticks on an offer you should always the offer, Nalini doesn't listen to her own advice and says NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - £15,000 a few groans
15 - £50,000 more groans....
13 - £50 cheers for the blue finish

Noel asks the audience what they think the offer will be, quite a few think the banker will stick again, Nalini says he's got to move her and can't stick all the time! The banker says one of the audience got the offer right and offers £7,040, Nalini says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Noel asks if Nalini can turn this around - The whole studio say YES!!!
16 - £5,000
12 - £5
3 - £100

Nalini tries to choose another box until Noel shouts NO!!!! The banker asks why Noel shouted NO! Noel makes up an excuse and then says it was a nice round for Nalini, the banker offers £10,000. Noel asks is that enough to make Nalini deal or is it a trap? Nalini offers Noel the chair to have a little rest while she decides! She then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
8 - £35,000 groans and an oh no from Nalini
20 - £20,000 more groans and Noel calls it an all or not very much game
11 - £500 Cheers

Noel asks Nalini what she thinks, she says it's still strong. The banker says it wasn't a good round, he also said he doesn't want Nalini to go away with nothing and offers £7,500. Noel points out how fragile the board is, but Nalini reveals that she is a gambler and says NO DEAL.

Round 6
After a massive build up by Noel about avoiding the £75,000
18 - £75,000 NOEL!!!!!
14 - £1
22 - £750

That round leaves a final 2 of £1,000 and £10,000, the banker offers £5,000.

Noel says it's a great offer, but it's also a gamblers offer, Nalini says NO DEAL. The Banker calls back to offer Nalini the chance to swap the boxes, Nalini says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Nalini's box 9 and reveals £10,000, box 21 contains £1,000.

Nalini is overjoyed with the win and says she loved that, Noel can't believe that she kept the gambling side of her so secret throughout her time on the show. It was a superb game and provided some great pieces of banter between everyone, it also gave a rather unique set of stats in that the highest offer for the game was £10,000, Nalini's box contained £10,000, and Nalini took home £10,000!

Will there be any surprises in store for us tomorrow on the 300th edition of the show?


leo said...

congrats nalini for a great game, keeping us all in suspense, and taking home the maximum amount available. let's hope your game is the start of a few "like they used to be". up to your game yesterday the contestants have been rather forgettable of late, in fact the whole present series(webmaster iain, do I detect a resulting less enthusiastic reporting than we had in the last series...don't blame you!)has been rather lacklustre. anyway well done Nalini, a lovely, generous and fun lady.

Anonymous said...

THis series has been poorer , the contestants are far to eager to deal early , the banker must start reigning in his over the top offers to force the contestants on , I have noticed on the last two shows his offers have been reduced a fair bit , and so they should be .