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Friday, November 17, 2006

Madeleine's Game Report

Noel talks about all the entertaining games we've had so far this week, will it continue today? Will the £250,000 appear for the last game of the week?

It's Madeleine's turn to take the 'Walk of wealth' today and she does so with box 11. She says she is very nervous at the moment, we get to see a few family pics and learn that she is a small time gambler, she says she is a lucky person although most wins are always small. Noel says this is the wrong impression to give the banker and should say they have been big wins! Number 11 means something to Madeleine and we might find out what it means later in the game...

Round 1
9 - £3,000
8 - £15,000
17 - £750
2 - 50p
1 - £250,000 Not again! Another first round where it goes!

Noel says that the banker will say that he will dominate Madeleine now as she has said she is a small time winner. The banker calls and offers £4,545, Madeleine says she is very pleased with the offer, but NO DEAL.

Round 2
4 - £10
12 - £100
3 - £75,000 Madeleine asks if we can do that box again!

Madeleine says that at least the £100,000 is still there, but then admits she is counting to see if there is another box to open! Noel asks Madeleine about her friend in the audience and we find out it's her daughter, and the number 11 is her birthday. The banker says he has had his eye on Madeleine for weeks and has been looking forward to this game, he also says that the studio seems negative today! He then offers £6,045, that offer receives a very quiet response from the studio, Madeleine says NO DEAL.

Round 3
18 - £5,000
19 - £10,000 a few groans for that one.....
10 - £100,000 There goes the big one

The studio falls deathly silent, Noel says the banker is cackling again on the phone and all the contestants are running scared now!!! The banker wants a word with Madeleine, she tells him she is feeling fine and is aiming for the £50,000 now. Noel gets Madeleine tangled in the phone cable! The banker offers £4,545, it's back to the original offer! Madeleine's daughter says carry on as the next round will be all blue, Madeleine says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Madeleine wants a quickie round to turn around her fortunes.
15 - £20,000
14 - £50
Madeleine stutters on the next box choice, not really the quickie it should have been.
13 - 1p

The banker says he likes these types of board as they are all or peanuts, he says he has overheard Madeleine's daughter talking as she is wearing a radio mic!! She apparently said that Madeleine has had such a good time that she would be happy going away with nothing!!! He offers £6,600, Madeleine goes for advice and gets told by a couple of people to take the deal, she says NO DEAL.

Round 5
20 - £35,000 Big groans all around as the £50,000 is totally isolated now!!
7 - £250
6 - £500

Noel says it was a roller coaster round, but the £50,000 is still there. The banker says he has a problem as he thought the £6,600 would get rid of Madeleine! He offers £4,000, the banker said he couldn't resist it and has taken a gamble with that offer. Madeleine goes for advice and gets mainly advice to go on, Madeleine says NO DEAL.

Round 6
16 - £50,000 Deathly silence all around, Madeleine says oh dear...
5 - 10p
22 - £1,000 The last red goes

That round leaves a final 2 amounts of £1 and £5! The banker says Madeleine was brave and bold in playing her game and makes a final offer of £1.45! Madeleine says NO DEAL

Noel opens Madeleine's box 11 and reveals £1, box 21 contains £5.

It was a horrible game for Madeleine and was one that never really got going with low offers and high amounts being hit in every round.

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