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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

National TV awards - Pat M Exclusive Report

As some of you may know Deal or No Deal recently won The National TV award for Best Daytime Programme, it was a fantastic recognition for the programme which has become an instant hit for Channel 4 and also it's host Noel Edmonds.

On the night of the awards 5 ex-contestants were invited along to accept the award on behalf of Endemol/Channel 4 and Pat M (3rd May show) has kindly written a piece about the evening and also allowed us to show you some of her pictures from the night. A big thanks to Pat for taking the time to write this.

Dear friends,
Iv'e been asked to comment on the recent National Television Awards 2006,ceromony at the Royal Albert Hall. Endermol were kind enough to select four other contestants and myself to represent the show. From the letter I received, it was stated " The event is black tie, and if Deal Or No Deal win an award we will require you to go up on stage and collect it- a great privalege" Therefore it was a bit of a dissapointment when only "Sajelia" and "Russell" were asked at the Hotel to go up on stage. As there were only seven in the Deal Or No Deal party it seemed inapropriate that we were not all asked to go up on stage - whereas more than 20 of the Eastender crew were allowed up there in force to receive their award.

All that aside, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I had a most wonderful time. Everyone of the Stars were so kind. My lifes ambition was to sing in the Albert Hall- so at least I got half way there. It was great to be among the stars, all my favourites from Coronation Street and Emerdale. I will never wash my face again after being kissed by Simon Cowell, girls I can tell you how beautiful he is, so dashing. He has baby teeth, like pearls, absolutely perfect - I'm sure they are real. Met Louis Walsh, had a little chat with him about the place where I come from in Dublin- a place called Fairview. Talked with Philip Schofield and held his hand whilst going into dinner. I said "do you always hold strange ladies hands ?"- he said " your hand was so lovely and warm, I didn't want to let it go."-what a gentleman.We were all scantilly dressed( you can't look glamerous in a Cardie or Overcoat) and it was extreemly cold. Most of the young ladies had skirts up as far as possible, with everything hanging out - it's a wonder they didn't get frost bite. Not me I hasten to add- Too old for all that lark.

Met Kevin le Vell - who knew me from watching DOND - famous or what!- he is a DOND addict. Spoke to all of the young Corrie cast, Jason, Shaun, David, Fizz, Jasons Mom -Sue Cleaver they were all very friendly. Also Ashley and Shadrack from Emerdale. The place we had our meal in - I kid you not we were packed in like sardines. What with holding handbag, camera, glass, plate of food and Knife and fork. I can't recall if I was eating off my plate or the persons next door and I was only drinking orange juice. Saw Chris Tarant on the buffet queue, went to have a chat as I had met him before, when I turned around he had dissapeared.

I left the party just before 1.00am Wednesday morning, I'd just been on my feet for over 14 hours - and walked miles for the first time without my crutches since my Knee Operation. I was completely exhausted, but as the song says " I had the time of my life" Love PatM xxxx.

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