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Friday, April 14, 2006

Positively Noel

Setting the record straight, Noel says on his own website that there is no such £3million contract. The current contract ends in September 2006, and no announcement has been made about DOND beyond that point. So until I change/delete the files that say different in this blog (quoting the Daily Mail), this post supercedes all other relevant information.

In his website Noel also touches on 'cosmic ordering', explaining that this is a term coined by Barbel Mohr. But Noel's view is more expansive, he prefers to talk of 'positivity', the power of positive thinking, and he is going to publish a book on the subject later this year (you gotta love the pre-sales build-up).

Personally I have no idea if there is something our there or not, but I think that it can't but help to be positive. (If you have been reading this blog for a while you should have picked that up ;-))

I do believe there is a fundamental link between body and mind, I think they are absolutely dependent on each other. I have a sneaking suspicion, based on experience rather than scientific evidence, that people who are depressed are more likely to develop illnesses such as cancer. Of course it could be that illness makes people depressed...I just don't think so, but there are exceptions to every rule. An old saying is that 'laughter is the best medicine', and so I say to the NHS - lighten up!

Actually as part of my work in genetic algorithms (a computer science area), I spent some time studying cell behaviour. An important area of debate at the time (about 12 years ago) was whether cells died because they wanted to, or because they were told to - in other words do cells live for a pre-determined period and then die, or do they receive messages in the form of hormones which tell them that it is time to go. Similarly for cell-regeneration, and indeed for cell type. Did the internal DNA tell the cell what to do at every stage, or was it responding to external signals? All such hormones are controlled at one level or another by the subconscious brain.

Reading this however, you are operating at the conscious level: understanding, forecasting, speaking, are all aspects of conscious thought, and most us have no idea how to communicate with our own subconscious, it just happens.

But what if we could talk to our subconscious? I think this is what positive thought does for you. If, for example, you are ill and you keep thinking that you should be well, or that you do something better, then eventually your brain maps that into a message that your subconscious understands, and your body responds.

So I am with Noel on positivity, but I also think that in becoming so successful over the last 6 months, he has just been very lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting theory. I suppose it can be considered a more detailed, lengthy study into what one would traditionally call the power of "mind over matter".

In addition, Noel's take on positivity may well have something to do with the symbols on his hand, something he's also claimed will be revealed this summer. Noel's innate sense of self-promotion is beginning to look more and more impressive. All hail Noel, our incumbent new age business guru!

I just hope that what seems entirely plausible in terms of cell behaviour isn't seriously linked by Noel to the "let's believe it and it'll happen" in terms of opening the right box on DOND (with all its entertaining but silly gestures such as the contestants' holding of hands etc.)

After all, as even Noel admitted yesterday to Max, following her not-entirely-accurate sense of positivity about it being her lucky day, "all this "positivity" stuff only goes so far"!