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Friday, April 14, 2006

Fadil won 1p

Fadil (Osmond), was called to the front. Its become clear over the past week or so that Fadil was a very popular member of the contestants pool. His wife Una was in the audience, and he set up photos of his kids on the desk in front of him. Noel learned Fadil was a keen fisherman and his lucky number was 7 (so presumeably 7 would be the last box to go), he was from London, a painter and decorator, and he had a system. To my eye Fadil was a cross between Paul McCartney and Milo O'Shea, and even before the game had started he was puffing for air, you could almost feel his heart beating. But it didn't seem any blood was getting to his head, this was a very pale man.

Round one: Fadil started with the new guy Patrick and box 21. Patrick pointed out that his box was three times Fadil's lucky number so he predicted that 'Fadil would be lucky three times', and then he revealed £250. Box 2 was 'smiler' Dave W, he looked really rough and his voice was rough too following another night of drunken debauchery. Dave W had been called 'smiler' because he loved the crowd cheering when he opened blues but there had been no smiles recently. Today was no different - £250,000, the audience groaned, Fadil's head fell below the desk, and if it was possible his face was even paler when it re-appeared. Gary was next with box 20 - £10,000, the audience not sure if they should clap needed encouragement from Noel. Claire opened box 12 for £100, and finally for the round Sarah with box 22 - £15,000. Fadil was thinking 'the safety net is there', four out of the power five were still in play. The banker offered £1700 plus a load of fishing puns - Fadil - 'No Deal'.

Round two: 50p in Gabrielle's box 1 (her husband objects to her title of 'black widow'), Hilary was next with box 3 - £20,000. Fadil decided to stay with his system. Fadil's system was to pull the number's out of his mother's jewellery box. Michael finished the round after the break with box 15 and delivered £50. The banker's offer was £6100. Noel wrote down the figures like a second hand car salesman sharpening his pencil. Fadil turned to his wife, who wrinkled her nose - he returned to the front - 'No Deal'. Noel went to Pat M for their regular banter, and she said that Una was 'a special and lovely lady'. It must be an amazing atmosphere at that hotel with husbands, wives and partners building into a real community.

Round three: Emma, box 16 - £5000 - he seemed to be positively avoiding blue. James 'top bloke', box 11, and James returned the complement with Fadil is 'a model father, model husband and model friend' - £75,000 - 'pity it couldn't be a model amount', reflected Noel ruefully. Dot quickly followed with box 5 - £10. James seemed very upset, but Fadil waved to him 'don't worry mate, I picked 'em a long time ago', Fadil was defiantly remaining with his system. The banker was equally defiant, he stuck at £6100. Una coughed and Noel suggested she was sending messages, referring to a different show. Five reds against 6 blues. Fadil said 'No Deal'.

Round four: Fadil asked for a quickie round. Noel started to run about the studio. First was box 18, Sandy opened - £500. The crowd cheered but quickly quietened again as Fadil shouted for box 19, Massimo - £1000. They cheered again and Fadil was barely heard to shout for John's box 9. But John had to wait until after the break before he could open it. On the return John opened £50,000 and there were just three reds left - £100,000, £35,000, and £3000. Una said 'his game is more important to me than the money', amazing support. The offer came next, the banker had stuck again at £6100. Fadil skipping around like a boxer in his corner, 'ask me the question, Noel' - 'No Deal'. Fadil didn't actually stick 'mate' on the end - but he could have done, straight out of Eastenders.

Round five: Another quicki round. Raj, box 10 - £1. The crowd cheering, Noel rushed across to Linda with box 17 - £100,000. The game stopped, the audience eventually groaned. The walls were closing in on Fadil. He looked across to Richard, lucky 7 was going to rescue him - £5. Raj advised 'think positive', while Hilary said 'if there is any justice'. Noel cut in quickly 'if there is one thing this game is not about it is justice said Noel'. The fifth offer was half the previous one - £3050. Fadil didn't need advice, he was walking around the desk, building up his energy, ready for the fight - 'No deal'.

Round six: Dave E, box 13 - £3000 - 'thats good', said Fadil but Noel tried to keep it real - 'the reality is that we have an all or nothing game'. Morris, opened box 8 after some poetry that we couldn't wait to get through - £750. 'Number four knock on the door' said Fadil, doing more walking than Noel. Noel needed to bring focus, shouting 'seriously, seriously' across the floor, trying to get people to understand that if this was a red then Fadil was choosing between two low blues. Pat M opened box 4 - 10p - the audience cheered and Fadil leapt in the air. Fadil was now facing a choice between 1p and £35,000. The offer was £7500, very low. Fadil's face fell, he was angry, emotional, walking around the floor, ask 'me the question'. Noel followed him like a tolerant butler, trying to get him to think longer about the offer. 'Ask me the question' said Fadil, growing angrier through his impatience, and Noel reluctantly asked. 'No deal' roared Fadil. The banker offered the swap. 'No swap'. Every one holding hands. Any paleness had gone, this was a man living on the edge and it made for great TV. Fadil couldn't sit, he was by the board looking back at his box, his eyes glued to the lid as Noel opened it, and there it was - 1p. Fadil doubled up at the other end of the walkway, and the studio was silent. Noel went to Fadil and then to his wife, trying to find words, Una did it for him. She said 'the pleasure of watching his joy and happiness as he played the game can't be bought, to hell with the money'. An amazing woman.

[My youngest daughter Olivia, has just pointed out that Fadil should have swapped because his favourite number was 7, he was looking for £35,000 (the only multiple of 7 in the game) and his choice was between boxes 6 and 14, so he should have gone for box 14 because it is also a multiple of 7. Olivia is a genius and in any case wasn't trying to work this out in front of 5 million viewers but she had stated this before Fadil's box had been opened.]

Fadil had played a brave game, like Geordie he had little option but to go on because the offers were so low, but it took guts to keep going. He did well, but fate was out to get him, and he became the third member of the 1p club. In fact it strikes me that it takes as much courage to win 1p as it does to win the big one.

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Chris S said...

Fadil's game was one of the most entertaining i've seen. He was always going to play to the end. His tactics were similar (i think) to how i would play the game, create a system and stick to it. He was exactly the type of contestant who will eventually win the £250,000 (as was Kirsty). It was just hideously back luck that on his game he happened to have the 1p in his box... but thats how it works isn't it.

But well done, Fadil. Not for the result of course, but for the game. You deserved far better.