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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Kirsty won £75,000

Noel opened, he is getting more and more like Leonard Sachs from the Good Old Days, we are looking for 'a Pyrennian pile of pounds'. Its BBW (Beat the Banker week), yesterday was a small win, but important after the hammering the contestants took last week.

Today its Kirsty's shot at the title, she wants the money for a boob job. Don't do it Kirsty, they are perfectly lovely as they are...I'm sure, hruuumph getting in trouble here. And she went on to ask the audience for support as she was 'wetting herself'. So we were pretty clear by this point that Kirsty was a very open person, hiding nothing. She was also very pretty.

Round one: Julia provided a great start with 50p, Gary followed with £35,000. A slightly happier Cathy pulled out £50,000 (no point in her being happy if she is going to do that), the 'new Claire' provided £50. Johnnie was just back from the cleaners with a nice green jacket,and £15,000. A good steady first round. The banker phoned to point out that Kirsty had spent her honeymoon on the show, and he offered £4100. Noel dismissed the internet dating agency that brought Kirsty and her husband together as 'desperate'. Its the new age Noel, get with it. Kirsty said 'No Deal'

Round two: £5000, JT next uncovering the 10p and then the break. Maxine opened £100, and then Kirsty applied Lucy's Law, 'he could stick, he could go up, and he could go down'. Noel played a dummy, suggesting the banker had indeed stuck, but the offer was actually £11,000. This had Kirsty thinking, she went to JT - 'another deal', this was backed up by Cathy. Johnnie also thought she should go on. This had the effect of making her mind up - 'No Deal'. At this point Kirsty still looked well in control.

Round three: Massimo got a cheer from the crowd as he opened £750, Dave next with £10 the crowd were getting louder, and a very excited Kirsty (I am going to avoid the obvious here) decided to go for Fadil - great choice, he had £5. The banker claimed he didn't like the board, seven reds against 4 blues, he offered £17,000. Kirsty's new husband suggested that maybe she should deal based on the experiences of Lucy and Janet, but she went against him - 'No Deal'. Kirsty beginning to look stressed now, the cute dimples being pulled taught.

Round four: James hoped for blue and got it - 1p. Pat M next. Of course she had to say something first, but was forgiven when she lifted the lid on £1. Finally for the round Richard would open his box after the break. Have you ever carried a very large amount of money to the bank and hoped that no-one knew you had the money until it was safely behind the counter? She looked like that. Richard revealed £1000 and Kirsty was just beaming, but she was still in control, careful about her words in case it helped the banker. The offer was £22,000 against a board containing the power three, three other reds and only two blues. I am thinking she now has enough money to get bigger boobs than Jordan, she should stop now. But she gritted her teeth and said 'No Deal'.

Round five: Noel was in full control, £10,000, John showed £250 and everyone was going mad, this was getting close to a perfect board. Finally Linda, who warned that she had had some big numbers, so no pressure - but she pulled up £20,000. Kirsty was maturing in front of our eyes, describing her feelings as 'nerves, excitement, a touch of euphoria'. The banker was left with no option - he was now offering £51,000. Her new husband - Dan - came down to join her. He said 'its a life changing sum of money'. Kirsty noted his words and sent him away again, telling him to kiss her first. Why did she send him away? Because she said 'No Deal'. The crowd roared.

Round six: She went to Pat, £500 - no blues left, Kirsty screaming, her face in her hands. The gorgeous Helen opened box 10 to reveal £3000, this was tremendous, hairs on the back of my next were climbing and I wasn't even there. Noel told Dan to come down (I wouldn't have done that unless Kirsty asked for it). The final box was opened by Pete to give £100,000. She had a choice between £75000, £250,000, and the banker's very quiet offer of £125,000 - the highest offer made to date! Kirsty referred to Matt's game - she had told Matt that if he could cope with the lowest amount being opened i.e. £35,000, then he should go on - she had just telegraphed what she was going to do and the audience giggled. This could be the moment we have been waiting for. She said 'No Deal. This tiny little girl, with a cute face who had to find a man on the internet said 'NO DEAL'.

Dan answered the banker, he actually said 'How can I help you?', very cool. Kirsty rejected the swap, so this was it. Noel rubbed his hands, Kirsty had box 22. What was it going to be? Noel opened the box to £75,000, and the audience groaned. But she had won £75,000, and she showed everyone that it could be done - well done Kirsty, fabulous game, brilliant TV.


Anonymous said...

Kirsty, you played a blinder! Don't make 'em too big!

Anonymous said...

Until this show I don't think anyone would take the risk but now it looks certain that sooner or later the £250K will be won by someone.

I guess if you'd be happy to take home the lower number, it proves that someone will probably at some stage take the risk and come out trumps.

What a show!

Anonymous said...

Just a minor correction to my last statement - I meant to say "I didn't" not "I don't". It does change the meaning somewhat.