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Monday, April 03, 2006

Jim won £9900

Monday afternoon, the long wait is over.

Today its Jim's game. Jim had been a solid contestant, 'a safe pair of hands', and he hadn't really given anything for the banker to play with in previous games. Jim had won 2 million before now, so the banker should be careful of this seasoned gambler. Again Jim was a contestant who was going to personalise the game (why do this now) discussing his grandchildren and the opportunities a large amount of money would give them - this just has to be a mistake. And to make things worse we soon found out that it was 2 million lei, which is just pocket money - he should have kept the banker in the dark.

Round one: Cathy to open the game, still miserable, £20,000, followed by Gabrielle with £1. Claire, the new girl lifted 1p, a great start from her, Pete opened box 6 with £250, and finally Johnnie pulled up £5. The offer should have been high considering the strength of the board, but the banker was basing his asessment on more than just the board, he went low - the offer was £5500, Aaron's calculation at this point would have given a mean around £33,000, so Jim was clearly not worrying the banker. 'No deal' from Jim, and on with the game.

Round two: Julia started round two with £10, and then Sandra spoilt everything with the big one, £250,000. Jim's face and body language were giving nothing away, but his eyes were going, some ambitions for his grandchildren had just become dreams. After the break Fadil opened the last box of the round - £100,000, the two largest had gone in round two. Noel warned Jim to be prepared for the worst. Jim adopted a resigned look, Noel talked to the banker and curled - the offer was £900 - 'No Deal'.

Round three: Jim requested, and got, a fast round - Gary had £750, Massimo provided £1000, and James delivered £5000. 'That was better' said Noel breathlessly to the banker, the offer was £8000. Jim 's wife Margaret was in the audience, she said 'Oh, its a nice offer'. Now you may think that was completely unbiased - but I think I heard a strong hint in the intonation saying 'Deal, or else', like Mr Mackay from porridge. However the contestants, especially Pat M, were suggesting the board still had a lot to give. Jim's eyes were watering, taking his time sizing up the board - a long sigh and then 'No Deal'.

Round four: Richard was next, Noel said 'wouldn't it be fabulous if the three big ones (left) were still there at the end of the round' - he opened £10,000. 'Who is feeling blue', asked Jim. 'I can feel blue if you want me too' said John obligingly, and he produced £50. This was turning round nicely. Jim surveyed the boxes left and settled on Kirsty, who after the break opened £3000. Jim achieved what was asked, but the banker did not respond as expected, the offer was £9900, an increase of £1900. The audience when asked by Noel, overwhelmingly said he should 'No Deal. But as Aaron said in his game, its not their money. Jim went up to his wife - who had not stood during Noel's poll, she was unsure and very nervous. 'There is a lot of warmth here Jim, a lot of people do not want you to make a mistake'. Jim said he was ready for the question, Noel tried to read him, but it was difficult - apart from Jim's eyes, which were sparkling and red, he was giving nothing away - he said 'Deal'.

Round five: Noel asked for the boxes as Jim would have played them, JT was first and it was £35,000 - £50,000 and £75,000 were still in play. He went for Pat who opened 50p, and finally Linda who pulled up £75,000. The offer would have been £12,500, and nobody was terribly upset about the missing £2600.

Round six: Maxine lifted the lid on £100. Two red and two blues left. Pat M smiled, said nothing (amazingly), and opened £15,000. Where was that last red? Jim looked at the two boxes still out there and went for Dave - and he had the £75,000 - only blues left and the audience were cheering.

The offer would have been £220, against a choice between 10p, and £500. But the game was over, and Jim had done well, he had beaten the banker and he had managed to control the urge to go on. It was Helen who had the £500, Jim had sold a 10p box for nearly £10,000. As much as I want old people to win large amounts of money, I just don't think we are ever going to see someone of Jim's age, with his responsibilities, going for the big one. Nancy being another case in point. But still, Monday evening felt the better for seeing Jim Win.

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