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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pete won £20,000

Noel steps out from behind the round table like a defence lawyer, gives his no deal speal, and we are off on Tuesday's pilgrimage. Noel pointed out that big numbers had been retained to the end over the last 6 shows, so by that measure 'big' included £20,000?. Today its Pete's game, he was mobbed by the other contestants, and smiling of course, but in a melancholy way - the party would soon be over. He was Pete Kay, a retired fireman from Barnsley. Yes he was lucky - lucky to be alive: in Jan 2003, his fire engine overturned and he was trapped in the appliance, he ahd to be cut free. Immediately a hint of emotion as he publicly thanked blue watch from Barnsley fire station for their very professional rescue. As has become standard he brought photos, he has three boys and a gorgeous wife....bloody fireman, they always do that don't they? Girls, what is it about firemen?

Round one: Dot, box 16 - £250, Claire box 7 was next. Noel tried to chat up the Liverpool lass, but her 'fella' was coming up tonight. He turned on his heel, 'just open the box' - £3000. Linda opened box 11 to deliver £10,000 - 'no problem', said Pete. Sandy the new girl had box 14 - £5. Noel summarised this point in the game - 'At the risk of putting the knockers on the whole thing, this is a strong board'. Pete went for Cathy, looking neither up nor down, she opened box 4 - £35,000. It was Cathy who was apologising, but it should have been Noel, afterall he had put the knockers on it. Noel and Pete discussed the wild hotel nights these contestants seem to have, and the banker suggested that he should buy the hotel so that the contestants give the money straight back. The offer was £4400. Michael was asked for the average, but he just replied 'its not bad for an opening offer'. Actually the average of the boxes left was £30435.98. Noel suggetsed 'a game without form.we crack on' - and Pete agreed.

Round two: Pete asked for a quickie round and Noel dashed across the floor. Morris box 5 - £10, then box 21 was opened by John - £100,000 - everything stopped. Pete wanted time, the quickie round had not delivered, he was now left with only three of the power five. After the break Gary opened box 3 - £50. Pete underlined how disappointed he was to be selected - such is the experience of being a DOND contestant. The banker reminded Noel of Matt's game, how Matt took the banker all the way to the end and left with £35,000 - the banker had decided to take into account the tenacity of the fire-fighter. He offered £8800. Fadil advised 'keep going mate, you've got this man', not sure if the man was Pete, the banker or just some hippie term. 'No deal' said Pete quietly

Round three: Michael box 2 - 1p, the audience cheered. Pete looked around, he chose Maxine with box 19, because she has a very generous nature (hmmm) - £1. Pat M with box 12, what a character she is - 'do you know what we want you to do', asked Noel. 'aye keep quiet', she answered. 'That would be a bonus', said Noel. She opened her box - 10p. Pete jumped in the air and then ran across and kissed her. On the return Pete thought back to Lucy's game and how it could go horribly wrong, music (probably put on later) captured this mood - I suppose as a seasoned fireman, he had come to associate excitement with tragedy. The banker suggested that in thinking of this Pete was a loser ('or very kind') - the offer was £18,800. Gary said 'stick with your heart', Richard would have gone on, but pointed out that Pete would have advised others to deal. Noel clearly felt that he needed to provide balance, he said 'how many times are you going to have the chance of playing for £75k or £250k'. Pete nodded his head as he thought, then surprising himself he said, 'no deal'. The crowd cheered and Noel shook Pete's hand, everyone thought he was going to say deal. 'Where did that come from?', Pete was as mystified as the rest of us.

Round four: Box 15, James - 50p. Pete's smile was now wide and bright, all melancholy was a distant memory. Massimo opened box 20 - it was red and the crowd went silent, but it was only £15,000 - 'that's alright' said Noel, and the crowd cheered. Box 6 was Julie, but the break interrupted play. After the break Noel, clearly concerned over his earlier summary, tried to cover his tracks, he hoped he hadn't swayed Pete's decision at the end of the previous round, and, although Pete said 'no', I said 'yes'. Julie's box had £5000, so all's well that ends well. 'I've never had so many people wanting me to do so well in all my life', said Pete drinking in the atmosphere. At a point during the discussion, just as the phone started ringing, Pete said he didn't care what the banker thought - so the banker rung off to reconsider his offer. He phoned back, and talked to Pete, apparently suggesting that he was not getting the respect he was giving - the offer was £20,000. Gary advised Pete to deal, 'the banker is going to keep you low now and I don't want to see you crash and burn'. The other contestants were split roughly 50-50. Pete thought long and hard, the temptation to go on was massive, but he looked to his photos - he said 'Deal'.

Round five: Dave W wanting a cheer opened £500 - the crowd groaned. Fadil was next, and he had the big one - £250,000 - the audience roared. Gabrielle opened £1000, and the crowd went quiet. So the board was still quite strong - the offer was £26,500 - how much more would the deal have been had he not upset the banker?

Round six: Sarah - £20,000, Dave E £75,000, Hilary - 750. The offer now would have been £18,000, so he had dealt one round too early. His box actually had £100; the banker had been well beaten.

Unfortunately it was clear from the way Pete had given advice to other players in previous games that he was always going to play safe-ish. He had stretched his own personal envelope as far as he could by not dealing at the end of round three - but this was just 'feel-good' TV, not 'feel-great'.

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