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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gabrielle won £2000

[This was not a great game, take the headline and read other game reports, I will not be offended.]

Tonight nearly caught me out, I expected the show to start at 7.15pm (as on previous Saturdays) but it was actually 6.00pm. Grrr - Channel 4 need to advertise if they are going to bugger around with the times like this. On the plus side, at least its not in conflict with Dr Who. Anyway, tonight it was the black widow's turn to face the music. Rather than someone who would eat off her husband's head after ...relations, she reminded me of Joyce Grenfell. She talked like Ms Grenfell too, a rush of words with little meaning. Gabrielle was a seventh child and the required photos were of her brothers and sisters. Gabrielle made it clear that whatever she won tonight would be going to charities for the third world, so good for her.

Round one: Dave W opened the game and box 10 - £3000. Then Michael with box 8 - 10p. Sarah followed with box 1 - £35,000 the first of the power five had gone. Massimo opened box 11 - £10, and then the second of the power five went with Dave E and box 13 - £100,000. Not a great first round, but better than Fadil's, at least the £250,000 was still in play. The banker offered £1500 - 'No deal', of course.

Round two: The audience was very quiet, a strange atmosphere. Richard opened box 14 - £750. The the new guy Gaz had box 9 - £500. Finally Gabrielle went for Claire. After the break Noel asked Claire how she would feel about opening the £250,000, which meant that when she actually revealed £75,000 in box 15, it wasn't quite so bad. The offer was £5900 - 'No deal'.

Round three: Gabrielle nearly went for Raj but when he explained that he had never had a red, she went to Emma with box 16 - it was still red but only £5000. Linda box 19, 1p - the loudest cheer of the night. Sandy opened the third box in the third round - and it was the big one - £250,000. The 'black widow' was having a black night. Noel and Gabrielle were trying to talk up the numbers left on the board, agreeing that the £50k was in the box in front of her. 'Congratulations, you are creating a psychological battle', said Noel having talked to the banker, the offer was £700. It seemed to me that Noel was trying to make her feel better about the offer, but the banker clearly felt he had her on the run. She had no option but to 'No Deal'.

Round four: Gary, box 6 - £100. Pat M opened £20,000. 'Her fall back position had weakened considerably - this has now become a desperate situation', said Noel. The break had to be endured before we would find out how desperate. On the return Julia opened box 22 - £5. She was facing 4 blues against 4 reds, and she was mumbling. The banker suggested she was so away with the fairies that the contestants should decide. 'I am away with the fairies? You should spend a night with us', suggesting that there were crazier contestants than her in the studio. Claire was laughing, but Morris wasn't. Noel wrote down the offer and showed it to a bunch of contestants most of whom said 'deal'. Hilary finally told Gabrielle that the offer was £5000 - this was all very patronising. Gabrielle mumbled to herself in a nervous state which was difficult to watch. She said 'no deal'.

Round five: Dot opened box 17 - 50p. John next with £1 in box 18, and finally poet Morris - 'Gabrielle I wish you more money, black widow no more...dumb de dumb de dumb', but it was £10,000. The offer was £6500. Again Gabrielle talked gibberish - and Noel didn't argue, clearly struggling to communicate with this starnge woman he just asked the question. 'No deal'.

Round six: Hilary, box 5 - £15,000. 'That's ok' said Gabrielle defensively, but Noel was shouting 'the safety net has gone'. Patrick next with box 2 - £250. If she could find the £50 then she was in clover. She went for Raj in box 20, even though she had shyed away from him in round three, and as it turned out with good reason - £50,000. It was all over really, a choice between £50 and £1000 but Gabrielle was laughing it off. 'Welcome to the confused center' said Noel to the banker. The offer was £330, and she immediately rejected it. He offered the swap but she decided to stick. Noel pointed out that the other box was 7, supposed to be her lucky number as she was the seventh child. She was persuaded and changed her mind. Everyone except Gabrielle felt that changing her mind was a bad idea, but Noel had put the idea in her head and she was suddenly determined. Noel opened her box to reveal the £1000, her first piece of luck all evening. And then came her second - the banker phoned back to say that as she was donating her winnings to charity he would double her win.

This was not a great game, Gabrielle was a bag of nerves from beginning to end and at no stage did she have a handle on what was going on. Its a shame for channel 4 when this happens, and its probably why they didn't bother advertising the time change but its in the nature of the game. And anyway without the troughs how can you enjoy the highs?


Anonymous said...

if that was the first game anyone had watched they would not have watched another. very boring game.

Anonymous said...

Well I thought it was a very entertaining game, with not the best result but a very uplifting ending. And contrary to what your report implies, Gabrielle didn't reveal what she was doing with the money until after the game had finished - prompting the banker's final call.

Gillean said...

Thank you for the comment. You are right that Gabrielle did not reveal what she would do with her winnings until the end of the show. Unusually, I had decided to summarise this show at the beginning; you already knew how much she won from the title - I covered the other salient information in the first paragraph.

I am glad you felt it was entertaining, the range of people 's opinions to things never ceases to surprise me. I felt it was almost excruciating to watch, and you may well be surprised by that, but thats life.

Anonymous said...

If you're worried about time changes, get yourself a PVR (personal video recorder) :) Sky+ would possibly do, but personally I'd still spend money on buying a TiVo on eBay, despite the fact they're not currently trading in the UK - I haven't missed an episode since I started watching DOND!

Chris S said...

This was a game that looked doomed from the start.

It was painful.

But a very pleasing end to Gabrielle's DOND story.

And credit to the banker too!!