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Saturday, April 08, 2006

JT won £39,000

Noel's wearing an evening jacket reflecting the later time of broadcast on a Saturday - no tie yet though, clearly no plans to go into politics.

JT finally gets the call - will we find out what the intials stand for? John Todd - a policeman, a counter terrorism systems officer - single - he reminded me of my Auntie Jean, but I suppose that doesn't help you any. Immediately he personalised the game - he was so skint that he had just placed the £4000 deposit required for his new house on his credit card - as even Noel points out, stating this in the banker's earshot may have been a bad idea. JT had also brought pictures of his nephews and nieces and a card for Noel that one of them created. He promised to treat the game seriously, but could he really do this? JT had been one of the real characters in the wings and almost to underline the struggle he was going to have, he had brought his fuffly pink handcuffs to the desk.

Round one: Gabrielle 'the black widow' opened the game; box number 5 - £35,000. Pete next with box 16 because he was smiling at JT - £50. Pat 'you gorgeous beauty', box 6 - £750. Gary 'me old mate, my pal' with box 8 - £3000. Fadil had box 12. JT smiles at him, 'the best man to do the hokey koke in the hotel bar, if its 1p I'll do the hokey cokey myself'. Guess what - 1p - this was just brilliant. JT did a very lonely version of the hokey cokey, with the audience singing the tune. The banker agreed to give him good deals if he gets the fluffy handcuffs at the end of the show. The offer was £4100 - 'No deal'.

Round two: Dot - the new girl - box 1, £10,000. Dave W loves the adulation that a blue box brings him and tonight was his kind of night - £250. Noel suggested that predicting the 1p was an omen, could JT keep doing this until the end. After the break Morris, wearing a red shirt, caught JT's eye for the last box of the round - it had £10. JT struggling to keep his feet on the ground, the board was looking good, six blues against eight reds. The offer was £11,200. He turned to his mate Tim, who then reminded him of Lucy by uselessly saying 'go with your instincts'. But the reminder was useful - during Lucy's game, and at the critical point in her game she asked JT for advice. He said 'go for it and if you lose I will give you £1000 if I get more than that'. He looked to NOel,'No Deal'. Noel said 'right, well we have to make sure that you win big' and turned to get down to business.

Round three: Pat M with box 17 had 10p, and she didn't even say a word. JT cheering, fists up, very excited. 'Stay focused' commanded Noel, he had a job to do. Maxine had box 11 and it was red - £5000. JT nearly went for Massimo, and then changed his mind for no apparent reason, maybe a policeman's sixth sense, he went for John's box 13 - £5. This was very strong - but the banker knew he really needed the money. Noel in talking to the banker throughout this game was very serious and curt. The offer was £19,500. JT again asked his mate Tim, this time without hesitation the answer was 'No Deal'. The contestants and audience nearly all said 'No deal'. Nearly but not all - one said 'he is due a bad round'. JT said he was ready, Noel tried hard to make sure he had no doubts but momentum was playing its part - 'No Deal'.

Round four: Hilary box 10, 50p, this was becoming very interesting. JT clapping - three blues against seven reds. Linda next with box 4 - £1. Only two blues left. Pressure building, I was trying to remember the last time the board was this strong at this stage. He had a break and immediately after it he went for Cathy (still not smiling) but she delivered - £100. This was a great time to produce three blues. JT puffing, trying to get to grips with the amounts he was playing with; he had passed the house deposit at the end of round one and this was now round five - the offer was £31,000. Tim said he had a 'one in eight chance of walking away with £250,000', but he also had the same odds of leaving with £500. JT was playing well here, he was playing for a lot of people - he said no deal.

Round five: In this round JT called out the boxes while looking at the audience, he didn't want to see £250,000 come up. Claire opened £15,000. Michael next with £75000, Richard finally - £1000. Noel advising JT of the amounts, the audience going nuts. JT was feeling 'shattered', but smiling. Could I see his eyes beginning to water? Noel spoke to the banker and then returned the receiver - 'You are not looking happy' said JT. Noel shaking his head through telling him that the offer was £39,000. 'You shouldn't have told him that you were so desperate for the money' said Noel, annoyed that the offer was not a lot higher. Again JT turned to Tim. The advice was better this time 'the least you would be leaving with was £5000, but £39,000 was a bucket load of money'. JT was undecided, he took the mic up to a cople of ladies of an uncertain age and asked them what they thought - one deal, one no deal. 'You can pay off the debt whenever, you'll never be here again' said one of them. He kissed them both and went down to his seat. He was ready, and he really looked as if he was, he seemed...comfortable. 'Deal'. And then he had the feeling that £100,000 was in his box (remember the 1p earlier), ah the dark clouds of doubt were racing in.

Round six: JT needed to hit the three big ones left to justify his decision. He started with Dave box 15, and it was the £250,000, fantastic. Then James opened £50,000. Noel said 'right, if the £100,000 comes up next he'll do the Hokey Cokey', JT added 'we'all do it'. He went for Julia's box 21, and it really was the £100,000. JT stressed that he boses chosen were just how he would have played it if he had kept going. The offer would have been £5100, said the banker apparently in Churchill's most depressed tone (if Noel's impression was anything to go by). Noel then opened JT's box, knowing that no matter what, JT had beaten the banker - it had £20,000, and Massimo had £500.

An excellent result this; JT had faced a lot of demons through those rounds, he had declared how much he needed the money from the start, and he very courageously kept going. And then he had dealt at exactly the right time. JT had been great fun, and a great advert for the police. We were left wondering if the banker got his handcuffs - its not a pleasant image.

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JT-DOND said...

Hi JT here, I am amazed at the amount of positive response I have received for my show in the 100's on various websites and can only say thank you.
I have had one of the best experiences of my life and it has truly been life changing both financially and personally. I have had a big weight lifter off my shoulders financially and I have had the best time anyone could.
I spent 3 weeks with the most amazing group of people who bonded so tightly. We all come from so different backgrounds but all have that one thing in common, we live and breath Deal Or No Deal. Noel Edmonds genuinely wants each and every one of us to do well, the production team are one big happy family who look after us 24/7 and the fellow players, what a great bunch. Spending each hour of our waking day together. The support and love is incredible. What other show would have people spending weeks together all knowing they are going to get the chance to grab £250,000. There is no competition here, nobody has to try and be the quickest or most intelligent to play/win, we all get our chance and that's what makes it special. When someone goes away with a small amount we all feel for them (hence my offer to Lucy which I did keep) equally when someone has a great win, it's as though you've won it yourself.
Can you imagine people getting a chance to sit in a chair to play for £25,000 but noobody really wants their turn to come because they know they will leave some great friends and fun times behind.
That's the magic of the game, the characters, the uncertainty, the companionship. I for one will never forget this experience and have made so many new friends. The icing on the cake is that I went away with £39,000, did the right deal at the right time, conclusively beat the banker and as Noel said "played the perfect game". I know I shouldn't have told the banker how much I needed the money but hey, he could have made me a lower offer to force me to play on. I consider myself a very lucky man and know there are thousands wanting to be in that position. The experience was priceless. Long live DOND

Gillean said...
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Gillean said...

Thank you, JT. What about the handcuffs?

JT-DOND said...

Well, after that horrible last offer (my fault I know)he didn't get the handcuffs.
They cut out where I got the handcuffs from, it was a good luck present from the lovely Kirsty.
JT x

JT-DOND said...

After that mean and nasty 39,000 offer (should have been more but I know it was my own fault) he didn't get the handcuffs.
What they did cut out was where I got the handcuffs from, they were a good luck present from the loveable Kirsty.
JT x

Gillean said...

I think the kiss at the end of JT's last comment was for all you ladies out there, on the other hand he is single....

JT please don't send me kisses it upsets my manlyness ;-)

Anonymous said...

He aint single no more :D