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Friday, May 18, 2007

Savvas's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us to Friday in the dream factory, and talks about the cuddly game Jenine played yesterday. He then talks about the banker’s tactic of seeding the audience with his employees!!! Noel then goes on to talk about Jeff's box average of £60,000, and says we will be keeping an eye on him.

It’s Savvas’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 9. He has a small soft toy collection on top of the box!! There is a monkey and a hand puppet! We then see a few pics of Savvas's family. He talks about his hat, and says he has been wearing one all the time since the 70's... All the contestants then get out hats and put them on, and even Noel joins in and is wearing a hat

Round 1
16 - £75,000 Newbie Sam - Noel tells her to stop smiling about that
1 - 1p
17 - £5,000
14 - £750
Jeff next and Noel points out the fact he has only had 1 blue in 15 games!
13 - £10 That makes 2 blues for Jeff now

The banker says it was a bad day yesterday, as he was beaten and we also found out about his secret agents!!! Noel asks the banker if he is wearing a hat, and as he isn't, so Noel puts one on the phone! The Banker offers £10,000… Savvas says it's a good offer, but he's not surprised, as the banker knows he will be a worthy opponent… Savvas says NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £35,000 Not bad says Savvas, I can live with that...
6 - £100,000 You can't really live with that says Noel
Peter with box 5 next, and Noel asks him about his record with boxes, and he tells Noel that he has had 24 low numbers since on the show... Savvas changes his mind and doesn't go with Peter
18 - £15,000

A terrible round says Noel, and he goes on to say the Banker will have loved that round. The banker says that Savvas is a gambler, but gets the feeling he is not a reckless gambler... And he doesn't like the cautious gambler, which he thinks that Savvas is... Banker offers £15,000… Savvas thought the offer would have been less. He goes to Lynn, who tells him to think of his grandchildren, but she thinks NO DEAL… Savvas says NO DEAL

Round 3
Find the blues now says Noel...
22 - £20,000 Oh no goes Noel...
Peter next, but Noel thinks it's a risk!!
5 - £50
19 - 50p

That is exactly what you needed says Noel, and the Banker offers £17,500… Savvas gets advice from his son-in-law... Savvas says NO DEAL

Round 4
3 - £1,000
4 - £10,000 We didn't want that says Noel
You are thin ice now says Noel!!
7 - £100

Savvas says he will need other people's opinions now, as he is approaching a sticky situation now... The banker says he can't afford for Savvas to go on, and offers £22,500… Savvas asks for advice and Lynn and Jamie advise him to DEAL, as taking out the £250,000 now will result in him chasing the money. Savvas's son-in-law says that if it was a couple of grand more that Savvas would take it without hesitation, so he should really consider this... Savvas says NO DEAL

Round 5
Blue chants start
21 - £250,000 Unbelievable says Noel, how often does that happen!!
More chants
20 - 10p
11 - £500

The banker says he is really happy that Savvas turned down the last offer!! He then offers £9,000…Savvas says NO DEAL

Round 6
Savvas says he is going to the end now, as he has got to...
8 - £1
12 - £3,000
10 - £50,000

It’s time for The Banker with £5 and £250 remaining, and he offers £90… Savvas says NO DEAL

Savvas says whatever is in the box he will send to charity

Noel opens box 9 and reveals £250

Box 15 contains £5

The banker calls back and doubles the win to £500 as Savvas is giving it to charity

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