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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tom’s show

(Tonight's reporter is Sue)

Pink paisley is not Noel’s style I can’t help but wonder if it’s left over from his 80’s era - please put it back in your wardrobe. Thursdays show starts with yet another appeal to move the game away from the banker’s advantage. It’s Tom who is selected to walk the walk – a vision in yellow and a popular choice from the studio. It is his 21st game and he brings a Photo’s of his Mum and Sister Sophie and another of a crowd of friends at his 25th birthday party. Tom Grimes is shaking big time whilst telling us he is a bit of an adventure sport freak he now adds DOND to his list of exploits. His biggest risk in life so far has a been a bet of $2000 first won at poker and then placed on 3 card brag – and lost gain. Noel thinks this means we have a big gambler and therefore a possible future Quarterofamillionaire in our midst.

Round 1
Tom’s & Nan’s birthdays is 5 so Buzz’s box is selected and he starts the game with £10, followed by Rich box 9 and £1k. Next up is Carlton behind box 4 who has £50k a bit of a blow says Tom. Box 1 and £750 is next (can’t get her name). Joan is next her maiden game and box 3 gets rid of the dreaded penny to huge applause all round. Not a bad start but a dent in the power four. Tom’s first offer from the banker is the same as Sarah took home £6,000. He gives it a few seconds due consideration and announces no deal in reply to the question.

Round 2
Tom says he had hoped for psychic powers once sitting in the hot seat but was finding the view no different from his previous position in the line up. Lofty box 10 is chosen next and he reveals £250 in blue. Second in the second round is Raj and no 19 containing £100. Lovely ladyfriend June is next with box 18 – Noel halts proceedings with a break. She opens up 10p and Tom is loving this game so far – a complete blue round just when he needed it. The offer is £18k and the studio is shocked at that. I have to believe he is tempted but who ever deals at round two???? Tom’s friends advise him that he only wanted enough to take Mum and Sophie away somewhere nice. A long delay after the question and – no deal is his reply.

Round 3
Tom feels lucky – I am not so sure. Jason starts this next round with a blow to the tune of £75k. ’Mummy’ (I can’t read her name label) and box 12 is next - £10k. He considers Stevie but decides to leave the ‘black widow’ going for James instead and box 16 - £35k. The offer from the man on the phone is £4011 (Stevie has box 11). No deal comes back quite smartly. Tom is on his feet geeing up support.

Round 4
Number 8, Janie? and £15k is his first call this round. Becca and box 13 lightens the mood with 50pence. Next up is Suzanne and box 17 – once again a break is called leaving us in suspense, willing the ads to hurry up and be over. Back with a cuppa 5 reds and 4 blues on the board - box 17 contains the £3k.
Tom falters a little and almost calls his next box – interrupted by the phone and the offer is now £11k. He consults with Emma she is positive – his answer is no deal.

Round 5
In…..trest….in, says Tom Grimes. Next box is Peter box 20 a blue for the crew is requested – a red is produced £20k is gone. No 6 is next a lady in orange (with another unreadable name badge) opens the £500 to the delight of all in the room. Noel appeals for calm and concentration. Tom goes for (maybe in more ways than one) Emma and box 7, she reveals £5k Tom is bouncing up and down and shouting now. There remains, £100k and £ 250k on the red side and £1, £5 and 50p on the blue side of the board.

The banker is subdued apparently, Tom is busy taking deep breaths trying to stay calm – the offer is £33k. He surely must deal????? The mates are called down from the seats behind – they advise Tom to ‘take the dough’. The remaining boxes are all special numbers for Tom and he thinks they mean him to go on, but £33k is an awful lot of money and everyone is telling him so. Noel counsel’s Tom with the two scenario’s on waking up tomorrow morning. His reply to the question – Deal. Phew!

Playing on to the final outcome, box 11 is opened first - £1. Colin and box 15 is next with £50. Finally in this round he would have selected Drew and box 22 - £100k. Leaving Tom with blue -£5 and red - £250k up on the board. His offer at this point would have been £99k – three times what he dealt at. Whose box is it in? Noel opens box 14 Tom tries not to look as he reveals the £5 to genuine delight all round. The final word in this very entertaining game goes to Stevie – opening her box no 11 and it contains the £250k - of course. Finally someone had the sense to get the hint and leave her to the end.

Good call Tom – great game I know you will enjoy the dough.

Bye for now - don’t forget to send us your comments

Tom won £33,000.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the commentary Sue...we had a power cut just when Tom dealt...wouldn't you just know it was going to be £1 and £50 next! Still,too much of a chance to take(unless you're Morris!)...Wonder what'll be in Stevie's box when she gets to play...could it be the first opening offer from The Banker of £100,000?!