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Monday, May 08, 2006

Emma B's Game Report

[Sue here, sitting in for Iain who is on his travels again, he will be back tomorrow]

Noel starts today’s show with big compliments for Morris who everyone agreed, had self-belief and was very courageous. There is definitely a tense atmosphere in the studio reflecting on the power of Saturday’s show. Emma B was selected and she couldn’t be more different visually at least. We wait to see about her courage etc.

Hubby, Mum & various others are in the audience. Noel asks if she had ‘smelled a rat today’ as they all happened to be there today. Emma denies this as there have been lots of her people there every day; she is after all, a local girl.

Today’s contestant is a litigation team manager (one of those terrible coffin chaser firms) who is apparently not very good with money but no worries because she has a body to die for. Sadly Iain is not watching this as he would enjoy the view. Emma is clutching a photo showing a whole bevy of similarly built bridesmaid’s in long red dresses. She also has one of her Nan plus Nan’s eternity ring and some tears feature here but Noel sways her from getting too personal too early. Lucky bear Noel completes the set of good luck items - this is Emma's 22nd show.

Round 1;
First choice is box no. 7, is opened by June and contains £500. Smiler Dave opens his box no. 9 and reveals the £1. Third up is Simone box no. 11 and a cool £5k. Janey next has £100k in her box no. 21. Then Max opens the last box in this first round to hold £250. Awaiting the offer Emma confesses to be quite a gambler – unable to walk past a fruit machine without feeding money into it.
The banker apparently spent all of Sunday in the recovery position – on a yacht in Monaco. The opening offer is £7,900. The studio applause is polite but unconvincing. She consults the family who advise by committee, the decision is - No Deal.

Round 2;
Fran box no. 2 starts the round with the £75k. Tom then opens box 7 and the £100. Finally box no. 19 & Terry take us into the break. Back from the break brings on the 50p and huge cheers. Awaiting the offer the game takes on crash damage assessment and Emma is quietly confident. The banker is also confident and throws in £10,000. Emma consults again – shades of pre-arranged mind games going on here. No deal - surprise surprise.

Round 3;
Jason’s box 17 holds £3000, followed closely by Pan no. 15 who has the £50k. The audience tries to boost the mood with vigorous applause. Emma has no problem – like Morris, she believes. Emma continues with box 13 revealing the dreaded penny to loud cheers. A huge gap now yawns between the £35k and the £250k. The banker matches the family’s mind games, repeating his last offer of £10k. The family advises one more deal – again. The Hubby sounds more sensible advising caution. Emma makes up her own mind the gambler – No deal.

Round 4
Positivity and focus is called for at this stage by Noel. Emma calls for Raj & box 6, who opens the £35k, opening the gap further. Swiftly on, Rich opens up £10 in box 5 to nervous cheers of relief. Lastly a seemingly calm Emma selects box 10 with a smile for lovely Lofty. Noel stands very briefly in front of Lofty until he realises his neck is at a dangerously strange angle to remain in that position long. We go to break.
Amazingly the team has produced best friend Vicky from somewhere across Bristol and she and Emma hug - sweet. Noel fills Vicky in on the situation and Vicky assists by standing with Lofty as he reveals £10k. Emma does look a bit nervous and Lofty is truly comfortable next to the gorgeous Vicky who has permission to stay where she is. Whilst waiting for the phone to ring Emma declares her other Nana doesn’t believe the banker is real – she speaks to him and confirms he has a sexy voice and passes on love and kisses before handing the phone to Noel for the offer which is £14,000. There is a great deal of emotion in the studio – no-one wants another Morris game even though the drama is nowhere near Saturdays show. Noel leans in and urges Emma to consider it very seriously – real cash money. Mum and hubby advise the deal. Emma – the gambler who ‘believes she has the £250k in her box is on the spot now to put her £14,000 where her mouth is. Deal.

Round 5;
Gary and box 12 then reveals the fiver. Next is Buzz and box 16 containing £250. Simon follows with his box no.20 and the £15k.. Oh dear, Emma may well have the big one in her box. The offer at this point would have been a gut wrenching £31,000. She does genuinely look a bit sick now.

Box 18 next has £1,000. Box 22 Would have been Patricia’s but in her absence Rich opens it and finally finds the £250,000. Emma’s last box in the round would have been Sarah’s, Noel calls for, and gets the £20k., leaving just 10p and £50 on the board, the offer from the banker at this point would have been £14 – Emma dealt at £14k her box held the 10pence.

‘Oh wicked’ Emma does her Chantelle (Big Brother) impressions despite being brunette. Why do I think that phrase is used to exhaustion around the Bristol night clubs not the least from best friend Vicky who at least appears to be blonde?

This was by comparison a gentle game after the roller-coaster ride that was Morris’ but someone had to go next. Noel congratulated Emma, assuring her that her (decd.) Nan would be proud of her for being sensible

Emma B won - £14,000.


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