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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Morris' Game Report

The continuity man has just said, 'Here on four, you can lose much more than your boyfriend in Deal or No Deal.' Don't you think thats interesting? A stark recognition that the player on DOND can lose! On the face of it, even if a player ends up wih a penny, it is a penny more than they had at the start, but in the middle of the game they may have a lot more than they do at the end. Its Saturday's game and Noel is wearing that black velvet jacket again, but we are earlier in the day now, perhaps it was supposed to be broadcast up against How Wants to be a Millionaire, but Channel 4 have shyed away?

Finally its Morris, an end to odes. Morris Simpson, from Huddersfield, a network learning development officer, helping people get back to work - Eddie Murphy meets Bittie McLean (the guy who sang Be Happy). He had brought pictures of his brother when they were both kids and of his girlfriend with whom he has two kids. This teenager was actually 30 years old. He had a system, 4:4:2, he was going to play football with the banker. Morris started by thanking everyone in DOND, including those who 'see you off the bus', this was a really nice guy who's only problem was diabolical poetry.

Round one: Francesca, the new girl, opened box 22 - 'I hope its a blue just for you', we were going to hear a lot of really bad poetry tonight, and I'll spare you the absolute worst - £10,000. Patricia was still poorly, so Rich opened box 17 - 10p, 'best make seventeen the lowest box ever seen', Smiler box 9 - 'Morris you love to rhyme, lets hope there''s a blue in number 9'. I'm thinking June, its kinda hot in June, she opened box 14 - £75,000 - blazing hot. No 2 , Simon - this box is red its number two, and in it is a tiny blue - £250. Morris suggested it was 1-0 to Morris. The banker had left a poem written on parchment, An Ode to Morris, I couldn't record all of it but it ended' .... goodbye from me your faithful banker, some say your great, but I think you are a nice chap', at least that was how Noel said it ended. The offer was £4590 - 'No deal'.

Round two: Box 5, Rich opened his own box - £1000. Raj, box 18 - £100,000. 'I know your from yorkshire, good and true, I hope this is another blue', said DOND's Julian Clary. After the break, the gorgeous Sarah got my pulse racing with - 'Morris we think you are a total fox, I hope there's something lovely for you in my box', and then she revealed £100. The score by Morris' reckoning now was 1 - 1. The banker saw himself as the goalkeeper, he saves, he was Gordon Banks. The offer now was £9000, which seemed good considering Morris had got rid of two of the power five. Morris wanted to press on, but Noel asked Garry who wanted him to win a life changing amount - he deserved it. Morris was clearly a major favourite of the contestant pool. 'No Deal' he said bashfully.

Round three: Lofty, 'I'm from Yorkshire and he's full of tricks, I hope its a blue in box number 6'. - £50, Buzz, 'When I open this box clench your fist, when you win a lot of money we'll all get ....drunk', he opened box 12 - £750 - keeping his all-blue record in tact. . He promised to do the hokey cokey if Tan produced the 1p, but Tan opened box 15 - £15,000. Morris was calling 2-1 to himself, Simon said 'you have your striker, three mid fielders, and a good defence', I think the banker should worry about Simon. The offer was £12,500, Morris immediately wrinkled his nose, signalling that this was not going to make him walk. Noel warned that many had left with a lot less, but Morris said he was going all the way, and he was going to leave with 'the No Deal Cup'.

Round four: Janie, box 11 - 50p. Morris clapping and walking, 'lets get this quarter of a million'. Susie, box 10 - £3000. Poetry was going now, the tension building. Emma B 'could be the keeper' said Morris, she had box 1, so he moved on. Jason, box 3 was after the break - he opened £50,000. 'Its alright, its alright', said Morris. 'Why is it alright?' asked Noel, 'Cause I'm going all the way, the £250k is in my box'. And he though that the score was now 2-2. The banker thought he was bluffing, the offer was £10,000, Morris just smiled and nodded his head, he wanted to get on. Noel tried to get him to consider things carefully, but Morris was resolute - 'No deal'.

Round five: Noel stepped back from him as if he was a firework about to go off. Box 21 was Mark - £5. Noel began to look as if it might happen. Moris stopped smiling, box 8 - the beautiful Terry 'Morris, Morris I think you are great, I know there is a low one in box number 8' - 1p. 'Believe' shouted Morris, pacing in front of the audience. He went for box 13, Emma D, she said 'Morris Morris you're a star, I just hope in this box its a blue', losing it completely, but she lifted the lid on £1. That was an all blue round, the big one was still in play and people wanted to laugh, cheer, shout and clap, but couldn't, because their hands were over their mouths, could this be the day? Morris thought it had to be 4-2 to him, he was 'convinced' that the quarter of a million was in his box, he would be the first to win it....'Saturday night TV', he said looking to the stars. The offer was £29,000, moving into real money now. But Morris sat back and just looked at the box, he was living the dream, the money was in his box - 'No deal'. The audience, were now shouting and clapping for all they were worth.

Round six: At this point we were down to four reds including the big one against the £500. Tom opened box 19 - £5000. You could see people thinking its going to happen, rubbing their hands, stroking their hair, eyes wide open. Emma B, box 1 - £35,000. Morris puffing now, shaking his head, eyes closed, holding his lucky cross. He had to avoid the £250,000, but it felt as if that was never in doubt. 'I'm going to go for Garry'. This was box 20, the contestants held hands and Garry was just about to lift the seal, when Morris shouted, he had paused the game not because he had changed his mind, but to join the West Wing for one last time, joining in the hand-holding. Garry said, 'Morris Morris we love you, and in my box is the last blue', and it was! £500. So now were are down to £20,000 versus £250,000. Morris was now running round the audience front row, clapping the hands of each person, shouting 'we are going to open that box'. Noel's jacket came off, someone wolf -whistled which cut the atmosphere, there was a momentary laugh, but too much was at stake, and silence reigned. Everyone in the studio was praying that Morris could do it. Noel listened to the banker without saying a word. He replaced the receiver, walked up the walk of wealth and then said 'Morris, the offer...comes after the break'. You want to break his legs when he does that. On the return, Noel said 'the banker's offer is now £101,000'. 'Good offer, thats where the extra courage comes now', said Morris. It was an automatic answer, one he had probably prepared during the break, he was going on no matter what. Noel was worried now, trying to get through to Morris, trying to get Morris to listen to him, he did not want Morris to walk away from a life changing amount of money. Morris returned to his place on the West Wing, and looked at the board, his friends, his neighbouring contestants hugging him as he went. Noel sat on his chair, he was like an exam invigilator waiting for time to be called, he tried to look calm, but he knew, everyone knew what Morris was going to do. The studio was silent apart from Morris gasping for air, as he built himself up to say the words. As the camera panned around the studio, my screen was filled with people praying to the god of DOND. Morris returned to the desk and swapped banter with Noel - the final scene of Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. Asked the question Morris's face went through every expression it had and then 'No deal'. The crowd roared.

The banker phoned back to offer the swap, and Morris shook his head. Morris was staying with his lucky number, despite being up against box 7. 'I'm going to show the country that I had the guts and the courage to go all the way'. Noel went to the box, 'are you going to be the first?', he repeated the question three times, everyone waited to see the £250,000, and then he lifted the lidand there it was....£20,000. Someone had just puched Morris, he had fallen back about a yard, his head off to the side, he couldn't believe it, he was so convinced that it was there that he waited for the £20,000 to somehow turn into the right amount, but Maxine had it in box 7.

Just the best game we've seen yet. Full of character, love, excitement, courage and drama. The continuity man was right in that people can lose playing DOND, Morris had dropped £81,000, but you can win a lot more than money with this game, and Morris had hit the jackpot. Well done Morris, you played a blinder.

Morris won £20,000


Anonymous said...

This was the best episode I've seen. I'd always found Morris irritating, but today he made up for the weeks he'd spent torturing the art of poetry.

The entertainment value of the game largely depends on which numbers are left at the end. But Morris really knew how to wring every last bit of tension out of the series of cliffhangers he was presented with. He valued the limelight more than the money, I think, and while the two-fifty was still there, would never have dealt no matter what the offer was.

It was refreshing that, at last, someone who promised to go right to the end ACTUALLY DID IT. I was sorry that his bravery didn't pay off financially, but it was, of course, still a triumph. People who've ended up with more money have seemed like losers. You're right to say that Morris won this game - perhaps even the series - and it was clear from his face at the end that he knew it.

gaz99er said...

iain - morris is trying to leave a comment but cant get in - please email him at janus1976@vodafone.net cheers Gaz