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Monday, May 01, 2006

Francesca's game

The emotional rolercoaster

Noels’s almost paisley shirt today reminds me of his swap-shop days I had a matching douvet cover and curtains (and skirt).

Francesca is chosen and looking suitably shocked runs over to the round table blowing kisses whilst vowing to ride the roller coaster. Recently made redundant and secretly glad, as she believes in one door closing and another opening – the dond door in this instance.

Her lucky colour is green and she chooses Number 20 Sarah wearing green opens £10 closely followed by no 2 and Emma with £10k. Raj is next up with box 10 and 50pence. Simon No 4 reveals the fiver to calm the situation down. Welcome to Rich in box 1 containing the one penny. Delight all round but I have seen this before and my heart sinks a little with all these early blues. Francesca tells us in the meantime that she was hyperactive as a child and certainly does not seem to have calmed down any since. The banker at this point is not worried and throws a £9 ½ k offer in to the ring. Francesca turns it down wanting to ride the roller coaster some more yet. No deal.

Round 2
No 5 Max is selected and opens up the £10k. Silence. Next up is Terry with his box no 3 and the £15k. Gary is chosen with his box 16, and instructed to await the break before opening. We resume with Francesca and Gary knocks out the £100 blue to delighted cheers from the contestants. The banker's turn to speak and his offer is £5k which brings us back to reality with a bump. She doesn’t bite and the answer is no deal.

Round 3
Morris’s box number 12 is next with the ode ‘For me you’ll do and box 12 he hopes is a blue’ – No – it is £20k this time. Sandy opens no 8 next - £3k which is ‘ok’ with Francesca. Finally in this round we have lovely Pat with no 7 who holds a magical £1 coloured blue. Pat has her usual tete a tete with Noel about feelings and hands as the phone rings with the offer of £17k meant, I am sure to sway F’s resolve and positivity. I don’t think this offer will be repeated and F is tempted. She runs a sweep asking for the panels’ opinions – the majority of whom advise ‘No deal’ apart from Pat who tries to bring some reality into the situation. I tend to agree with but not knowing Francesca’s circumstances can’t speak for her. Lofty is selected to take her seat and give his view – he ‘deals’ for Francesca but ‘no deals’ for himself. Is this all a show for the audience – could she possibly consider it? She doesn’t, but gives it serious thought before declining.

Round 4
Box no 18 Tan ‘goes for it’ with the blue £750. Huge applause from the audience. Second chioce is Tom No 11 Francesca cals for 10pence – but she gets £250k greeted with silence. Third choice, and with huge backup from the panels is no 13 lucky for F’s mum, Jason who then has to wait for the ads. On the return he opens up the £1k which is fine all round. We now have 4 on each side including 3 of the power 5. The phone call is a respectable £8k which no one expects Francesca to take. She considers it but declines. The exitement of the ride is too much.

Round 5
Dave (smiler) with box 14 opens - £50k – a blow at this point. Next is 22 and Lofty reaching down into the contents of his box picks out the 10p. The last box in this round is 21 and Tricia, who knocks out the blue £250 with huge relief and cheers all round. The bell rings and the whole studio appears to be holding their breath.
At this pont there are, reds - £5k, £35k, £75k and blues - £50 and £500 remaining on the board. The offer is £20k does. Francesca call time on the ride or does she have the guts, will and determination to take it to the end??? what is her breaking point? As ever it is real cash money not a gamble. Awesome decision and excellent timing and luck – she deals.

Onward to the end with Patrick and box 6 containing £5k, next is box 17 and £500 there are still the £35k and £75k on the board. Box 19 reveals the £75k by Gaz leaving Francesca the £35k and the £50. The offer at this point would have been £10k everyone is delighted. Final housekeeping showed Francesca’s box no 9 to contain the blue £50.

Well done positive lady – enjoy your booty.

Francesca wins £20,000


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