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Friday, May 12, 2006

Suzy's show

The Friday dond show kicks off as usual with Noel in ebullient mood – and me with thesaurus to hand prepared to wow you faceless fans out there with my efforts.

Suzy is chosen to walk the walk of wealth and she arrives sporting a sparkling red top and matching lipstick the same red of the red boxes she does remind me of someone – who will surely come to mind. The first piece of good luck appears to be a glasses case but no, that’s so she can see the board. A blue envelope is tucked away into Noels book for the end of the show. Photo’s of a man on a camel in the Sinai desert and one of her niece going off travelling.

Suzy is some sort of chemical salesperson (No she is a real person I hear you say)but is self employed. She currently has invested the time taken for 21 shows into this venture. Women’s intuition is her system – and good friends many of whom are around her.

Round 1
James is selected to kick off, he has replaced Gary and this is his first show, box no 8 reveals the 50p. Next is Sarah’s box no 2 opening up the £750. Rich, box 4 has £5k then it’s Janie, her box 10 held the fiver. Buzz has the final say in this round everyone appealing for his usual blue – but Buzz gets a yellow card again dispatching the £100k – Suzy appears disappointed but not phased whilst waiting for the phone to ring. She immediately personalises her show with a request for enough to take her Mother to Venice on the Orient Express. The banker reveals his gem for the day – it’s his birthday and his offer to Suzy is £5k. She tries to appear pleased but I can’t help thinking that they have all been rehearsed in this reaction to his first offer – a bit like the losing nominees at a televised award ceremony. The off the cuff reaction would be I am thinking a little more spontaneous and possibly requiring the bleep machine. …….No Deal

Simone and box 17 is picked first in this round, she knocks out the £20k. Peter and number 11 is chosen next, he opens the £10 to loud cheers from the studio. Tan next and No 5 is Suzy’s travel companion, apparently they met at Paddington. Noel calls the break. Tan is the only guy who not only still owns, but still wears a flashy ‘weskitt’ as my Grandad would have said. Despite this I have to say he looks quite ‘fit’ as my Grandad would never have said. Back after the break and Tan and Suzy wave a fond “bye bye” to the £250k. The banker throws in an offer of just £1000 – not too difficult a decision, no deal.

Round 3
Tom, and box 9 next gives us £500. Onward to Maxine box 22 holding the £1. Last box in the third round goes to Fran number 3 and the 1p. The usual relief and pandemonium reigns throughout the studio. The contestants are well optimistic but Lofty urges Suzy to proceed with caution. The next offer from the man on the phone is £10,000 this is the one she should take to be safe and he knows it but she still has 7 reds, 5 higher than the offer and just 4 blues remaining. She turns down the 10k, I hope she stays calm and positive.

Round 4
Emma and box number 1 is chosen next, swiftly dispatching the £35k. Lofty is consulted on the contents of his box he announces that he refuses ever to make a prediction again. Suzy sticks with him anyway and he exposes (thank you thesaurus) just £100. June box 13 spoils the mood a little removing the £75 from the running, not a good round, the banker will know it. Noel sweeps the contestants for their prediction on the upcoming offer – the highest is £5k. The offer comes after the break and Suzy is still determined to be positive her smile is looking a little like a grimace by now though, and doesn’t improve when she hears - £2,800. She appears to consider a moment, her answer to Noel’s question is – no deal.

Round 5
Patricia and box 14 is asked to help clear up the blue side – she fails £3k. Mark with box 12 then takes out the £15k. Finally Jason is asked to find a blue in this round – he complies with £50.

Round 6
Blues 10p and £250 are left £1k, £10k and still the £50k in reds remain on the board. Suzy talks about a fine line between bravery and recklessness. I recall Noel saying once it’s a very risky thing, to take no risks in life – they seem to be on the same wavelength. The offer according to the banker sits on that fine line £6,125 representing the high speed train apparently. A sweep around the contestants for advice shows a few would take it. Will Suzy – her answer this time is – Deal. I just did my own sweep around the kids and they have come up with who she reminds me of – not Kermit but Chucky from Rugratt’s. A very well loved American cartoon character.

Playing on after dealing, Suzy has Buzz Lightyear open Raj’s box who is absent today, box 7 contained £1000. Next box 19 opened by Simon held £10k. The final box no 15 opened by Stevie is the last red on the board - £50k. Chucky’s choice was the right one. The last offer of the game would have been £125 – she dealt at £6,125. No deal would have been her answer at this point and Noel reveals her box to contain just 10p.

Her letter from Noel’s book and read out at the end of the show tells the world that whatever had happened in the game could not have affected her already happy and complete life – very nice and I think genuine.

Suzy won £6,125.

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