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Friday, May 19, 2006

Raj's Game Report

Friday, just like that, its the end of the week, Noel was wearing his pyjamas, at least the top half, and it was time for our daily dose of Deal or No Deal. 'You could have a good weekend with £15,000' said Noel talking up the phone-in game - I clearly don't live in the same world as Noel. He then went on to summarise the week so far; Tom yesterday, had a brilliant game, giving the others a lot of confidence, but he could have done better.

Today's player was Raj Pama (or possibly Parmar), he reminded me of an Indian version of Robert Mitchum (circa 1948), who had been waiting through 32 shows. Raj was 25, from Bradford, an events manager at a local radio station. He loved Bollywood and wanted to go to India wih his winnings and become a star. Noel said he certainly could - he had a 'big twinkle', which Noel missed and Raj managed to leave well alone, although there was a lot of sniggering going on the in wings. A very popular guy was Raj, Buzz voiced the thoughts of them all saying he was sorry to see him leave. Raj said he wasn't leaving. Apart from the big twinkle, which is really none of my business, Raj had a glint in his eyes, and a face that smiled even when hit with a cricket bat.

Round one: Suzanne, box 10 - 1p. Raj was immediately off his chair, hands up to his mouth, the crowd cheering. Emma was going to be next. 'Why?' asked Noel. 'Because she is too gorgeous' said Raj, no argument there. She opened box 1 - £50. The equally gorgeous Becca was next, box 5 - £20,000 - not the power five but close. The crowd went quiet. Raj turned round and clapped, beckoning them to join in. He looked back to the contestants, the smile wider than ever. Janey, box 14 - £500 - yells and whoops coming from the crowd. Finally for the opening round Raj went for Fran, box 20 - £35,000. Noel looked serious, 'The promising start is not sustained, how will the banker see you?' he asked. 'I'm glam, take me for what I am' said Raj, ok Robert Mitchum wouldn't have said that, maybe we are going for Rock Hudson. The banker claimed to be eating humble pie after Tom's game because he had paid £33,000 for a £5 box, he offered £5200. 'No deal' said Raj, he was loving every minute of this.

Round two: Lofty, box 6 - £15,000. The smile was shifting now, becoming wistful, but he was still smiling. Rich next with, box 7 - £5. Buzz was going to be next, because, as he said himself he 'only deals in blues'. 'A Bollywood epic, or a straight-to-video disaster', mused Noel after the break. Buzz opened box 17 - £3000. The round was good but not great. Noel and Raj both expected a rise in the offer, and they were right - £10,400. Raj could easily get to India for that amount, and live like a king when there. For a moment he faltered, his dream was in reach. I could just picture him in gold silks, surrounded by Indian dancers, wooing his heroine with some song that required lots of smiles and twinkles. But he knew everyone in front of him, and we now know from Tan's photos that Raj was a player in the hotel bar, he had a reputation to keep up. The dream would have to wait, his 'no deal' was emphatic. Emma jumped up and down in support.

Round three: He was going for Stevie with box 4. Noel tried harder than ever to disuade him, but the number was not one of the ones he wanted to keep, so Raj insisted. Stevie of course opened her lid on a power five - £75,000. He went to his ex-neighbour for comfort, June opened box 2 - £10. Gorgoeus Jo, the new, buxom, lass, opened box 15 - £50,000. Raj showed a picture of his Mum - really beautiful - the banker asked how much for his Mum's phone number. '£250,000' said Raj, the first contestant to actually consider selling his mother on national TV. The offer now was £6600, a drop of £3800; the banker had baited the hook, and now Raj was being reeled in. He had no choice - 'No deal'.

Round four: Raj was hesitant, the smile hidden behind praying hands, he settled on Patricia, box 22 - £10,000. Simone warned that she had not had anything over £20,000 yet. Noel double-checked with Raj that he wanted to go ahead given Simone's warning, reminding him that the last time he ignored a warning (from Stevie) it had been disastrous. Again Raj insisted, 12 was not one of his numbers, Simone opened box 12 - £100,000. This was now a one box game - a drop of £245,000 from the top to the next highest box. Raj had to avoid the big one in all future box selections, he went for Colin, box 19 - £250,000 - game over. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. The studio was silenced, contestants were in shock, a star of Bollywood had been extinguished, and yet Raj still smiled, he genuinely seemed to be enjoying the twists of his journey. The offer was now £320, and again he had no choice but to continue, by this point it was already clear that he was going to the end of the road.

Round five: He had to get rid of the last two numbers that were not on his list: Carlton, box 13 - £250. Drew, 16 - £750.Now he was down to numbers he was supposed to keep, he was looking at four blues against two reds. He went for Mark, box 18 - £100. Waiting for the banker's call Noel started talking complete nonsense about the banker making 'a just offer based on Raj's contribution to the series'. The banker's offer was £640, which was only to be expected. Noel reminded Raj of the previous Raj who left with 10p. Raj nodded but still said 'No deal'.

Round six: The contestants were holding hands hoping that he would end up with the £5000 that was still left on the board. Raj turned, asking the audience to hold hands as well, and they started chanting 'blue, blue, blue'. Raj went for Peter, box 3 - 10p - perfect. Jason next, opened box 9 - £1000 - only one red left in play. Raj, now dancing to the tune of the audiences' blue chant, selected James with box 11 - £5000. Again the studio fell silent, this man had been part of DOND for 32 shows and he was going to leave with pennies, he was left with the choice between £1 and 50p. The offer was 64p. Raj almost laughing hysterically said 'No deal'. This was not a tragedy because Raj genuinely seemed to be enjoying himself, he had tremendous powers of resilience.

Noel opened Raj's box 8, he had £1. Joan opened box 21 - 50p. The camera went to Emma who was crying, eventually the contestants crowded round Raj to hug, they were all much more upset than he seemed to be, so maybe it was to make them feel better.

So Tom's game was a flash in the pan, the banker reigns supreme. But Raj did win: not in money, but he earned huge respect for the way he handled himself throughout the game, and I suspect that we have not seen the last of this man. Raj may not be able to get to Bollywood, but perhaps the Kumars at No 42?

Raj won £1


Anonymous said...

Raj is 25, not 38! Noel said 38 as a joke, then gave his correct age. And I presume his surname is spelt 'Parmar'.

Anonymous said...

Raj is 25, not 38! Noel said 38 as a joke, then gave his correct age. And I presume his surname is spelt 'Parmar'.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame about Raj, and the cheerful way he handled his downfall made me all the more sympathetic.

That 64p offer is surely the lowest ever, isn't it? He probably should've taken it, just to go down in DonD history.