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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Philip's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel says there is a wonderful atmosphere in the studio at the moment as The Banker is trying to cause a battle of the wings!! He runs through some of the occupations of the contestants and leaves it up to us to decide the best wing...

It’s Philip’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he has box 15. Noel welcomes his best mate to the pound table! Philip works for a security firm, and tells Noel he would love to win enough to set up his own business. Philip has no pics to show us, he says they are in his head, as he doesn't want any distractions while playing his game. He has a few special numbers that he will leave until the end...

Round 1
Philip wants lots of noise today from the audience.
6 - £3,000
5 - £100,000 OH NOT AGAIN says Noel
7 - £5,000
11 - £750
20 - £50,000 OH NO says Noel again

The Banker says hello to the west wing, and describes them as a quality wing. Newbie Lynn gets an early introduction and an apology from Noel for being put on the east wing!! Noel says he went out for a drink at the weekend with his best mate Phil and they were mixed up as twins!! Noel then gets out a couple hats that have "Noel's best mate" and "Phil's best mate" written on them!! He also has some badges and a photo of him and Philip fishing together!! They both then put on their hats and badges. The Banker offers £9,000, and Philip says NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £500 Big cheers
1 - £10 More cheers
Philip says he can start to feel the carnival atmosphere in the studio now, and then shows us a few moves!!
18 - £5

Good moment for an all blue round says Noel. The Banker says there is something in the air at the moment, and wonders if there is something in the contestants who wear hats at the pound table. He is convinced Philip will play all the way to the end, and offers £19,000. Noel says we can both go for another fishing trip with that money, and Philip replies that it's Noel treat this time, as he paid last time! Philip says NO DEAL

Round 3
3 - £100
Noel asks if Philip can do another all blue round...
14 - £15,000
12 - £250 A big shout from Philip

The Banker has a dig at Noel, and says that Noel never gets a round in! He then offers £26,000. The Banker tries his magic number that has worked for him in the past. Philip tells Noel that he had his first bet when he was 10 on the Grand National and he is a gambling man, but also that a gambling man knows when to quit. He then says he is waiting for The Banker to call back and raise the offer!!! The Banker does call back!! But he tells Noel that Philip let something slip and by saying that he was waiting for an improved offer it reveals that Philip is bluffing about playing to the end!! And he won’t be increasing the offer!! Philip says DEAL

That receives a mixed reaction from the audience and Philip says he hopes he doesn't regret that decision. Noel says it's really rare for an early deal to be the correct decision, and this is going to fascinating now. Philip tells us that "she who must be obeyed" wouldn't have forgiven him if he lost the £26,000, hence the deal

Round 4 - Proveout round
21 - 1p Would have been the perfect start says Noel
22 - £1,000 Now there is a very hushed mood in the studio says Noel
Philip has to find the £250,000 now
19 - £75,000 Not enough says Noel

The banker says Philip is HIS best friend now... He would have offered £35,000, and Philip says it's not good, and Noel says the other half won't be happy about that!!

Round 5 - Proveout round
16 - £250,000 BIG CHEERS and a bit of relief there...
Philip says that is a BIG RELIEF
8 - 50p
4 - £50

The banker would have offered £10,000, and it was only one deal too soon, unless you have the £35,000 says Noel...

Round 6 - Proveout round
9 - £10,000
17 - £35,000 BIG CHEERS
13 - £20,000 MORE CHEERS

It’s time for The Banker with 10p and £1 remaining, and he would have offered 26p

Philip says he would have been divorced if he went this far!!!!

Noel opens Philip’s box 15 and reveals £1

Box 10 contains 10p

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