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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Separated by a common language

The following has been sent through from Robert - RandomThoughts - and I paste it below with thanks to him.

Been doing a bit of searching on the net and found this
interesting link. It takes a few seconds or minutes to load depending on your connection. It's a promo trailer for the USA version of DOND with Howie Mandel. It's very interesting to see the differences. One is that the boxes are suitcases. There are 26 suitcases instead of 22 boxes. The suitcases are held by buxom wenches all dressed the same. And of course the amounts are different.

Boy hasn't Howie Mandell changed? I remember him as a tousel haired young actor in various B movie comedies. Now he's doing a Yul Brenner or Kojak look.

Here are a couple more trailers you will enjoy:

This first one is an associated press news report. In the next Howie Mandel shows off the set and there is an interview with the Dutch inventor of the show called Dick. It's quite fascinating :)

Here's a great trailer will get you yelling at your tv ;)

Finally here Howie teaches us how to play the USA version of DOND.

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