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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sarah won £27,000

Sarah took box number 22 up to the front, it reminded her of 'food and fun' and the number two looked like a duck. Sarah has been a regular contributer during the series of shows in which she has been involved, her estimates of what might be offered by the banker ranging from £150,000 to £350,000 ('or more'). She has given the image of being crazy, but something told me she was crazy like a fox - the quality of game playing seems to improve with every show, and I suspect this was a tremendous effort to throw the banker off her scent...and it seemed to be working.

Round one: First box contained £15,000, while box 8 (a pretzel for some reason) had £750, followed by £50, £100 and to end the round James opened box 10 (or as Sarah called it 'a windsock and a doughnut') to reveal £5. A really strong round, what would the banker make of Sarah? She thought he should offer £13,350, and up on hearing this he immediately phoned to say 'No Deal'. The offer as given by the banker was a pretzel, minus a duck, plus three doughnuts (£6000), and Sarah excitedly said 'Oh, my daughter said I should accept the first offer', but she said 'no deal'.

Round two: £35,000, £250 and £10,000. The board now contained 8 reds, and 6 blues, the banker's offer needed to be higher than for round one, and indeed it was - £9100. Sarah got up from her chair, moving round the studio to view the board from different angles - attempting to recreate how she viewed the board when she was a contestant in earlier games - a good tactic this, a bit like relying on training when in an emergency. She returned to her chair and turned down the offer. But the smile was going now, the stress of her position was beginning to break through.

Round three: £75,000, 10p and then Sarah choose box 12, to be told by Wendy that it should be called the 'windy duck'. The box contained £1000. The banker offered a very mean £4000, which she rejected. Why did the banker offer such a low amount - maybe he too could see the stress in Sarah.

Round four: £500, £10, £3000. Another strong round, leaving 5 reds and 3 blues. According to Aaron's calculation there was an average of £53,000 per box, which meant the banker should offer something in the £30ks. The banker almost agreed; offering £27,000. 'Right, I need to ask some people', said Sarah, to which Noel wrily asked, 'are they here in this building?' Lucy, said 'if you are happy with £27,000 then stop now'. Sarah seemed confident, Noel asked her the question and she said 'Deal'. She said she had a gut feeling that it was time to stop, we were about to find out if she was right.

Round five: Now Sarah was picking numbers that had 'frightened' her 1p, £50,000 and £250,000 - unbelievable, but she would not have picked those boxes had she still been in the running. The banker offered £10,000.

Round six: ,£100,000, £5000. The offer would now have been £6000, a surprise to Sarah who expected the banker to say £32,000. Sarah's box actually contained £1, so her 'maddness' had been a perfect cover, she could not have won any more.

Well done Sarah, probably a fan of the Beatles' Fool on the hill.

Tomorrow's show is on at 4.30pm, so the relevant report will not be ready until around 5.20pm.

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