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Monday, March 20, 2006

Barbara won £1

Settled in, large mug of tea, waded through the end of Countdown (Des hates Carol), and up came Noel right on cue, back in the 4.15pm slot.

The spotlight fell on Barbara today - a hint of Michelle Pfeiffer - if you are reading this Barbara keep smiling, she has a great smile, it makes her look so much younger. Barbara took her box up to the front, and got through Noel's questions without giving too much away, including where she lives in case she got any 'begging letters'. Tempting fate maybe?.

We know from Aaron that this is actually the same audience that shouted and cheered for Jim, how would they be now?

Round one: £500, £100, 10p, all going well, Noel speculating that maybe this would be their first all-blue opening round, it was of course the kiss of death, Janet opened the £250,000. Barbara brushed it off, seriously undamaged and pulled up £1000 for the last box of the round. Banker's offer £4500. I can't believe there will ever be anyone who deals at this stage, and Barbara was no exception. The audience clapped politely, Barbara sat tightly formed on her bar stool

Round two: £5000, £250 and £50 on the return from the break. This left a strong board 6 blues and 8 reds, except the £250,000 was missing. Noel went to Barbara's husband for more information on her, but she loudly told him to be careful, keeping it tight, clever girl. The banker now offered £9000, but Barbara didn't think twice before dismissing it.

Round three: £5, Matt opened £100,000 for the absent Alan, again Barbara seemed completely unphased, and in fact went to Matt again - he couldn't do red twice could he? Yes he could, he opened £50,000. This time Barbara's mask was slipping, biting her lip, and looking even more pale than usual. The banker offered £2000, and Barbara's colour redened sharply. Strangely Barbara asked the audience if she should deal, everyone thought she should go on, and so she did, maybe the question was buying her time to recover from her loses up to that point.

Round four: 1p, Lucy was next (everyone loves Lucy) and although Lucy clearly looked worried it was without cause, she was holding the 50p box. The board was getting stronger again. After the break the £3000 box was opened, which was welcomed as being fairly safe. Three blues against five reds, including the £75,000. The banker's offer was £11,500, there were 4 reds above the offer. Her husband, Richard, joined her and felt the board was strong - his words were 'you always see the glass as half empty..and yet you are lucky'. Barbara seemed more inclined to deal, however on the question, with Richard's words still ringing in her ears, she nodded to her husband and said 'No Deal'.

Round five: £15,000 in the first box, 'thats alright' said Noel, but did Barbara think so? Next box was £10,000 - again Noel seemed happier than Barbara. Final box of the round was £20,000, leaving three blues, the £35,000 and the £75,000. But Barbara was giving the impression that she was going to take the money now, no matter what, and perhaps that was why the banker offered £8500. She asked the contestants, apart from two no comments they said she should 'deal'. The audience were evenly split. Her husband who had basically led her astray earlier was now saying that he didn't know - fat lot of good he was. Despite everyone she knew saying deal, she looked with steel eyes straight at Noel and said 'No Deal'. I would love to know why she did that, maybe she didn't know either, but it was brave.

Round six: £75,000, Barbara's head fell into her hands, impending disaster loomed, she then selected Nick who opened the £35,000, and finally, almost predictably she opened the £750. The three biggest that were left at the start of the round had gone.

This was not standing at the cliff edge, this was not even free-fall, this was a nightmare, she had sunk through the floor into Dante's inferno - 9th level! The banker's offer was £3 which she rejected in shock and she had £1 in her box.

Barbara's colour was seriously pale once again, she was now joined by her husband and could hardly speak as she said goodbye to Noel. Considering that this all happened on the same night, and to the same audience, as Jim, the body count in Bristol probably went quite high that night.

Hard luck Barbara, your husband is a nice chap, but you have the balls in that relationship.

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