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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Paula won £10,022

Should we trust Noel? Before opening any boxes Paula had to endure the gentle interview to give the audience in the studio and at home, some background on Paula. But the banker was also listening, and by the end of that period he knew Paula had a target amount of money in mind, that she was a barber (not a hairdresser), that she had children - in other words he had a fair idea of how much money she earned, and whether she could afford to gamble if it came to the point.

Ah, but you have to trust Noel, its like questioning Santa Claus. And was Paula telling the truth?

Round one: box 1 was £50, a nice safe start. Then £250, building up the comfort level nicely, but then a red - £5000 - and to follow, without any real hint of danger the big one - £250,000!! Top prize gone in the first round. Immediately Paula's ambition's were curtailed, and to end the round she opened £100.

The banker confirmed my suspicions: 'get the barber at a snip', she's going to 'curl up and die' - he offered £1800. Paula rejected it without any real consideration, but I could feel a sense of impending doom.

Round two: £1000, 1p, and £5 - a strong round, reflected by an £11,000 offer from the banker. I thought 'please take it Paula', I was sure there were dark clouds on the horizon. But Lucy when asked said 'Go for it Paula, its a fantastic board', and Paula of course said 'No deal'.

Round three: £750, £50,000 and £75,000 - only the £100,000 between Paula and oblivion. The banker was right there, following up like a prosecution lawyer. He offered £4000 and Paula with a quivering voice (she'd just lost £7000) said 'No deal'.

Round four: the smile had gone. £10 in the first box, still no smile, and then £100,000. Like a rabbit caught in headlights, Paula was in shock. Those dark clouds were right on top now and £500 in the third box from Lucy did little to shift the mood.

Noel talked to Paula, trying to show her the worth of what was still there; a cruise perhaps. A piano playing long bass notes in the background added to the mood, and Paula was a lost soul, using Noel like a crutch.

What would the banker do, the power five had all but gone. Yet there was still hope, only 3 blues against 5 reds including £35,000, Paula could still do something. However the banker knew how much Paula needed the money. Finally he made his offer - £7000. Higher than she expected but £4000 less than before - she had been bitten once, could she keep going?

This time she thought hard, bit her lip - No deal. Now, taking everything into consideration that was courageous.

Round five: £20,000 in the first box, Paula's voice shaking again, but the next box was blue, and the rollercoaster was climbing again. The third box - £3000 - a low red. Paula's mood was better, she had recovered from the blows and was now focused on the £35,000.

The banker now offered £10022 (Paula's box was number 22). Noel went round the contestants: most said deal, but some said no comment, and one said 'no deal'.

Noel reminded Paula that others had passed that way, others who BELIEVED the big money was in their box, and found out the hard way it wasn't. Paula needed the money, the banker knew this - she couldn't take the risk of going on. Noel asked the question and with surrender in her voice she said, 'Deal'.

And then the fabulous cruelty, opening the boxes in round 6 - sometimes at this point I think I can hear Peter Kay shouting 'You could have won a speedboat'.

Round six: £15,000, £1 and 10p. So Paula had dealt too early, her voice was out of control again, but only slightly, she now had £10,022 in her pocket. However she could have had £22,000 according to the banker's final offer or left with a choice between £10000 and £35,000.

Paula actually had £10000 in her box so she beat the banker by £22, but if she had held on she would have had £22,000, and if she had dealt much earlier she would have had £11,000. However it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

I think this program is at its best when people survive rather than cruise through. There is probably a good argument to be had about whether episodes such as Trevor's last week (where he left with 1p) should be broadcast, I felt depressed for ages afterwards (at least several minutes), but just like the rollercoaster, the downs make the ups much more enjoyable.

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