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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flash won £6000

Please accept my apologies for not being able to give my normal blow by blow account, I was working on client site today and the video recorder decided to record three hours of noise because my farmers fingers must have hit the tuning button - Doooh!! Many thanks to all of you who wrote in with the highlights of today's show - this is what I have pulled together:

Round one: £250, £1000, £100,000, £3000, £250,000. 7 reds and 10 blues left, highest remaining £75,000. Offer £727 - no deal. Maybe the banker thought this was plane crash TV?

Round two: £50, £500, £20,000. 6 reds and 8 blues left, highest remaining £75,000. Offer £3025 - no deal.

Round three: £10, £100, £35,000. 5 reds and 6 blues left, highest remaining £75,000. Offer £6000 - she deals!!

So there we are, a fairly dull game by the sound of it. Flash talked of prime numbers at the beginning, and was a seasoned gambler. It seems her tactic became damage limitation after the first round.

Round four: £15,000, £10,000, £5. Offer £4000

Round five: £75,000, 50p, £1. Offer £8400

Round six: £50,000,10p, 1p. Offer £2000

Flash had £5000 in her box. She beat the banker by £1000, but she dealt two rounds too early, and from the responses I have received so far, it seems this was one of the poorest games DOND has broadcast in terms of excitment.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Flash here!

I can understand that you think my game was poor in terms of excitement, but from the feedback I've had, my game was high in terms of tension.

It was a very low-scoring game which made it tense from the start. I wish it had gone better and I could have enjoyed it more; if you look at www.gorge.org/media you can see that I genuinely do enjoy radio and TV and I am quite enthusiastic and bubbly - but DOND was so tense that unfortunately I was unable to enjoy my big moment.

Also, my family were in the audience for that one show. I'd specifically asked the production team that this was the ONE show I was not picked for... and then it happened... which meant there were extra levels of stress going on behind the scenes for me.

Anyway at least I beat the banker!

From what other DOND fans and players have said, the Banker's supposed offers for future rounds would have been lower if we were still in play. Don't forget I was there with Aaron, who worked at a bookies, and who was great at calculating the odds! I and many people think the Banker inflated the offer I'd have got in future rounds, once the deal was done, but it made a better programme for him to inflate them for the "reveal".

Early on in the show, I wrote in Noel's book that I wanted £6000 for my wedding. He forgot about it and had to reshoot a quick "look in the book" as an afterthought - but you can see I wanted £6000 and that's what I did the deal for.

I wish they'd made more of that fact, it could have made a more interesting programme, more of a cliffhanger, but of course as a contestant you have no control at all as to how they portray you.

It had got to the point where people suspected it would be their turn when wardrobe allocated them their best clothes, and so to counteract this, suddenly many people were
"surprised" by being called up in their less good outfits. For my show, this happened to me as I was in a plain blue t-shirt, and had scraped my hair into bunches because my family was visiting and I had no time to prepare myself, whereas in the previous show I'd been asked to wear my best outfit and I'd curled my hair. Still this is what happens when you sign up to be a contestant and I fully accept it - but I think the outside world doesn't realise and somehow holds it against the contestant, when they have no control over what happens!

Still it was the first time I'd made £6000 for 2 weeks work, and I think that makes me a winner!

I had a great wedding, by the way. The DOND money paid for the hire of London Aquarium for my reception.

All the best and thanks for your interesting blog.

Flash - www.gorge.org - flash@gorge.org