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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Olly Murs Deal or No Deal Game Report - 22/04/12 - Celebrity Special

Today's celebrity player is OLLY MURS.

Noel says he doesn't know why any famous face would play the game, as there are no fallbacks for the celebrities! We get to see some video footage of when Olly was on Deal or No Deal in 2007 and won £10, followed by a rundown of what's happened to him since then!

Olly says this is weird, and he swears he's done this before. Olly says it wasn't a nice moment when he won the £10, and he says he applied for another TV show afterwards and he's done well for himself since! He says box 14 is his lucky number and it wasn't lucky for him last time.

Olly chooses a ball at random and it's number 3, which is the box he gets. He says he played with that last time!

Round 1
1 - Nathan - £500
Olly says he had a strategy last time but it was horrendous!
15 - Rupert - 1p
7 - Lou - £1
22 - Joshua? - £5
13 - Lee - £75,000

Banker time
Olly wonders if the banker's got grumpy in his old age, and the banker says he's listening to a Joe McElderry album. He says he thought Olly was a baritone, but he turned out to be a tenor/tenner! The banker shows a clip of Olly's walk of wealth from 2007, and he says Noel looked like Einstein back then.

Banker's offer:

Olly says it's too early in the game to deal.

Olly says

Round 2
Noel says he can't say "only here once" again because Olly's back! Olly says his chosen charity is Brainwave, and they help children with brain injuries and development delay.
5 - James H - £250,000
Katie next, and she reveals she's Olly's digital manager and also works with One Direction and JLS! The banker rings and asks if she can get autographs, and he screams down the phone when she says she can.
1 - Katie - £50
Olly chooses his Dad next, and he says Olly first expressed his desire to be a singer when he was a child. He then gets his sister Fay to do their chicken dance!
4 - Pete - £100

Banker time
The banker says the £10 is winking at him.

Banker's offer:

Everyone BOOs the offer, and Olly says it wasn't a great offer. The banker says he'd have offered more, but he tweeted Olly yesterday and he didn't reply! Noel then says it was Katie's job to ensure he replied, and the banker rings and says JLS and One Direction tweeted him yesterday.

Olly says

Round 3
21 - Sarah - £1,000
Olly goes for his aunt Rachael next, and he tells a story of how embarrassing she was when she met Robbie Williams at The X Factor!
9 - Rachael - £750
Noel talks about Olly's success since he appeared on The X Factor. Olly asks when Noel's birthday is and he says 22/12, but box 22 has already gone, so he chooses box 12.
12 - Lee H - £20,000

Banker time
The banker winds Olly up about how he could win £10 again.

Banker's offer:

Olly says

Round 4
6 - Ben - £5,000
17 - James M - £10,000
2 - Kirk - 10p

Banker time
The banker talks about the £10 still being on the board!

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's the top of the game so far. Olly says he really doesn't want to win a low amount for his charity. The banker rings and tells Olly not to go on, as he's the patron of the charity and they might sack him as patron! Olly wonders what the chances are of knocking out the top values in the next round, and he says he's done it before.

Olly says

Round 5
Noel talks about the banker's fixation with the £10, and he comments on how nervous Olly is. The banker rings and says the last time Olly played, this was the round where he took out the top 3!
20 - John P - £100,000
8 - Darren - £50,000
"Not again" says Olly! The banker rings and says this game is so 2007, and it's going to happen again. Olly's sister Fay tells him to stop focussing on the game he had before.
16 - Ryan - £15,000

Banker time
The banker laughs manically down the phone, and offers some special Olly Murs cheesy nibbles! He says he doesn't envy Olly's position at all now.

Banker's offer:

The banker says he's had fun at Olly's expense, but he recognises that Olly has always been complimentary about his previous time on DoND. He says if Olly says no deal, he'll let Olly go on one box at a time.

Olly says

Round 6 - box 1
Olly says he's reluctant to go for box 14 as it had £10 in before.
19 - Emma - £3,000

Banker time
The banker says that almost made it worse.

Banker's offer:

Olly says he thinks it's worth one more risk.

Olly says

Round 6 - box 2
18 - Ricky - £35,000

Banker time
Olly says he can't believe it, and the banker laughs wildly down the phone.

Banker's offer:
£25 + DVD of Groundhog Day

Olly says

Round 6 - box 3
Olly says he feels physically sick!
14 - Faye - £250

Banker time with 50p and £10 remaining...

Noel wonders if this is the greatest magic trick ever, and he says the banker can hardly breathe as he's laughing so much!

Banker's offer:

Olly says he honestly can't believe it, and Noel says he can't either. He says he feels he's let his charity down, and Noel says the publicity the charity has received makes up for the bad game.

Olly says

Banker's offer:

Olly says he swapped last time.

Olly says

Noel says he's seen some unbelievable coincidences on this show, and this would be one of the biggest if Olly wins £10 again.

Noel opens Olly's box 3 and Olly wins 50p for his charity.

Box 11 with Jeff contains the £10

Noel says if Olly had swapped again, he'd have won £10 again!

Olly says he hopes people donate to the charity after the game today.

Olly sings to finish the show...

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