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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Danielle's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/03/11

Danielle has box 1. Danielle is a primary school teacher, and she says she loves her job. She has her husband in the audience today, and has a tiara with her that she wore when she got married. She reveals that they haven't had their honeymoon yet, as they can't afford it at the moment. We get to see a photo of Danielle with her mum on graduation day, and she talks about her mum.

Round 1
Danielle says she's unlucky when she plays games, so if she has a good feeling about a box, she's going to keep it.
3 - Alex - £100,000
Danielle wonders if she should do the opposite of her system.
2 - Crystal - £250,000
The banker phones and tells Danielle to stick with her system! Newbie Vera next, and she says she's known as "Mad Vera" and "Sausage", as she dresses up when she goes to the football!
22 - newbie Vera - £5
16 - Ellen - £3,000
15 - Frank - £75,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Danielle says

Round 2
19 - Stephen - £35,000
Noel squeals and asks Danielle what she's doing!
11 - Lee - £15,000
Noel says you have to laugh when it's this bad.
9 - Olivia - £1,000

Banker time
The banker says he's already partying. He compares Danielle to Nikki Tucker and Derek Brown, who had the 2 unluckiest games ever. He says Danielle will be the unluckiest player ever if she takes out the £50,000 in the next round.

Banker's offer:

Danielle says this is even worse than the iPhone game she played! Olivia tells Danielle to believe in herself a bit more. Danielle goes to Sam's box but she's not answered the question!

Danielle says

Round 3
Noel gets Olivia to stand with Danielle and give her some support, and they try and work out what box to chose next. Noel says he thinks Danielle should've been on Countdown!
20 - Aisha - £5,000
Danielle says she tells her children to flick away their worries each morning, and Noel gets everyone to do the same!
8 - Jefferson - £10,000
Noel says that didn't FLICKING work!
6 - Andre - £1

Banker time
The banker says "flicking hell". He says Danielle always fails at games and today won't be any different, and Danielle hangs the phone up! Noel says that's a first for the show, as the offer's been declined without hearing it! (What about Farmer Clive, Noel?!?! )

Banker's offer:

Danielle says

Round 4
Noel says he can't recall a game like this.
4 - Sam - £20,000
10 - Archie - £750
7 - Fran - £500

Banker time
Noel says even that was a bad round when you consider what's left.

Banker's offer:

Danielle says that's a really good offer for the board, but she thinks she has £50,000 in her box.

Danielle says

Round 5
Noel says this would be an extraordinary game if Danielle won £50,000 after all this.
14 - Rachel - £250
12 - Chris - 1p
17 - Kim - £10

Banker time
The banker says he didn't think we'd be here.

Banker's offer:

Danielle asks for some advice, and Debbie says she'd go on. Noel wonders if Danielle will be able to continue the recovery of this game, and Kim says she has every faith in her.

Danielle says

Round 6
21 - Debbie - £100
18 - Andy - £50,000
Noel says it's game over.
13 - Tom - 50p

Banker time with 10p and £50 remaining...

The banker says Danielle has a choice of offer:

Banker's offer:


Banker's offer:
Gold Envelope

Danielle says
DEAL to the Gold Envelope

Danielle has £50 in her box 1.

Box 5 with Clare contains the 10p

Noel opens the Gold Envelope, and it contains a card that says "You always fail at games"!

Danielle says she thought the banker could've been nice and given them a honeymoon.

The banker rings back and says there's a Silver Envelope in the pound table. The banker phones and says if they want the Silver Envelope, they have to give the banker £50!

Danielle and her husband agree and say DEAL....

Danielle's husband opens the silver envelope and reveals an all-inclusive holiday for 2 to the Dominian Republic!

Noel says he had no idea about that, and it's another extraordinary moment for the show.

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