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Monday, July 03, 2006

Paul's Game Report

Paul’s game box number 6

Georgia here. Paul known as silver fox (only reason can think of is his hair) has been told he will out fox the banker in his cunning ways. He is a chef and after being on the show for 18 games still has no game plan.

Round one
7 Lindsey- 1p
13 Lance (professor farty) - £1000
19 Sharon- 10p
1 Vick- 50p

O my gosh!! how creepy is that!! He has simply zig zagged his way down the board from left to right in his first round and even when Noel predicted the next one in accordance to what was happening, he was still right. Its so strange, and like Noel says it is such a neat and tidy job. Noel confesses he cant be convinced with a wink, personally I think not and when pretty Piere takes the seat I see things changing.

Bankers offer is £13000 (top three in the highest opening offer) no deal

Round two
3 Nighya- £250
21 Pierre- £20,000
18 Mark- £100

Bankers offer £19,000- no deal

Round three
14 Alan- £750
8 Roy- £250,000(and claims that Paul is so much madder than a hatter)
10 Georgio- £35,000
Bankers offer £9500- no deal

Round four
17 Debbie- £500
2 Linda- £10,000
9 Sally- £100,000
Bankers offer £7500- no deal

Round five
15 Nick-£15000
4 Buddy- £50
12 Connell- £5000
Bankers offer £17500- no deal

Round six
16 Linda - £5
5 Chris- £50,000
22 John- £10

A really good round there, one that, lets face it we all expected to go terribly wrong. The key thing that the banker spotted was he went against his colleagues and it shows courage, and I think he has done it justice and I am really happy at the ……..

Bankers offer £32,000 DEAL!

A sigh of relief echoes around the studio and everyone is happy. We go on to find that money does go with funny the box 6 is the £1 and box 20 is £75,000. A good game and I think that even though we all hated that girly laugh of his and the continuous winks, we are all really happy for Paul.A truly expensive start to the week, and one with a smile.

Paul won £32,000

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