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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Linda's Game Report

[Tonight's report is by Olivia and Sue - unfortunately Olivia was delayed and missed the first 20 minutes, so this was added in later by Sue, many thanks to both of you - Iain]

Noel in an amazing lemon and pink creation for a shirt. The show theme appears to be –change, -your mind, small- and of change of life. The random selection is a change of position for Linda who is delighted carrying over her box no 11. Linda E has been in position for a total of 23 shows, husband Jim is in the audience for support. She has 3 children and 4 grandchildren. Home now is Ramsgate but she was born a true Eastender. She is very bubbly, has earned a living amongst other things doing market stalls in Orpington. Noel already has the panel allocated characters from Eastenders the soap.

No system to follow but a few special numbers she will keep in reserve.

Round 1
Lance, box 16 is first up to the crease with £100
John, nox 3 - £50
Buddy box 4 – 10p
Vic box 12 - £750
Box 2 - £1000

A truly brilliant start with an almost all blue round. We see Linda’s pics Matt age 18 and Taylor aged 12 and Olivia and Gracie are all her grandchildren.
The phone call comes with an offer of £14,000 which is rejected by bubbly Linda who is keen to play on.

Round 2
Linda B, box 7 - £500
Georgio box 10 £100,000 from the Italian in the jaunty angled trilby.
Sally box 9 – takes us to ‘rotura’ from Georgio which is Italian for break. Sally has £35,000 in her box.

Not such a good round, Noel, Linda and Jim are all agreed but still optimistic. The offer is £11,000 – swiftly despatched without reference to anyone – no deal. Noel declares her jollity to be infectious.

Round 3
Otis, (Newbie, who looks remarkably like Johnathen from BB) box 22 - £50,000
Debs, box 13 - 1p
Lindsay, box 5 - £10
There is some suggestion regarding the contents of Linda’s dond mug. The banker thinks she is hammered. The offer is £16,000 at this point. Jim in the audience is asked for his thoughts. He advises his wife to carry on. No deal is the decision.

OK – over to Olivia who had a nightmare trying to get back in time for the whole of last night’s show.

After teasing noel for a bit with her facial expressions Linda no deals and with some positive energy we are looking forward to round 4.

Round 4: Linda’s choice is box 21 with Pierre; he produces 15,000 with a mixed reception and some people not quite able to make up their minds about this number it is decided that Linda can afford for 15,000 to go. Next she chooses box 8 with Monica and notes that in China number 8 is a lucky number but then comes to her senses as she realises that in actual fact we aren’t in China. Box 8 produces £3,000 that was fine for Linda.
Linda next chooses Mark with box 15 and as we all could tell from Noel and his flowery patterned shirt that he was going to call a break. I hate when Noel does this because usually there is a bad number after break which often kills the game but we arrive back on the deal or no deal scene and all is calm as Mark produces £10,000.A pretty decent round. It’s a scary game says Noel but the banker offers £20,000 which isn’t at all scary in fact it’s lovely says Linda. I see the words deal in Jim’s mouth, literally, and looking quite shocked that the words came from her mouth Linda deals at £20,000.

Round 5: Linda chooses Paul with box 20 and gives us the £75,000, if she hadn’t have dealt this would have been a bad start but it’s a good start for Linda. Chris with box 6 gave us the £250 but Linda does need to find the quarter mil.
Linda’s next choice is Nick with box 18 he takes £5 out of the game, not what Linda needed to go. This would not have been a bad round.
The banker is thanking Jim again for encouraging Linda to deal at this point the offer would have been £30,000 and the offer that was denied to her the first time was taken from her grasp again and she would have got away with it too if it wasn’t for that pesky Jim! Sorry this is not Scooby Doo this is deal or no deal.

Round 6: Sue starts us off with box 1 and the 50p wouldn’t have been a bad start. Next is box 14 which holds the £5,000. It is now absolutely crucial that Linda gets the quarter mil away from the board or this would have been the perfect game and she chooses Connell to be the man to do this for her and he does his job well as the £250,000 slides from the board. Well done Connell.

If she played on, all that she would have had left would be £1 and £20,000 and the offer would have been £9,000. Interestingly to match her offer Linda has £20,000 in her box but the question is has she beaten the banker or not?
Anyway, all Linda ever wanted was £20,000 and that’s what she got. As Noel states, everyone is happy.

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