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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Mark's Game Report

Hurray!! One of our readers came to the rescue, I am in-debted to Toby Rogers for ensuring that we have not missed a single report since 8th March. Maybe Toby will write more reports in the future, please comment below on his report. Toby, thank you again.


Hello all, I am Toby Rogers and this is the report for Mark's game, today is the 30/06/06. Noel introduces the start by saying the usual things, he also commented on Amy’s game the day before when she won £9,950. We now move on the the contestant selection and it turns out todays player is Mark.W from the end of the west wing. Marks full name is Mark Wilkes. He is a Telesales manager for a home improvement firm. Noel tells a story how Mark and a few friends got into a car, and decided whether to go left or right on the toss of a coin, and says they ended up in Wrexham. The audience laugh

Round one. Mark chooses box 3 with Georgio who reveal £1 for a brilliant start. Then chooses box 13 with Linda.E she reveals the £250,000, all she can say is Oh no. Mark then selects his neighbour Sue to open her box 11, 10p. He then goes to Janelle and box number 1, £35,000 is revealed. Noel comments that another power 5 amount has gone. Box 22 is then opened containing £5,000. Mark says he has certainly seen better starts than that, the banker calls and offers Mark £2,400. Mark says no deal quickly.

Round two. We start by opening Pauls box 20 which has 1p, Massive cheers and relief enter the game, next box 21 which is opened by Vic to reveal the fiver. Mark then selects 17 with Sally, we are off to the break. After the break Sally opens her box and completes an all blue round by revealing £250. The banker calls back and quadruples the offer to a chunky £9,600. once again Mark says No deal.

Round three. Pierre starts this round with number 16. £750. We then move to Lance with box 9, it contains 50 pence. Noel says there have been 5 blues in a row after saying that £10,000 was revealed by Connell with box 6. another Good round there. Mark now gets a very fair offer of £17,000 which is certainly not to be sniffed at. A few box openers give advice telling him to go on. Mark is sure there is more money in this game so he says no deal.

Round Four. Box 4 is opened to reveal yet another blue (£500) the blue side of the gameboard is diminishing steadily. Linda B from the east wing then reveals £50,000 in box number 2, its starting to fall. we then go for a break. Box 14 is opened to reveal £1,000. Another good round except for the £50,000. an offer is given to Mark of £17,000 the banker has stuck. Mark a little less confidently says no deal. The camera goes to Sue who stands next to Mark who really wants mark to do well and is smiling.

Round five. Mark chooses box 10 and alas £75,000 is revealed followed by many groans. Roy then is instructed to open box 7 that reveals £100 (very good). Mark is now so unsure which box to open he flips a coin, he plucks for Mark A the new player of today. With box 18. £50 is revealed Mark is safe (for the minute). The offer goes down to £10,000 the audience boo, and the box openers look annoyed with such a low offer which I thought was quite fair, Mark instantly says you can ask me the question, one box opener (I think it was Chris shouted “think about it” Mark says No Deal. Amounts remaining are £10, £3,000 £15,000, £20,000. and the mighty £100,000.

Round Six. Chris reveals £15,000 from box 19, there are a few gasps, Alan with box 12 opens it and it contains £3,000 the roof is nearly lifted with cheers, The final box number 20 is opened by Monica to reveal £20,000. Oh well at least it wasn’t £100,000.

Two box showdown

£10 V £100,000

The banker is so adamant that Mark will take the offer that he says if he says no deal he can have the swap.

The offer is a fair £30,000. Mark instantly says Deal very sensibly. Mark was then asked if he would have swapped the box, so they swap marks box 8 for box 5 which had the £100,000. Marks original box had the tenner.

To sum up Mark technically beat the banker as he only all along had £10 in his box

Mark won £30,000

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Well done Toby... you got us out of a hole there!!