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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sarah Millican's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/04/12 - Celebrity Specials

Today's celebrity player is SARAH MILLICAN.

We get to see a video clip of Sarah Millican and she talks about being on DoND. She says she's a massive fan of the show and loves how it can get very tense so quickly.

Noel says we'll find out about Sarah's charity later on. We get introduced to the people on the wings, who are Sarah's family and friends, including DoND's very own warm-up guy Mark Olver.

Sarah chooses a ball at random and it's number 7. This is the box she gets given.

Round 1
Sarah says box 7 feels good.
6 - Karen - £15,000
20 - Aemen - £5
Sarah points out that she has a letterbox on her board.
16 - Sarah J - £1,000
21 - Victoria - £500
Sarah talks about what the box openers are wearing, and Noel points out Simon's shirt. Sarah says Noel's influencing things, and Noel says he'll shut up.
8 - Elaine - £1

Banker time
The banker says he longs after Sarah, and she says he's been flirting with her on Twitter! He says this is like a love film, and we see some photoshopped photos of Sarah in romantic situations with the banker's phone. The banker gets Noel to go down on one knee and he proposes to Sarah, and she says "no deal"!

Banker's offer:

Sarah says

Round 2
Sarah says she's raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, as cancer affects so many people directly or indirectly. Comedian Joe Lycett next, and he says Sarah once did a wee in the passenger seat of his car!
3 - Joe - £3,000
Joe says hello to his granddad as he opens his box, and the banker rings up and says that was rude, as box-openers during the celebrity shows normally say how nice it is to meet Noel!
13 - Denise - £750
22 - Susan - £50,000

Banker time
The banker says he's going to try and appeal to the inner Sarah.

Banker's offer:
£15,000 + lifetime supply of banoffee pie

Sarah says that pie is her favourite dessert! She wonders whether she could give the pies to charity, and the banker rings and says they're a bit dodgy as they're home-made, and they're all for Sarah.

Sarah says

Round 3
14 - John - £10
1 - Simon - £75,000
11 - Elizabeth - £35,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Sarah asks about the banoffee pie, and the banker rings and says that's off the menu, but something else is on the menu!

Banker's offer:
£10,000 + one creme horn

Sarah says

Round 4
10 - Victoria - £10,000
15 - Jonathan - £100
17 - Juliet - £20,000

Banker time
Noel says the game's swung to the banker now. He says this is a genuine attempt by the banker to get a deal.

Banker's offer:

The others tell Sarah that she's always a positive thinker, and Sarah says the problem is that it's not her money. She asks the audience, and only a few people think she should deal. John says she may have to go to the end if she goes on now, and the banker rings and says if she goes on, the odds of hitting the £250k are 37.5%.

Sarah says

Round 5
Noel says this game is so finely balanced now. Sarah says she feels a bit sick now!
5 - Andy - £50
12 - Lou - 10p
Sarah chooses box 9, and the banker rings and says this box could change lives, and Sarah tells him to have a heart. He says he's had a feeling all game that box 9 has the £250,000. Sarah says she's sticking with box 9, and the banker rings and says on her head be it!
9 - Gary - £250,000

Banker time
The banker laughs wildly down the phone and the audience BOOs. He tells Sarah to listen to him now.

Banker's offer:

Sarah says £20,000 would be a more meaty sum for charity. The banker rings and says if Sarah declines £5,500, she can open 2 boxes before the next offer. If the £100k isn't discovered, the offer will be £20,000. Mark Olver says what the banker's promising is really good. The banker rings back and says there's a new offer now.

Banker's offer:

The banker confirms his other promise still holds true. Sarah asks the audience, and a lady in the audience says she has terminal cancer and tells Sarah to go on. Noel speaks to the lady and she says that Sarah just playing today will have a massive impact for the charity in terms of the publicity raised for it. Noel then speaks to another lady in the audience who has terminal cancer.

Sarah says

Round 6
2 - Sally-Anne - £5,000
19 - Steve - 1p

Banker time, as Sarah didn't find the £100k

Banker's offer:

Sarah talks about the sums of money, and then she lifts the phone and is surprised to hear the banker is already there! John says he'd take the money, and Sarah says it'd be mortifying if she went all the way and didn't get £100k. Noel asks the ladies in the audience what they think, and they say it's hard because £20k goes a long way.

Sarah says

Round 6 - proveout - final box
18 - Mark Olver - 50p

Banker time with £250 and £100,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Sarah's box 7 and reveals £100,000

Box 4 with Meg contains the £250

Sarah says she thinks she made the right decision, and £20k will make a big difference.

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