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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Jimmy Carr's Deal or No Deal Game Report - Deal or No Deal Celebrity Specials

Today's celebrity player is JIMMY CARR.

Noel welcomes us to the first ever celebrity special of Deal or No Deal, and there are some special titles which feature a giant phone attacking Noel. Noel talks about the varying games that the show brings, and he wonders how celebrities will play the games because they'll be playing for charity.

We get to see a video which features Jimmy Carr talking about being on the show.

Jimmy says he can't believe his luck and thinks it's really weird! Noel says anyone can stand up and make people laugh, but DoND is a very complex game! Jimmy says today's box-openers are comedians from Britain's comedy circuit, and Noel says it should be the funniest show ever.

The goldfish-bowl of balls are brought out for Jimmy to choose a box, and he randomly chooses BOX 22.

Round 1
Jimmy says he's thrilled to be playing with the death box. He chooses Adam first, and he talks about his worst ever comedy gig!
2 - Adam - £10
5 - Jojo - £100,000
Jimmy asks Mick what he thinks about his box, and he says he only agreed to be on the show as he thought Alan Carr was playing.
17 - Mick - £5
8 - Tom - £1,000
9 - Alistair - £5,000

Banker time
The banker screams down the phone and speaks to Jimmy. Jimmy asks the banker whether he wants to steal all the money and they can split it between them. The banker says if Jimmy says DEAL now, he'll get a free holiday to the Seychelles!

Banker's offer:

Jimmy says he can't go on holiday as he has shows to do - proper comedy shows, not daytime shows. Jimmy says if the banker works for him, he'll put him on-screen! The banker rings back and also offers a diamond bracelet to Jimmy's girlfriend!

Banker's offer:

Jimmy says his girlfriend would sleep with the banker to get that, as the ring is worth £10,000. The banker rings back and says deal! He then rings again and says the ring will be engraved so it can only be sold to Piers Morgan.

Jimmy says

Round 2
3 - Nick - £15,000
Jimmy asks Suzi what she thinks, and Noel recognises she's nervous, but says she can't ruin the game as Jimmy's doing that! He considers going with Suzi but then wonders about going for Stephen, who says he's a bit colour-blind and all the boxes are blue to him.
14 - Suzi - £3,000
13 - Stephen - £250,000

Banker time
Jimmy talks about the charity he's playing for, which is Helen and Douglas House. He says it's a hospice that helps sick and dying children, and he talks about the work they do.

Banker's offer:

Jimmy wonders if the banker wasn't listening to what Jimmy said about the children's hospice.

The banker rings back and changes the offer...

Banker's offer:

Jimmy says

Round 3
Mick shows off with some DoND terminology and says he's a fan of the show. Pippa next, and Noel says she used to work with him on Noel's House Party.
11 - Pippa - £250
James next, and he can barely open the box!
6 - James - 1p
Justin says even if the hospice doesn't get much money, the viewers will have enjoyed seeing the best-dressed two men on Channel 4! Justin and Jimmy then mock Noel's hair and his height.
1 - Danielle - 10p

Banker time
The banker says he knows how much Jimmy cares about the hospice.

Banker's offer:

Jimmy says that's a good offer for the board, and Stephen says it's not as there are still many higher amounts left. The others wonder if Jimmy can ring the banker and offer money, and Jimmy says you can't dial out from the phone to stop Noel using it for sex lines!

Jimmy says

Round 4
10 - Tiffany - £50,000
Ben next, and he talks about how there could be a live/dead cat in the box!
15 - Ben - £75,000
16 - Dave - £20,000

Banker time
Jimmy tells Noel not to answer the phone, and just carry on! The banker laughs madly and does an impression of Jimmy's laugh.

Banker's offer:

Jimmy says

Round 5
Jimmy says he's having a disaster, but Noel disagrees.
21 - Mark - £50
Dave talks about how he saved Jimmy's life, as he almost pushed Jimmy into a canal.
7 - Dave - £500
18 - Paul - £10,000

Banker time
Noel says this is a one-box game now. Ben tells Jimmy to find out if the holiday's still available!

Banker's offer:

Jimmy says it's a very good offer, and Mick says the banker has to go back up if he just keeps the £35k in play. Jimmy says he's tempted to deal, and Mike says that's a good idea with Jimmy's present form! Ian tells Jimmy that he's come this far, so he may as well go on and *beep* it up totally. Jimmy asks for a sweep, and Justin says the walk of wealth looks like a massive penis! Tiffany says if Jimmy goes on, they'll raise money through their gigs. The others agree that he should play on.

Jimmy says

Round 6
12 - Chris - 50p
20 - John - £100
4 - Ian - £1

Banker time with £750 and £35,000 remaining...

Jimmy says he's actually shaking, and the banker says he's shaking at the thought of giving money to charity.

Banker's offer:

Justin says he thinks there's £35,000 in the box, and Mick asks how Jimmy would feel if he dealt and had £35,000 in the box. Jimmy wonders if the banker will up the offer, and Noel says you have to be careful when doing that, but Jimmy says the banker will save £15,000 if he deals at £20,000 and there's £35,000 in the box! The banker rings and says Jimmy doesn't have the guts to go to the end.

Jimmy says

Jimmy asks what has he done! He says the hospice needs £4 million a year to keep going.

Noel opens Jimmy's box 22 and Jimmy's charity wins £750

Jimmy says this isn't a nice feeling, but he played the game.

Box 19 with Roger contains the £35,000

Jimmy says this is the best rehearsal he's ever done! Noel says it's been fun, and Jimmy's raised awareness of his charity. More info about his charity can be found at http://www.channel4.com/deal

The show ends with Jimmy and the box-openers talking about the game...

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