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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Gail's Deal or No Deal show 24/08/09

Gail's game today. I hope everyone had a good summer break and is ready for another season of
DoND... Noel does the intro with everyone shouting and clapping, and all the contestants lined up along the walk of wealth! Noel says everything is exactly as you'd expect... and everything is back and ready to go... except one unknown - what mood the banker will be in

Gail has box 8. Gail is from Sheffield. Noel explains she takes blood for a living, and he rolls up his sleeve She speaks a bit about her job, and says she used to work as a receptionist, and Noel says she went from being a dragon to being a vampire Gail says when she turned 50 years old, she decided to take up motor-cycling... she says her motorcycle is a beast, and it's called Delia.
Gail shows a picture of her sitting on Delia, and Noel says it's Annie Lennox sitting on a motorbike Her daughter Lauren is in the audience today.

Here we go...

Gail has no system, and Noel reminds us how Gail once had the £250k 3 times in
a row!

Round 1
4 - Jim - £20,000
16 - Francis - 1p
1 - Terry - 10p
9 - Des - 50p
Noel says he can't remember anyone taking the lowest 3 in order like that!
2 - Milly - £250

Banker time

Noel says that's a jolly good start to the season! The banker says he had a fabulous summer, as he spent 4 weeks doing community service in Weston-super-Mare. He wants to know if Gail has poor eyesight, as he thinks she could be his babe

Banker's offer:

Gail's daughter says she'd be stupid to deal here! Noel says it says in her file that she always bosses Gail about.

Gail says NO DEAL

Gail says the worst round is over now!

Round 2
11 - Nic - £100
19 - newbie Heather - £75,000
17 - Paul - £5
Gail trips up as she goes over to Paul
Banker time

The banker thinks Gail is falling for him He says Eileen's shrunk in the last 4 weeks!

Banker's offer:

Gail says she could do a lot with £10,000, and she'd buy a new car to replace Cecilia, which is the name of her old car! She'd also like to replace Delia with a new bike... Jerry reminds her of her run of big reds on the wings...

Gail says NO DEAL

Round 3
15 - Diane - £35,000
3 - Aaron - £3,000
Gail says another one like that would do!
18 - Zoe - £5,000Banker time

Noel says the banker will make a fuss of that round as it was all-red. The banker can see something in Gail's eyes...

Banker's offer:

Noel asks if Gail has come for modest ambitions, or for the life-changing experience, and she says she wants to make a mark!

Gail says NO DEAL
Gail says that was an excellent offer...

Round 4
5 - newbie Michael - £10
12 - Jazmin - £50,000
Gail comments about her box 8, and how it had £250,000 in Geena's game.
20 - Spencer - £100,000

Noel says this has immediately swung to the banker!
Banker time
Noel talks about Gail's feelings of box 8 containing the £250k. Jerry says Gail said she wanted number 8, even before she selected it at random... the banker says this offer is poised on that new piece of information! He thinks Gail isn't just here to grab the cash and make a dash, and really is here to leave a mark!

Banker's offer:

The banker is also throwing in some money for her new car, as well as a new motorbike.

New offer
Banker's offer:

Gail says she's played 28 games, and not seen an offer like that with so many values below it. She says she has an ambition to beat the banker, and taking out £250k next would prevent her from doing that if she no dealt... Noel says if she deals and takes it out, then she'll have beaten him! Her daughter says she should play her game as she wants to, and that she's only there once...

Gail says DEAL

Noel says a lot of people would've done the prudent thing here... Gail admits she really wants the victory! Gail's keeping 6, 10 and 14.

Round 5
21 - Jerry - £250,000
Noel says that's a brilliant banker spanking...
7 - Ella - £122 - Stevie - £15,000
Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6
13 - Eileen - £500
14 - Shaun - £10,000
10 - Rod - £750

Banker time with £50 and £1,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

Gail says she'd have said no deal there

Gail has £50 in her box 8

6 - Georgina - £1,000

Gail says she feels excellent! She goes home with £16,000

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