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Friday, July 07, 2006

Roy's Game Report

It's Friday and almost the weekend (Does Pete Tong still officially start the weekend at 6pm on radio 1?).

Unfortunately I didn't see the first couple of mins but I expect it was Noel waffling on about courage and all the rest of his usual speech.

Today's player is Roy from Stoke-on-Trent. He's a self employed painter & decorator. Being self employed it's fair to assume he's lost 2-4 weeks work by being on the show.
He has a wife, 4 kids + 6 grandkids.
He has box 3.

Round 1
Roy says Lance usually has the first box and he (Lance) doesn't want Roy picking him first.
Noel gives Lance the right to reply and Lance says "we-we-wel-well-well I don't mind". Noel comments it's like a Paul Whitehouse impression and Roy reminds him it's his show. Noel slaps his wrist and quietly sits in the audience knowing his place.
Roy seems to be quite brave on this game.

  • Box 13 - John - £10
  • Box 17 - Nick M - £1k
  • Box 1 - Nikki - 5k
  • Box 22 - Debbie - 35,000k - There's a thump of the table by Roy on that one
  • Box 12 - Georgio with his hat - 10p - polite applause for all except the 35k

Noel does the a pre-call quiz and it's revealed that Roy doesn't really do horses, but he does regularly do the lottery and his biggest win has been 7.5k.

The call comes - Banker says Roy is a coward - a dealer and he'll be easy.
The offer matches the lottery win, £7,500.
A little thought but no real hesitation - no deal.

Round 2
  • Box 4 - Pierre - £75,000
  • Box 18 - Mark - £500
  • After the break: Box 2 - Nick D - £10,000

The call - Noel talks it up about the banker being upset that some of the big numbers are still in.
The offer is £12,500 which Roy calls 'serious money'.
Roy comments that he's seen 12.5k be the biggest offer a few times and that he should excerise caution, but it's obvious he's already made his mind up. Noel tells him to 'give a memorable game', almost trying to sway the decision.
Again, a little thought but not much - no deal.

Round 3 and Roy opts for a quickee.
  • Box 21 - Lance - £250,000. The quickee deflates
    Roy "knew he should have kept that". Noel quizzes him on it and Roy says "Lance has had a lot of blues and I just thought...". Noel says about how Roy had a premenition that he shouldn't have gone there and since he has a good feeling about his own box he might be right.
  • Box 10 - Lindsay - 20,000
  • Box 6 - Absent Chris - 50p

Just before the call Noel re-iterates how Roy was right about 21 so he might be right about his own.
Call - The banker noticed how Roy looked really down after the 250k. Noel says he noticed it too. Combined with the desk thump after the £35,000, it seems obvious Roy is after something big.
The offer is £5,021 (the extra being because box 21 had the Q/M)
It's a .... No-deal.

Round 4
  • I missed the missed box number - Paul - £1
  • Box 9 - Ottis - £100,000. Groans all round
  • After the break: Box 14 - Sally - £250

Call - Roy and the banker have a chat and the banker advises Roy to 'take it'.
The offer is £3,500. A sweep of the audience reveals everyone saying 'no deal'.
A little thought and a semi-sigh later, it's a no deal.

Round 5
  • Box 8 - Buddy - £50. "Two more blues" says Noel, so Roy complies:
  • Box 15 - Sharron - £750
  • Box 11 - Connel - £5

Remaining: 1p, £100, £3k, £15k, £50k

Call - The banker accepts he won't get Roy cheap however it seems he doesn't fancy the expensive route either,
The offer is £7,500 (same as first offer). Roy asks the audience to stand if they'd deal and a few stand up this time.
A minute's thought and various sighs from Roy later - no deal.

Round 6 - 'This is the biggie'/'This is massive' says Roy.
And I would agree - many many games either end up as the lowest 3 or the lowest vs highest left. With 1p vs 50k in play it's a big gamble...
  • Box 5 - Linda - £3,000
  • Box 16 - Monica - 1p - She thought it was low and it was. That's two predictions correct today.
  • There's a tension over box 7. He likes it but doens't know whether to keep it or open it. He keeps it going for Box 20 - Didn't catch the person - £100. Good choice!

The gamble paid off and then some, with just 15k and 50k left.
Call - The banker believes that the audience made him go on, if he'd gone 1 to 1 with Roy he'd have got him to deal. I'd agree with that, Roy seems quite twitchy.
Roy has a 'big' problem. He said he would always play to the end.
Personally I'd go for it at this point. Though £27.5k is more attractive than 15k, 15k is still very good as a backup. But then he has pushed his luck quite far...
Just a minute of thinking plus the obligatory tension delay and it's a Deal.

Roy says he feels good about box 7 (not his box) and if the swap was offered he'd have taken it. The phone rings and the swap is offered. Noel swaps and in box 7 was the £50,000.

The layers of predictions was a little spooky.
First Lance's 250k (should have left it in throughout - would've been a 100k+ offer!),
then the 1p with Sue saying "it's very low", and
Roy twice with his good feeling about his own box which had 15k,
and the other box which had 50k meaning two things: 1. Had he chosen that box the offer would've been down in the 3-7.5k range. 2. With him not choosing it, if he'd no dealed and swapped as he said he could have had 50k. So in effect he was brave but not quite brave enough.

It was obvious he came for the big money and he got quite a sizable chunk out of it, in a game that was obviously quite a challenge for him.

Roy won £27,500.


Gillean said...

Nicely done Bairy, I missed the show on TV, and it just seemed to open out in front of me as I read your report...and good for Roy too!

Steve said...

My thoughts exactly as I wasn't home in time for Roy's game either...