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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Scott's Game Report

Well here I am again. Twice in two weeks -there will be no stopping me now. Iain in his innocence ( God help his senses , poor man asked me to write a report on Wed's night game would you believe that ) he must have had a brainstorm. He must know that I can't even spell let alone write. Never the less I shall do my very best.If I can do this perhaps I shall write a book like Mally ( another dond contestant). Anyway when this comes out Iain will probably ban me from the site.He has been making cheeky quips about me already, about how long he will have to wait for this report - hours he thinks - would you believe weeks?. And another thing Ian you are not too big to get a smack around the ear - or as my Grandad back in Dublin would say- a clip around thec lugs.He never gave us the long promised " clip" he was the kindest person I have ever known. He didn't have time to "smell the flowers" he was too busy working hard to help bring up 9 children. They knew where babies came from in those days, they just didn't know how they got there. There I go rambling on again - nothing to do with the game.

Do you see what the Intelligencia (told you I couldn't spell) i.e. the schedulers at Channel 4 have set as opposition to "Double Deal" tonight ?. Germany v Poland.
That's how the second World War started. Don't they know?. Do any of you out there remember that or am I alone in the wilderness ??? Double Deal against that
My Lord. ( A Christians to the Lions Scenario, springs to mind with "Noelo" in the middle of it , garbed in his striped toga giving the thumbs up or down.) I'm writing this on Word, that little Paper Clip Jobbie is flying all over the place. I think he's laughing at my spelling and possibly my grammer anyhow he's got his little beady eye on me and blinks at me every now and then.
So onward and upward to tonights game.

Scott's game. 14th June 2006

Noel dressed in his Summer finery - a purple shirt of designer curtain material all the way from the 70's - enters the arena, greets West and East wings as usual.
Says it is incredibly exciting to have "Double Deal" this week, to be able to call in to have the chance to win £10,000 and as this was not won during this afternoons game we have the chance of a rollover, to have the chance of £30,000 tonoght. Is this what it's all about?.
Scott Gardener from North Wales is the one in the chair. He's a Vidiographer ??
He edits Vidio and camcorder films.He has Two lovely children Beth & Ben and partner Mandy. Are you lucky asks Noel, I should say so Scott relates how he survived skidding off a wet road, though two barriers,flipped over eight times went down a 40ft. drop woke up 20minutes later was able to phone his own ambulance and Fire Brigade to get him out - all he suffered was a small cut.I'd say he was lucky to be sitting in the chair.
Has he got a plan- no- only two numbers that mean something to him.Would he like to write a figure in Noel's book - No- he thinks it would be a curse.
Let battle commence.
Christian, Box 5. - £15,000 wow picked the number because it was Beth's age.
Ron, Box 7. - £3,000. These were the two numbers that ment something to Scott they were given to him by his children.
Mel, Box 11. £250. cheers all round.
Lee, Box 10.£50 remonstrates to everyone as if he want's to punch someone.
Noel says he dosn't want a last box sindrome, to encourage the Banker to make a good opening offer. Scott calls Shirley, Box 9. - £75,000. not so good two blues
three reds-Banker tells Noel he is depressed and is upset crying , says that because he had to give Nessie £10 in this afternoons game, he had nothing to blow his nose on. He tells Noel that he dosn't want to pick a fight with Scott he respects him , I think if Lee had his way the Banker would need Noel's shirt to soak up the blood after he had punched his nose. Banker offers £7,000 Scott , No Deal's.

Penny, Box16. £500 cheers.
Ryan, Box 17 got a blue in there , £1, roars cheers mate
Ashuk, Box 19. Noel says if there's another blue in there in the words of Morris they won't be saying Great Scott they will be calling you Hot Shot - Noel asks Morris if that's any good - Morris in the audience says very good, Noel counters I think it's terrible, come back after the break and Morris will reveal what he thinks of the next offer.After the break a rewind of Morris's game were he battled to the finlal two boxes £20,000 or £250,000, the Banker's offer of £101,000 was turned down,
we all know the outcome of that one. Ashuk revealed 50p.The phone goes
Noel speaks to the banker who states he is not happy that Morris is in the audience
as he cost the banker a lot of money Huh! Noel askedif the Banker's underware was back from the cleaners. I thought he was too mean to wear any.
Banker offers£17,000 - Scott has already made his mind up but asks Yvonne and Lee what they would do - Scott No Deals.Noel says I hope your getting nervous I am. --- Why?.

Linda, Box 6. £750. Cheers. Scott then looks at Bianca and says you look fantastic, reply's thanks lets hope this is fantastic , opens Box 21. £250,000.groans
are all good lookers fickle?. it's not going to be like Morris's game!
Amy, Box 12. - £1,000. Noel walks into the audience to ask Morris his opinion although he claims evidence of Morris's insanity. Would you expect any other advice from Morris than to go on you have big money in your box.
The Banker reminds us all of Nessies £10 then offers Scott £9,010,the answer NO DEAL

Eileen, Box 14. - £100,000. groans , Noel states "There it is" as if he was predicting the outcome.
Frank, Box 22. - I had £100,000 this afternoon - Scott says you haven't got it now
opens box to show £50,000. Noel states the obvious what a disasterous round.
Terressa, Box 18. Noel trys to sell the idea of a £20,000 win for someone to phone in. Come back and see.
Noel pleads, please, please , please show us ----- 10p --- Cheers once more. Noel asks around for forecasts, all over the place 9,000 down to 5,000 I bet they are all wrong.
Noel joins the cotestants and mimics Scotts voice getting him to answer the phone, handing back to Noel the Banker makes reference to Scott of the Antartic of going outside for a very long time. When he returns he offers £3,010 which gets a No Deal.

Trevor, Box4. - £20,000. - now we have a big gap.
Mark, Box 2. - £100. Noel says another blue would give a big wallett
Wayne, Box 1, gets a request of 1p in box 1 - he gets £5,000 instead.
Do you want an easy one or an offer to make you think- Scott opts for the later.
After the break.The offer is £5,010. Morris would No Deal and encourages Scott to do the same No Deal.

Alan, Box 13. promises Scott to find the 1p -wrong- he turns out £35,000.
Debbie, Box 8. also promises the 1p - wrong -she turns up £10,000 raises gasps all round.
Find the one penny. Scott asks Joseph , Box 3 to reveal 1p Joseph says he has always wanted to have the 1p in his box. He Did.

The Banker Offered £7.10 No Deal.

Noel opened the box to show £5. What an end . half of Nessies this afternoon

Noel closes with asking Yvonne to reveal £10. everyone is down It will need a crane to lift the spirits after WICKED WEDNESDAY.

That's it. Noel says we will see you tomorrow afternoon one of the reasons being the £30,000 -roll over phone offer. ????.

Scott won £5


Gillean said...

Well done Pat, a truly excellent report. I know you had all kinds of technically trouble getting the thing published which kept you and Bryan up well into the early hours...I am very, very grateful to both of you, and I am sure I am not alone.

Adie said...

Brilliant stuff "Primrose", great to have you here making such a big contribution!

Chris S said...

Great stuff, Pat.

Another unlucky game, and another example of a great start petering out after the first few rounds.

Nothing he could have done about that though. Playing on at 3 blues against 2 reds is always a risky business, and the banker adjusted his offer accordingly.

Unlucky, another player who deserved better.

Anonymous said...

Well done Pat for a very good report.

Anyone notice that on the fifth box before the first offer, Ifhe says something like not a big red, it's usully a red??

Anonymous said...

Well done Pat for a very good report.

Anyone notice that on the fifth box before the first offer, Ifhe says something like not a big red, it's usully a red??

Steve said...

Pat, we love you: you even write as you speak, and we already knew that you speak as you think.

Write a book on something - please!!

Anonymous said...

Hear,hear! Great report Pat...immediate...entertaining...spontaneous...just like you...More!

bal said...

noel is always very prophetic isnt he, great report pat well done!